A/N: It's been awhile since I've published, and this story has been revised, changed, and revised again, but has kept its original plot. I've taken liberties with past lives and family connections. Hope you enjoy! R/R please! Usual disclaimers apply.

Flint's face was a mixture of fury and pain. Lifeline repressed a sigh and moved forward, but he was quickly rebuffed.

"I need to report to Hawk. Immediately!" the Warrant Officer growled, storming off.

Lifeline looked over to Lady Jaye, who was climbing out of the helicopter. She met his questioning gaze with a shrug and shake of her head. She didn't look too happy either, but she seemed more upset than angry. She approached Lifeline and her voice sounded hoarse with emotion.

"I'm not sure what happened. Everything was running smoothly, but when I got to the rendezvous point, he had been attacked - a gunshot wound to his arm. I applied a temporary tourniquet – it didn't hit any major arteries – but he fought me the whole time." She sighed. "Let him report to Hawk – he's been fuming this whole return trip. Then, you might want to look over his wound to make sure it's not more serious."

Lifeline nodded, then hesitantly asked "Are you okay?"

She gave him a strange look and a weird laugh. "Me? I'm fine. I wasn't the one who was attacked and shot. Someone compromised his position. Feel sorry for that poor bastard."

With that, she walked away, following much the same path as her partner had taken moments ago.

"It was premeditated," she could hear Flint saying, his voice hard, when she knocked on the CO's door.

"Enter," came Hawk's bark.

Squaring her shoulders, she followed orders and stood in front of a furious Flint and a stern-looking commander.

"Maybe you can shed some light on this, Lady Jaye," Hawk said, his tone serious, indicating for her to close the door.

She could feel the tension of the room. She knew Flint was upset about what had happened, but the mission had been a success. Looking confused, she glanced from one to the other. What was going on?

Taking a deep breath, she told of her meeting with her contact and how she had come across Flint, as well as how she had managed to get a few shots in before the small contingent of Cobra soldiers that had attacked him had retreated.

"That's it?" Hawk asked when she finished, an eyebrow raised. She could feel the anger radiating off of Flint and realized that it was directed at her. What had she done?

"To the best of my knowledge, Sir," she stated. "After checking over Flint's wound to make sure it wasn't more serious than I had originally observed, I helped him wrap it up and we left." No need to mention the fact that the man had protested and insisted on flying the helicopter back to headquarters, although she was perfectly capable to do so in that situation. Damn chauvinistic pride.

She turned to Flint. "Lifeline wants to check you over when you're finished."

She almost flinched at the cold look he gave her. Steeling her emotions , she forced her expression to remain neutral, although her stomach was churning. What wasn't being said in front of her?

Hawk was quiet for a moment, his hand thoughtfully rubbing his chin.

Finally, he spoke. "It seems the two of you have differing stories as to what happened to result in Flint's position being compromised."

This time she didn't bother to mask the confusion. "I'm sorry sir, but how do they differ? It's what happened, or at least from my perspective, it's what happened." She laid the flash drive on the commander's desk that she had been given by her contact. "In my opinion, the mission was a success."

"And the two minutes of silence?" Flint ground out, unable to stop himself. "Where you gave away my position, resulting in my being attacked and possibly captured?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Lady Jaye snapped, her own temper rising. "I never broke communication!"

"Really? I have documented proof! The last thing I heard was 'Let me take care of that' and then nothing." He didn't tell her about the agony he had suffered, thinking the worst had happened to her. He had been on the way to check things out when the Cobra soldiers had ambushed him. "When you came back on, it was already too late!"

She rubbed her forehead, feeling the beginnings of a headache. "I did not compromise your position!" she spat, her eyes narrowed.

In response, he held up the black box he had been holding. "Let's listen then, shall we?"

Hawk looked from one to the other, trying to read their body language. Granted, Lady Jaye was a first class actress, but he couldn't see Flint throwing accusations at someone when he wasn't completely sure – especially with her.

After the box had been hooked up to a speaker, they all listened as it replayed the meeting. Flint had been right – there had been about two minutes of silence, then the conversation came back on between Lady Jaye and her contact, making plans to leave.

"Make sure things are taken care of," came Lady Jaye's low voice before the playback stopped.

"You turned off your piece – you can hear the faint click when it goes off and then when you turn it back on. You can't blame that on any interference!" Flint growled, not sure if he was angrier at the situation, or the fact that he let himself get so attached to this traitor! His pain, masked by his anger, he pushed down deep inside him. He'd deal with it later.

She looked bewildered for a moment. "That is not at all what happened! Things to be taken care of were my contact maintaining his anonymity and making sure he wasn't discovered!"

"Then maybe we should check this flash drive for the information you allegedly have on it!"

"Fine!" she thrust it into Flint's hands, flinching when their fingers made contact. She could hardly believe he of all people would blindside her with these accusations!

He didn't miss the expression when their hands met and for a moment, his anger faltered. Maybe she was innocent. Granted, all evidence pointed to her being otherwise…..

The rumble of the building halted his train of thought.

"We're under attack!" Hawk growled, leaping to his feet, as the alarm sounded.

He turned to Lady Jaye. "While this is under investigation, you are to report to your quarters until further notice!"


"That's an order!" Hawk barked.

Stunned, she simply stood there as the two ran out of the room. Another hit to the building made her realize the danger she was in by just standing there. Slowly, as if in shock, she began making her way to her quarters while around her, soldiers rushed to defend their base.