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Samuel awoke to the sound of gunfire, with a throbbing headache. Looking around, he determined that he was in Gotham, but couldn't seem to remember why. The last thing in his mind, was attempting to reason with Harley Quinn, about the Joker… She hadn't taken too kindly to it, then, nothing. Checking his journal, Sam discovered that he had indeed arrested Harley. He stood, dusting himself off, and took flight.

Let's see here… There are no pressing matters in Gotham, so I guess it's off to Metropoli-

Sam's thoughts were interrupted by the grappling line curling around his leg. He was under attack! Charging a ball of energy in his hands, Sam proceeded to barrage the unseen assailant with blasts from his gauntlets. To his dismay, the cord, now tightened around his foot, yanked him downward. Sam gritted his teeth, preparing himself for an impact that never came. Instead, he found himself floating above a rather peculiar wind turbine. It was a bright yellow in color. Wait… Yellow?! Sam now recognized the turbine as a hard-light construct, belonging to a member of the Sinestro Corps. But who had created it? He brushed the questions from his mind, as he blasted his attacker with a sphere of destructive energy.