it was a gorgeous day. the sun was high in the sky, and the birds were chirping. mothers were taking their babies for rides and enjoying the scenery. fathers were smoking pipes and doing taxes.

however, somewere, there was a fire...

4 p.m rolled around and dean were still sleeping. "ZZZ" dean says.

"Dean please wake up!" castiel shaking his shoulders. dean jumped out of bed. the aforementioned fire was in his motel room!

"o shit i am late!" dean cracked. he jump ran rolled to the oven. the pie was in charred pieces. dean dropped to his knees and closet his eyes, resting his slightly smaller than average forehead against the oven. it was his biggest insecuirty. how ironic that his forehead was always on his mind, and his mind was inside of his forehead. it was a curel joke. another cruel joke was that his mom was dead. but at this moment all he could think about was his late pie. "i can't believ ethis..." he whispered. castiel set his hand on dean's shakie shoulders, and blew the fire out,

"i am so sorry, dena." he offered his condolenses.

"why" dean whimpered. "why couldn't it be me instead."

"we well never get THAT lucky" castiel whispered. he took the pie out of the oven and poked at its insides. dean turned his head and lay motionless on the floor; he could not bar to look. "who did you bake this pie for, jean?" dean clenched his eyelids together.

"I made it for you. I was going to show you how a pie is REALLY made, but i have failed i fell asleep" dean was sad. castiel frowned intensly. there was only one way he was going to make Dean known how he was having those feelings that he wish dean knew he had. castiel held up a piece of pie and hesitently and slowly and cautiously brought it to his quivering chapped lips. dean jerked his head to the side to watch. the piece of pie inched its way to castiels' wet cavern. dean's eyes widened. was this really happening? Was Castiel going to eat the physical representation of the feelings Dean had been harboring in secret for so long?

slow, slow, slowly castil's mouth began to open. Pieces of crumblings from the pie began to roll down his wrist and into his trenchcoat sleeve.

"Oh my god" Dean cries, eyes flickering back and forth between castiel and the charred pie.

the pie entered castiel's mouth. cas chewed. he chewed for what seemed like dozens. a piece of sweat dripped down dean's forehead and into his wide eyes. He did not close them for a second.

"How is it?" dean asked him. his heart hammered in his chest. this was his chance to tell him. castiel's mouth opened once more, flakes of pie spewing out.

"it tastes like shit"

the end