Slices of Life

Author: dettiot

Rating: T

Summary: A collection of ficlets, based off prompts received at my Tumblr.

Disclaimer: I don't own Chuck. No copyright infringement is intended.



Set late season 3

Written for anonymous.

"Sarah prefers Superman over everyone else (or alternatively, she prefers Marvel over DC/vice versa.."


Chuck looked at Sarah as they walked through the shopping center. "I wanted to stop in at my comic store … do you mind?"

This wasn't a request he was making lightly. It was one thing to ask Sarah to move into the apartment, with all the nerdy collectibles and the video games and, well, Morgan. But asking her to go to the comic store with him, exposing her to the full range of fanboy …

But Sarah was a CIA agent. And so was he, too! With all the things they had seen, a few hardcore nerds shouldn't be that intimidating. She'd be able to handle it, and he'd be there to help her.

She gave him an impish grin. "It depends. Can we go to the shoe store afterwards?"

One thing he had been surprised about when Sarah had moved in: she really loved shoes. So he had been half-expecting her to make just such an offer.

"Deal," he said, smiling at her as he swung their joined hands. "Let's go."

Sarah nodded and followed him down the sidewalk and into his local. He kept a firm hold on her hand as he greeted the owner. "Hey, Jake. How's it going?"

"Not bad, Chuck." Jake, an elderly man who would tell great stories about the early days of comics when he was in a good mood, nodded to him. "Who's your little lady?"

Chuck almost smirked at hearing Sarah called "a little lady." He squeezed Sarah's hand. "This is my girlfriend, Sarah."

"Nice to meet ya," Jake said, climbing off his stool. "Your box is pretty full, Chuck. You gonna take 'em all today?"

"Yeah, I will—and I'm gonna look around, too," Chuck said as Sarah wandered over towards the racks of new issues. He followed her and stood beside her. He lowered his voice. "Sorry about that—Jake's old-school."

Sarah's smile was sympathetic. "I understand." She looked at the rack, then pointed. "You like those characters, right?"

The book she was pointing to was a Teen Titans title. He smiled and kissed her cheek. "Yep, I do. I'm going to look around."

"Okay," Sarah said, smiling back at him.

Chuck wandered around the store, going to visit the gorgeous Black Canary statue that he wished he could buy. But it was pretty pricey, even with his CIA salary on top of his Buy More pay. Not that he could splash money around, since most people didn't know about the CIA agent thing.

He lost track of time a little, although he kept an eye out on Sarah. When he noticed that she had read an entire single issue, he had to go see what she was reading.

"Hey, baby," he said, walking up and resting his hand on her lower back. "Whatcha reading?"

Sarah turned the book to reveal a statuesque blonde, dressed in a skin-tight, high-necked black unitard. The words Ms. Marvel were emblazoned across the cover. "I like this a lot," Sarah said, smiling a bit shyly.

"Ms. Marvel is pretty bad-ass," Chuck said. "But … she's a Marvel character."

A small wrinkle formed between Sarah's eyes. "What does that mean?"

"See, I'm a DC guy," Chuck said. "They've got great characters. Like Black Canary!" He looked around, then frowned. "Damn, that's right, Birds of Prey just ended." He turned, heading towards the trade paperbacks and pulled out one, a collection of recent Birds of Prey comics.

Sarah was looking at him, her expression both amused and slightly annoyed. He walked over and showed her the book. "See, she's got this Canary cry that can incapacitate anyone, and she's an amazing martial artist. Sound like anyone we know?" he asked her with a grin. "I bet you'd really like this."

"But I like this one," Sarah said, holding up the Ms. Marvel issue. She lifted her chin. "What does it matter if I like Marvel comics and you like DC?"

"I … I guess it doesn't matter …" Chuck said slowly, realizing that as much as he thought Black Canary and the rest of the DC superheroes were the best, Sarah liked Ms. Marvel, who was plenty awesome.

And he had a hot, beautiful girlfriend who was showing an interest in comics. Acting like she could only like what he liked would be the worst kind of fanboy behavior. Looking at things from that perspective, Chuck had to shake his head and smile. "Sorry, Sarah. My twelve-year-old self overwhelmed me there for a minute."

She gave him a hesitant smile. "What does that mean?"

"I went through a phase for a little while, when I acted like some kind of jerk, thinking that what I liked was the best and anything else wasn't any good," Chuck explained. "I grew out of it, but … yeah."

She laughed softly. "I can't see you acting like that."

"Oh, trust me, it wasn't pretty. Ask Morgan about it sometime," he said, feeling relieved that she wasn't mad at him.

"This ain't a library!" Jake called out.

Chuck winced. "Sorry, Jake!" he responded, then turned back to Sarah. "You'll have to buy the issue you read—Jake's first rule is that if you read the issue, you buy it."

"That's okay," she said, nudging his shoulder.

"And what's more, let's go see if there's any trades of Ms. Marvel!" Chuck said, pulling her over towards the shelves filled with trade paperbacks.

"Trades?" Sarah asked curiously.

"It's a collection of single issues, like what you've got there," Chuck told her, scanning the shelves.

"Oh!" she said, sounding interested.

As Sarah joined him in looking through the shelves, Chuck couldn't believe his luck. His girlfriend was actually interested in comic books. Chuck at twelve wouldn't have believed it. And yeah, he personally thought Black Canary was a lot more interesting than Ms. Marvel, but that didn't matter. What mattered was that she was showing interest in something he liked. Like a real girlfriend would.

He resolved to pay more attention when they were at the shoe store and give Sarah honest answers if she asked his opinion. But that didn't stop him from imagining Sarah as Ms. Marvel for Halloween.

After all, Black Canary's fishnets were great, but Ms. Marvel's costume was really something, too.