Amor Aeturna

A Drapple Tale

I walked slowly into the Great Hall, shying away from the bright morning sun. I am Draco Malfoy, after all. I sat down at the Slytherin table, with a lonely and dejected sigh. Everyone else had moved away from me, and no one wanted me around. I was a Death Eater in training, after all. Everyone in the Great Hall shunned me. Everyone hated me. Or so I thought. It all changed when I met her.

She sat alone, one green in a sea of red. I knew from the moment I saw her that she was mine to hold. I sat down before her, and I immediately was in love. Her beauty captivated me, I'll admit. Her bright green outer clothing masked the pale flesh within. I lifted her up and sighed. I was staring into the endless, perfect unblemished green. She was the only perfect one. She alone, was the perfect apple.

Suddenly, without warning Potter and his stupid gang of friends came up to me.

"Whatcha got there, Malfoy?" asked Potter "A tennis ball?" I fixed Potter with my fiercest snarl.

"Hush, darling." I cooed to the beautiful thing sitting in the palm of my hand "He's just a bully. You're no mere tennis ball, but a noble Granny Smith apple. I will make you pay for hurting her feelings Potter!" I yelled "Jelly Legs Jinx!" He and his twerpy little gang fell to the ground, as their bones had temporarily turned to jelly. While they were distracted, I sank my teeth into her beautiful green flesh. The sour juice running down my throat gave me a feeling of pure ecstasy. I moaned, however, because I knew that I was hurting her. I went in for another bite and gave another loud moan. In the mean time Granger discovered the counter curse to my jinx.

"Unjelly legs!" she yelled. I could have cared less. I had just finished that glorious apple. I gave a small sob, knowing that it had been I that had hurt her irreversibly. I then wept for the apple that had captured my heart. After about fifteen minutes looked up to see the entire school staring at me like I was mad. An amused humour lit up my godfather, Severus Snape's eyes as he tried to suppress his laughter. Knowing that I was being ridiculed beyond belief, I did the only thing I could do.

I walked slowly to the oak doors that led out of the hall. I raised my index finger in to the air and yelled,

"Draco, AWAY!" I flipped my cape over my head and dashed to the Slytherin common room as fast as I could.