Lady Jaye wasn't sure how she had done it before, the dreamwalking, but if it was by wishing she could be with that person, then she was surprised it hadn't worked again by now.

Settling in her bed, she stared up at the ceiling, thinking. That's what she should have asked Puck, she supposed, but by the time the idea had come to her, he had been gone.

She focused her thoughts on Dash and felt her eyes grow heavy with sleep. In moments, she was under.

She opened her eyes. She was not in a golden field, as she had been before. No, this was a much darker dream, and she gave a sad smile.

She was quite sure how to describe it, only that it seemed like she was in an old black and white movie about World War II. There seemed to be foxholes, barbed wire, and bullets whizzing by her face.

She jumped down into the nearest foxhole, watching the unfamiliar faces battle an unseen enemy.

Had she gotten in the wrong dream? she wondered, looking around, recognizing no one. Then, she spotted him. He was at the far end of the foxhole, holding a soldier who had just been shot, it looked like. The large helmet the soldier was wearing masked his face.

Pushing her way towards him, she ignored the battle scene around her. As far as she knew, she couldn't die in a dream, so was unconcerned with her safety at the moment.

"I tried," she heard him say to the soldier, tears coursing down his face. "God, I tried! I'm sorry – so, so sorry!" He clutched the soldier to him, and Lady Jaye could sense the soldier's life force fading slowly away.

She started to speak, to get his attention, when she got a closer look at the soldier. She had been mistaken – it wasn't a man, but a woman's form he was holding. The helmet still hid the face, but she could guess who it was. Her heart seem to break a little as she could feel the pain he was experiencing for his subconscious to create a dream like this.

"Flint!" she said sharply, finally finding her voice in the mad scene.

He ignored her at first, cuddling the soldier's lifeless body to him. "Flint!" she called again, her voice rising above the din.

He finally looked up and didn't seem to recognize her at first, too far gone in his dream. Lady Jaye felt herself subconsciously gathering glamour around her and pushed it out, changing the scene to a more pleasant one. Opening her eyes, she had transported them to a small café – French by the looks of it. Shrugging, she walked over to where he was now leaning up against a wall, staring down at his empty hands.

She wasn't sure what the rules were with dreamwalking, but knew if she hadn't changed the scene, she would never have gotten through to him.

"Dashiell!" she said, her tone even sharper. He looked up, recognition dawning on his face. He immediately stood up, brushing imaginary dirt from his pants.

"Allie?" he asked hoarsely, his voice tinged with hope.

"It's just a dream, Dash," she told him softly, feeling bad when he winced. Walking over, she took his hand and led him to one of the outdoor tables. She ordered in French from the hovering waiter and was pleased when he delivered their order promptly.

Still knowing it was a dream, she enjoyed the taste of the espresso she had ordered and the crisp scent of the freshly baked bread.

Reaching out, she held his hands in hers across the table.

"Dash, we need to talk. I need your help."

"Allie," Flint sighed, a tear coursing down his cheek. "I thought you were dead."

"I'm alive, or as much as I think I am," she said, giving his hands a squeeze. "Do you have the amulet?"

She saw him self-consciously pat his left pants pocket. "Why?" he asked instead.

"I need you to keep that safe for me. I'd ask you to bring it to me, but I don't quite know how to explain where I am." She frowned. "But I think I have a plan. This might sound crazy, but you're going to need to trust Shipwreck."