Chapter Two

Six months had passed since Mac was shot in the back and he was finally allowed out of hospital as Maya took him home to their apartment where Maya's sister was looking after Emily and Lucas, who were so pleased to see their father home again as they gently hugged him, as he hugged them back.

Mac knew that he still had to tell the team about his family but he wasn't ready to spill just yet but he knew that they would badger him about it until he told, and Mac just wanted to keep this to himself for as long as he can for now at least.

Maya knew that their life together would come out at some point but for Maya, she wanted it to be when they both wanted it to come out not before, as Mac needed to recover fully before he was allowed back to NYPD.

Later that night, after the twins were in bed, Mac and Maya were sitting on the couch together enjoying their personal time alone as Mac held Maya close to him as they watched a program on tv.

Maya asked " When do you think the team should know about us?" when Mac replied " Not until we're both ready to tell them together as a family with our children.".

Mac softly kissed Maya's head in a loving way as she smiled knowing how happy she was with him and she knew that falling in love with him was no easy task and it dawned on Maya that she was scared to fall in love.

As they sat on the couch together, Maya sighed as she felt so loved by Mac for the first time in her life after what her own father did to her and Maya had confessed the past to Mac, who stayed with her and never left her side.

Maya yawned and both went to bed, as Maya helped Mac into bed and she cuddled up next to him and she felt at peace there with Mac in the arms of the one she loves with her whole heart.

Mac held Maya close to him as he was scared to lose her but he would do everything he could to not lose her or their children who meant so much to him amd he felt so lucky to have two beautiful children.

Getting stronger to be able to go back to NYPD wasn't gonna be easy for Mac but he was gonna try either way and until he could, his family came first right now like they always did and work was second.

Maya was sound asleep on Mac's chest as he held her to him, knowing how much she loved him and their life together, despite the fruitless attempts to split them up by Maya's father, didn't work.

Mac stepped in and warned Maya's father to leave them alone and so far he had but neither knew what would happen just a few months later but for now at least, Mac could sleep easily with Maya by his side.

Maya sighed as she lay next to Mac who kept a loving hold of his wife in his arms as they both slept in the comfort of their bed in their apartment which was near the Empire State Building.

As dawn broke over Manhattan, Mac and Maya were still asleep as were their twins in the next room, as the twins would be waking up in a few hours and for Maya being happy with Mac like she was, meant a lot to her.

Mac stirred a little bit and sighed softly from his sleeping position and Maya kept her right hand on Mac's chest as she slept beside him, feeling so safe and most of all, protected with the love of her life.

Maya had been so lucky to be with Mac and she had told him that she was scared of falling in love and he asked her why, when she admitted the truth as to why, and Mac nodded then cuddled her to him understanding her reason.

Claire watched over Mac and Maya together, as she was so glad that he had found someone to be happy with and for Claire, it meant that she could rest easily knowing that Mac has found someone to be happy with.

Mac still thought about Claire from time to time, but he knew that she wanted him to be happy and now he had Maya in his life, he was at long last even after so many years since Claire died in 9/11.

Maya knew about Claire as Mac told her about her and what happened, as Maya just hugged him as he had told her what happened and she guessed that maybe Claire had brought them two together.

Mac loved Maya as she was the first person he loved since losing Claire and he knew that he'd never leave Maya as he loved her too much to just walk away from her and their life together with Emily and Lucas.