It had been four months since Inuyasha and Kagome had tried out Inuyasha's strawberry idea. Now Inuyasha was pacing back and forth as he listened to his mate's screams as she was giving birth again.

Miroku sighed. "Will you sit down and quit pacing Inuyasha. It's not like you haven't gone through this before."

"So what! Just cause she had pups once doesn't mean that nothing can't go wrong!" Inuyasha winced when he heard his mate scream in pain.

"I understand how you feel Inuyasha but you must remember that Kagome's a strong woman. Besides, she's a hanyou now so she can handle pain better than before." Miroku said smiling.

Inuyasha growled. "That ain't got nothin to do with it!" Before Miroku could respond they heard a baby cry.

"See Inuyasha, everything's fi-" Miroku was interrupted when Kagome began screaming again.

Inuyasha's eyes widened. "Oh no. Not again!" He said as he realized he was about to have another set of twins. He sighed in releif when he heard another baby crying. That is until Kagome began screaming again.

"What the fuck!?"

Miroku smirked. "Wow Inuyasha. You outdid yourself this time."

"Th-th-three p-pups?" He mumbled before his eyes rolled back in his head and he fainted.

Taisho walked up to Miroku. "Was wong wiff dada?"

Miroku smiled. "He just found out you're going to have three brothers and sisters."

His eyes lit up. "Tree of dem?"


Taisho smiled. "Iza! Iza! We gots tree brovers and sistas!"

"Yay!" She yelled jumping up and down.

About half an hour later Inuyasha came to and was allowed to see his mate and new pups. He was still in shock. He couldn't beleive they had triplets this time. His shock wore off when he saw the tiny pups in bed with Kagome. He walked up to her and kissed her before looking at them.

"Three huh?" He said still not quite beleiving it.

"Yeah. One girl and two boys." She said smiling.

The girl looked like Inuyasha except she had flecks of blue in her eyes. One of his son's had black hair and ears and his golden eyes. His other son had white hair with black streaks, his ears were white with black tips. He had Kagome's blue eyes with flecks of gold and had Inuyasha's purple demonic stripes on his cheeks.

"Now all we need to do is name them." Kagome said.


"How about I name her and you can name the boys?"

"Sounds good to me." He said.

"Let's name her Sakura."

"That's a good name. How about we name this little guy Ichigo?" He asked holding the boy with black hair.

"That sounds good. What about him?"

" about Inukai? It was my grandfather's name."

She smiled. "It's a good name."

"I still can't beleive we had three pups this time. It's a good thing Sesshomaru let us move into the castle." He said. Kagome couldn't agree more.

"Go get Izayoi and Taisho. I'm sure they're ready to meet their new sibblings."

"Ok." He said before going to get them. When they all came back in the twins couldn't beleive they had three new sibblings instead of one.

"Wha are dem names?" Taisho asked.

"Her name is Sakura, his name is Ichigo and his name is Inukai." Kagome said pointing to each one.

"Sakwa, Ichi and Inkai? I wike dem names! Wha bout you Iza?"

She smiled. "Me yikes dem too!"

Kagome and Inuyasha smiled as they watched Taisho and Izayoi coo at their new sibblings. They still couldn't beleive that a taste of cherry had gotten them a set of twins and now because of a taste of strawberry they now had a set of triplets.

"Hey Kagome?"


"I've been thinking. I liked how the cherry sucker got us the twins and the strawberries helped us get these three, but I don't think we should use anymore flavors when we make love for awhile."

Kagome laughed. "Are you sure? Because I would love to try out mint." She teased.

Inuyasha paled. "No way! I don't think so! As much as I love our pups, I don't want anymore anytime soon. Hell the next time we could wind up with six for all we know!" He said panicing.

She laughed. "I'm only teasing Inuyasha."

"You'd better be wench." He said before kissing her.

Even though they agreed to wait, it wasn't long before they tried out Kagome's idea with mint and they wound up with another boy and girl.