Dean was on the couch and he was wathcing a tv show about pie. It was about cookin apple pie, pumpkin pie, pudding pie, blueberry pie, cherry pie, key lime pie, pecan pie, chicken pot pie, lemon pie, boston creme pie,and banana cremme pie. "Ooh babyy" he licked his lips as they took the pie out of the oven. Then somebody pooped up behind him.

"dnaE" they asked. he recognized the vioce. Iit was the gay angel man.

"Hello cas" he turned to him very quickly and turned the tv off. "you didnt see that. i wasnt watch anuthing. i Swear."

"Don'ut swear dena, it's not very ladylike."

"cas you are such a chuckleface."


"whats in ytour hands cas?"

"i made you a pie. Look Deanie i worked very hard. i even caught my tie on fire," he glanced down at the half burnt tie and then it turned brand new again because of hjis homosexual powers

"thats not pie," dean frowned loudly. The angle's eyebrows lifted sadlike

"yes it is i worked hard"

"no look at it." the anelg looked at the flat piece of dough in his hands. a single apple slice rested in the middle of it and it wasnt even cooked.
"how did you manage to catch it on fire did you even put it into the oven ya dumb snot?" deanie weenies eyebrows went together andf his princess eyes widened to the size of paltes and his lips puckered.

"whats an oven dean?"

"how did you catch on fire?"

"i dont know i just did i was cutting the apple and all of a sudden something was smoking"

"you stupid butt come here and let me checku for burns"

"i am okey dokey" the anal promised him. dean shook his had "no you shit stick come here" he hugged him exTREMEly tightly. "you smell like fire."

"i was in purgastory."

"baby boy" he slapped his back in a loving, painful, way

"ouch danie" cas frowned again. dean gasped darmatically

"DID I HJURT OUOU?"?" he shouted in his face. The anelg stared into his green rapunzel eyes. "I ALWAYS HURT EVERYONE I LOVE NOT YOU TOO CAS I DON'T NEED THAT." cas continued to stare and then his eyes turned blue.

"Are you going to eat the pie or not you little shit"

the end