Estrangement is a funny thing. It is unfamiliarity with a recognizable thing. Like visiting an old friend, or finding an old book back from when you learned how to read. Sometimes though, people, for no reason at all, seem to go through life without any clue of what they are missing.

Justin sat alone in his apartment, staring across an empty table. He felt… so very, very empty, like he had gained something, only to lose it again! "How are you tonight?"

No answer, of course there was no answer, no one was there to answer him! He went on to explain, in great detail, his job, and all that meant to the global economy. He thought it was very interesting, but… no one would listen to him. He sighed, cleared the table, and washed his kitchen. This was his Saturday night.

His friends were surprised that he was still single. He spoke about his day.

"And dinner's pretty good right?"

He cleaned up the dishes. Then he showered, straightened the bedroom and slept alone, on the left side of the bed, his right hand behind him holding the sheet for comfort.

Alex dropped the plate on her dining room table. Eating alone was depressing; having a boyfriend even more so.

"Oh honey," she said in a falsely sweet voice, "I'm feeling great tonight! Why thank you for asking!" She speared her pie, "How was your day at the office?"

She waited several moments. Surely her lover would have a great deal to say to her. He wanted her to know all about him.

"That's so nice!" Alex moaned into her apple pie, "Dinner was amazing!"

She dropped her fork, stating, "You clean up, I'm going to bed." The dishes, of course, remained.

The girl brushed her teeth quickly, as if some presence were coming to boot her out. She spit out the toothpaste, and headed to bed.

Alex slept on the right side; her left curled behind her, gripping the sheet.

They slept together.

A.N. This is the continuation of "Send the Pain Below's" 'Estranged series.