*+ Author note: Hola. This is my first story, and its probably going to suck. Just thought I would let you know. So… I'm just gonna jump on in.+*

Samuel sighed as he removed his earpiece, ending the constant droning of Oracle. She hadn't stopped talking since he woke up on the harvester ship, and it was getting worse than annoying. Life was bad enough since he got his powers, and a woman consistently giving him repetitive tasks definitely did not help. He sat down on the edge of the 8Th Precinct roof, watching the fighting between the police, and the demons released by Trigon. The remains of the street was littered with debris, large chunks of ice, and bodies. Sam shivered a bit, finally noticing how many had perished helping to get him into the building. He made a fist, feeling the volts tingle just beneath his skin. So much power, yet he still couldn't finish the job alone. Replacing his earpiece, he heard the last bits of Oracles latest speech. "… Make sure to visit the safehouse in China Town. I hear Zettana has a gift for you." Sam stood, leaning forward, he jumped off the rooftop. A few meters before the ground, he activated his rockets, and raced off into the sky.

Sam yawned softly, walking out of the police department. The area swarmed with activity, filled with so-called "Heroes". Ha. Sam thought to himself, Until a few weeks ago, these idiots would be running away, screaming and bawling their eyes out, at the sight of a mugger! Now, they all crowd around each other, comparing powers and trophies, like they've been like this their entire lives! Sam frowned as he walked away, pondering why he had chosen to side with the Justice League. The only real reason he could think of, was that Superman had just saved his life. It didn't help that Oracle had teleported him right into the middle of a police station. Sam had just enough time to get the poster off the wanted board before anyone noticed him. But being good wasn't too bad. He got to save lives, and that's all that matters, right?