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"It's not a habit or anything like that. I think I just ate too fast."

That is the only thing she manages to say without losing her composure.

She thought she had left it in the past, that if she just kept an eye on what she ate she would never need to kneel down again to release her guilt, and she was right. Until she went to that party. She ruined her life. And when she was back she had a moment of surrender.

She felt miserable.

She cursed the moment when she rejected the salad and star to pig out. She cursed the moment when she forgot to put the lock on the door. She cursed the moment when she made a few more arcades delaying in her task. But above all, she cursed the night she got drunk and ended giving herself to that boy, if that had never happened none of the other would be something to regret.

She could have revealed to Samantha what she used to do at some point in her life, but she didn't. Because she couldn't, because she doesn't want to, because she shouldn't. She was confident. She was strong. She was Lindsay.

"You're my family, you know?"

~Author's Note~

Ok, lets make it simple. My first language is not english!

I got a message from someone who it username was "Guest" (yeah, you're soo original) who asked why I wrote this story in spanish, well duh! I'm from South America and here we speak spanish, but i thought "Hey, I should try to translate it to english!" And here it is.

I will really appreciate if you tell me about any mistakes in the traduction. :)