Photographic memory

By: MysticFantasy



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Chapter 1-Clint



Clint walked into the living room and found it void of any of his team members. This he found a little odd. Usually, there was almost always someone in the living room.

"Anyone here?" he called out.

"Out here." a voice answered coming from the direction of the balcony.

Clint walked over and stepped out into the sun. He quickly spotted the person who answered his call.

Steve stood close to the railing of the balcony with an easel in front of him that held a white canvas. In Steve's black smudged hand was a charcoal pencil that was moving quickly about the surface of the canvas.

Clint walked over and gazed at the drawing Steve was working on. His brows knitted together at the drawing and he noticed that Steve was looking out at the city every now and then.

"Is that...Is that what New York looked like in your day?" Clint asked noticing that Steve seemed to be drawing the view from the balcony but the buildings were different.

"I never got the see the city from this height but yes. This is what it looked like back then." Steve answered expertly adding shading to a building.

"Wow." Clint breathed. "That's amazing Cap. Things really have changed over that time."

"They have." Steve sadly agreed as he began to draw what seemed to be a corner grocery store.

Clint remained silent as he continued to watch Steve add to his drawing. The more that Steve added to it, the more it started looking like a photo someone had taken with their camera.

"Where did you learn to draw like this?" the archer asked as Steve finished the black charcoal outlinings.

"Self-taught." Steve answered picking up a grey charcoal pencil and began to add more shading that made the picture stand out even more. "There wasn't much that could be done for entertainment when I was a kid. Everything was too costly and my family couldn't afford things like that. Not that I would have been able to stand it for long. Given my health conditions. One day, I just picked up a pencil and piece of paper and started drawing. As I got older, my art teachers noticed how much I drew and said that I had enough talent that could get me into an art program in college. When I heard that, I thought I had the dream I wanted."

"Thought you always wanted to be a soldier?" Clint asked moving to sit on the lounge chair.

"I did." Steve replied. "Believe me, it wasn't an easy choice to make. For the hobby I loved to do, I could have gone to college and become a comic artist."

"You wanted to do comics?" Clint asked a little surprised as a smirk appeared on his face.

"Sure did." Steve answered with his own smirk. "Me becoming the comic character didn't cross my wildest thoughts."

"How much were those comics of you when they first came out?" Clint asked curiously.

"Ten to twelve scents if I remember right." Steve answered. "I'm surprised so many sold at that price."

"I'm never going to get over how you think that was expensive. But it is understandable since you grew up during that time." Clint said. "Coulson actually showed me one of the comics he collected about you. He had it in a proteced casing and didn't let me get within an inch of it."

Steve chuckled although he wasn't surprised at all. Almost every time that he was at SHIELD HQ, Phil Coulson would somehow turn into his personal assisstant and biggest fan.

Offering to get Steve coffee or already having it ready for him, giving him details of a mission the others weren't aware of at the time, inform the captain of how his legacy helped Coulson decide to try to follow in his footsteps...

It had disturbed Steve at first but he got use to it after a while and knew that Phil was just being himself which wasn't something they got to see very much.

Especially Clint and Natasha.

They had always seen one side of their handler and to see the senior agent turn into a fanboy every time Steve walked into the room...It was something the two spies always enjoyed and tried to make fun of him for later.

Steve put down the charcoal pencil and wiped his hands on a white towel as he looked over his work.

The archer quickly stood and looked at the finished drawing. The buildings, signs, cars and even people seemed to be frozen in time in the drawing. It looked so real and if it hadn't been lacking color, Clint would have believed it was some kind of time paradox trap that Tony and Bruce might have created by accident.

"D**n." he exclaimed. "I wish I could draw like this."

"It's simple enough when you get the hang of it." Steve said. "Want lessons?"