SUMMERY: There was more than one way to progress as a hollow. The old way that existed when the worlds Hueco Mundo, Soul Society, and the mortal world, were combined. At a time, when the three powers coexisted peacefully, when the lost way of protection, of love, and the way of peace was bountiful, the old way prevailed. Now the lost way, comes again. **~~~~###~~~~** Prologue part 1 of 2

At the beginning of time there was chaos.

Noise, light, darkness, silence, life, and death bled together in the most breathtaking, and heart wrenching, of ways. These chaotic forces came together, creating a world of amazing beauty. This world was Gaia. On this world were three powers, from the least powerful to the most, were the Humans, the Shinigami, and the Hollows.

A cycle prevailed. The Humans were born, they lived, and then they died. Once they die, the ones with the most power become a Hollow. The Hollows were, at first, ugly creatures, with overwhelming instincts to kill, fight, and hunt. If a hollow takes the life of a human, that Hollow is immediately stripped of its powers and becomes a Shinigami.

A Shinigami is the dead soul of a human who does not have the power to become a hollow. Of those Shinigami there are those with greater powers called 'Soul Reapers'. These 'Soul Reapers' where the Shinigami who could have become Hollows. They are charged with the duty to eliminate the Hollows who kill human souls. They can train their powers to extensive lengths, but they will never have the true power they would have earned as a Hollow.

Hollows that make on from their first days are rare. Even rarer are the ones who make it to the highest honor of Arrancar, when they can finally stop looking and feeling like monsters.

To do that they at some point must gain back their human minds as a low level Hollow. It usually happens because their wills prevent them from attacking their family and friends at first. Their minds tell them that killing human's is wrong, and so they don't. Feeding off of the power in the air, never tasting a human soul, they eventually become a Menos with three levels.

A Menos has three levels, Gillian, Adjuchas, and Vasto Lorde. In those levels they must help the 'Soul Reapers' contain the rogue Hollows. If a rogue Hollow has eaten too many souls, the Menos is allowed to devour it, gaining the power to evolve through the three levels. When a Hollow becomes a Vasto Lorde, they have to gain back their Human emotions, when that happens, their mask splits and they gain their full powers, as an Arrancar; the emotion they gain back is usually love; the love of life and learning and living. Not surviving but living.

Now back to Soul Reapers. Soul Reapers have three levels as well. These all depend on their Zanpakutō levels, the sealed level, the Shikai, and the Bankai. The sealed level shows their Zanpakutō as normal katana. At Shikai they learn to call out a small amount of their Zanpakutō's true forms. At Bankai their Zanpakutō is completely released and at full power. To progress through the levels take time and a lot of training. Few reach the level of Bankai.

Arrancars have those levels as well, just for them there is no time they have to use to gain them. Also for them there are four levels. The first two are the sealed levels. Level one is the Arrancar Human form. They are not really humans, but they look exactly how they did before they died, with a few adjustments. Then there is the second sealed form, were they have what's left over from their mask and their Zanpakutō in sealed form. The third form is close to what the Shinigami call Shikai, but is really a mix of Shikai and Bankai, their Zanpakutō is fully released. Then there is the released form, where the Arrancar take on a Hollow like appearance without the mask.

Now for the Zanpakutō. A Zanpakutō is like a familiar in weapon form. They are guides, friends, and family to their wielders, the Soul Reapers and the Arrancar. Becoming a Zanpakutō is one of the three ways a Shinigami and Hollow can move on.

The three ways of moving on are staying immortal, becoming a Zanpakutō, or reincarnation. After a Shinigami or a Hollow, as an Arrancar, live long enough they can choose how they move on with their lives. They could stay as they are which few surprisingly chose. They could become a Zanpakutō and become a companion to other Soul Reapers and Arrancar, this option was only available to Arrancar and Soul Reapers. Or they could reincarnate and live again. Reincarnation happened by choice for Shinigami, Hollows, and Zanpakutō, or when the soul is killed. A killed soul must have certain rights done to it to move on through reincarnation.

The cycle continued on like that for many millennia, before the great split happened. What happened exactly is lost, but the result was the creation of the three worlds; Soul Society, Earth, and Hueco Mundo. Thousands of millennia passed and everything changed.

Hollows were born and those that resisted the call of human souls escaped to Hueco Mundo, those that didn't were destroyed by the Soul Reapers. The Soul Reapers had forgotten that there were civil Hollows; all they knew were the destructive creatures that fed on human souls. The humans forgot to prepare themselves for death and the possibility of becoming a Hollow, in turn creating more rogue Hollows. And the Hollows, they stopped evolving.

The closing of the gates prevented all Hollows minus Arrancar level ones from exiting Hueco Mundo. Not only that but they forgot the existence of Shinigami and Humans. As a result, those Hollows who gain enough power from the world around them don't gain the power needed through devouring rogue Hollows to become Menos. And the Vasto Lorde's forgot that their intelligence came from their human selves, not devouring other Menos. So they never knew to develop Human emotions.

The Hollows were dying out, and seeing this, the Vasto Lorde's most powerful, those who would become Arrancar, destroy the gate, opening a way between the worlds for all Hollows. Those Hollows went to the Human world and tasted the sweetness of their souls. They became addicted. Their minds were lost leaving the intelligence only for the Vasto Lordes, who gained it through self preservation, instead of the will to protect and preserve human life.

And the ability to feel was wiped from their souls with the devouring of their first human soul, ending the Arrancar.

The opening of the gate also caused the Hollow energy to leak into other dead Human souls, forcibly turning them into Hollows as well. Those souls are tortured beings, without the power needed to live as a hollow, to support a human brain in the Hollow's instincts. They never make it to Menos.

The Soul Reapers were overwhelmed with the amount of Hollows, and didn't know were they had come from. The Zanpakutō called out, the few that remembered at least, that the gates were open for free access. That the Hollows were no longer trapped. The Zanpakutō that were left only remembered that the ancient Soul Reapers had locked the gates between the other two worlds, not that Hollows used to be civil.

Desperate, all the Soul Reapers created a barrier that prevented low level Hollows from creating their own openings. That didn't stop them from getting through the cracks, but it was good enough.

The influx of Hollows caused the balance to uproot. The Soul Society filled up; no longer being the paradise it was before. Those Shinigami that should have become Soul Reapers were lost and scattered. Few ever were found and trained. The Hollow world became desolate, a barren wasteland of sand and night. Souls screamed out and were lost. The Soul Reapers created ways to permanently kill souls, further upsetting the balances and decided to rule over Soul Society, in a place called the Seireitei. They took on the name Shinigami and Soul Reapers, and the Shinigami became just souls.

Hollows hated the Soul reapers. The Soul Reapers in turn hated the Hollows. And the poor Humans were caught in the middle.

Now the Arrancar are back, but they are forcibly changed by the madman Sōsuke Aizen and under his control. They differ from the Arrancar of old, because they cant take human form, their emotions gained from anger fear pain and hate. The same madman who wishes to rule all three worlds with the power of the Hōgyoku. The only people to stand in his way is the Human/ Soul Reaper/ Visored (a mistake cause by soul reapers that made a half Hollow half Soul Reaper combination) Ichigo and his friends. Who were at this moment captured as humans and in their gigai forms, powerless.

Hope is not lost though; there is one other who stands in the way of a new chaos. A pure soul, who managed to revive the ways of old, with the powers of a TRUE Arrancar.

This is his story.


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