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Alex looked at the clock. She hated time. It was never on her side. Mason was off in the corner chasing his non-existent tail.

"Hey," She said. He looked up at her, "You know I love you, right Mason?"

He smiled and nodded, then asked, "Wait... what're you about to do?"

Alex chuckled, "I'll be right back."

She flashed to Wiz-tech. School had been out for weeks. The students were out celebrating with their parents. Even the most dedicated of teachers had gone home by now. You would have to be insane to be here now.

Alex knocked on Justin's door. He opened it with minimal surprise, "You're much earlier than I thought you would be."

She shrugged. His couch was more comfortable than hers, he ought to know that by now. Justin watched as his little sister flopped onto the couch. She was so carelessy beautiful. Whereas he had to spend hours ironing his robes, shirts, pants and socks, she could throw a tank top over a t-shirt and still look amazing.

The sound of pen harshly grading filled the silence of the office.

Alex picked at her nails, bored. Finally, she asked the question neither of them bothered to ask in all the years they had held this tradition, "Justin, are we weirdos?"

He glared at her for interupting, then went back to work. She shifted, "I'm bored."

The professor set the pen down. If she was bored, he was screwed. Alex would find a way to amuse herself, and right now he did not feel like fixing her messes.

"You are not bored because we are both weirdos."

She sent him a scathing look. Wrong answer.

He sighed and stood checking the clock. Ten minutes 'til.

"Look, I'm dating a vampire older than the English language, you're dating a werewolf who once urinated on the White House lawn," She laughed interrupting him. That was one of her favorite stories, "We're not 'normal' people, Alex."

She looked at her nails, absently checking the time, "That's not what I meant."

Justin filed away the papers he had finished grading for practice. He squirted freshener in his mouth and wiped his nervous hands on his robe before taking the item off. He never felt like it fit him properly. Five minutes until twelve.

"We are Russos, and our whole family is weird."

Alex flinched at the word 'family.' She put some lipstick on, preparing for their tradition, "That's not what I meant."

Two minutes. She continued, "When we were kids, and we saw people kissing on New Year's Eve, we promised that we'd be their for each other. But... we were kids."
Justin felt a nervous energy come over him as the red stain on her lips took over. He wanted very much to know what it tasted like... now! He listened to her, "Alex, we are always there for one another."
"I know..."

"We don't leave one another, ever, okay?"

She smiled as he said this. His confidence, his reassurance, it settled whatever self-doubt she harbored. The clock hit twelve noon.

They kissed. Over the years, they had both matured. From both getting their first kiss, to their first serious relationship... to now. They had a tradition, bizarre as it was, of kissing at noon, just so that, just in case something happened to either of them at midnight, at least they would both have a kiss at twelve.

They parted too soon for their own liking.

"Happy New Years..."

Justin smiled and hugged his little sister. His favorite part of this tradition is that they did the same thing January first, just in case the kiss at midnight didn't hold.

(It was Alex's rule, but he knew she'd be there anyways.)

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