Two-Bit Plays the Sims 3

Two-bit was the only one up at the Curtis house. Dally was asleep on the floor, Johnny was on the couch, and Steve was in the arm chair just waking up. The gang was over for a movie Marathon since no one could be on the roads because of the big snow storm they got that night.
Two-bit decided to try Soda pop's Sims 3 game, he had all the expansion packs. He really wanted the pet's one so he could make himself and his old horse Mickey Mouse. So Two-bit started to play. He thought he would make Dally, hoping to make him look really weird.
He decided to have Dally have bright green hair, tattoos anywhere he could put them and they were all girly ones. He chuckled to himself. The clothes weren't better either. He had Dally's character move to a farm and put a horse in the family, of course he named the horse Mickey Mouse.

The rest of the gang started to wake up by now. It was around eight in the morning, Darry was up first to take a shower and make breakfast. When they saw Two-bit playing the Sims they didn't seem to care that much because Sodapop played it whenever he had the time, if he wasn't working overtime for more money.

Dally, and Johnny were trying to find something on T.V., nothing much was on. So they just decided to wait for Pony to get up and maybe he can think of what to do with the guys. Breakfast was ready, Darry made eggs, toast, bacon, saucsage, and hash browns. "Hey come on guys it's time to eat!" Darry shouted. "I'll pass for now!" Two-bit shouted back. They all thought they heard the wrong thing. Usually Two-bit would be at the table eating more than anyone else.

While everyone was eating, Two-bit decided to have Dally saddle the horse and get on it, the sim got on it but got on backwards, Two-bit laughed out so loud everyone looked over at him and gave him a weird look. "What you haven't seen anyone laugh before?" Two-bit asks "No, not when they are in a room by themselves." Soda pop replied. Two-bit just ignored what Soda says and goes back to his game.

He then had Dally go back on the horse, he fell off, and again Two-bit laughed out loud. Everyone got up to see what was so funny. Two-bit told them he made Dally on the Sims. Told him about falling of the horse. Two-bit then showed them. They all started to laugh except for Dally.

Two-bit looks at Dally, "you have three seconds to run." Dally told Two-bit. Two-bit took off as fast as he could. Dally was chasing him around the house, while the rest of the gang stood on the porch watching and laughing.