Chapter Four: Frustrations

Alex threw a chair into place at the table for her invisible Prince Charming. She needed someone to rant at but her best friend was no help at all. Harper had never seen the lazy girl so active.

"And he thinks he knows business? Him? I have freezer mold that knows more about running the business than him!"
"Alex, maybe that's part of the problem, you do have mold…" Harper backed into her room and shut the door.

"Whore, slut, egotistical brat! Do you believe this?" Justin threw his briefcase down on the front table, a warning sign to Zeke. Justin never let something lay, "I know more about business than she ever will, and I don't even have a business to run!"

"Maybe that's the problem, J-Man. You need to take this over and prove you know what you're doing."

Justin sloppy put a chair in place at the table. Zeke understood the frustration- it's just sad that his friend needed an imaginary princess to feel for him.

"This guy doesn't even know me!" Her boyfriend, whom she imagined to be a tough-talking, street walking biker, swore loudly, "I know right! Like I need some nerd to tell me how to run Daddy's shop!"

Justin ranted at his table across town, "I barely know her! Why do I have to be the one to tell her how to run her store?! She's going bankrupt!"

"If I wasn't bankrupt, I would've kicked him out!" Her biker was not meeting expectations tonight. Tough guys were not known for their sympathy. Soft, geeky eyes appeared in the middle of his forehead behind the imaginary sunglasses. He lost the helmet but kept the bandanna.

"I mean," Justin continued with his imaginary blond perfect-model girlfriend, "She didn't mean to kick me out, not at first…" The princess smiled sweetly. It wasn't enough. He needed someone with more fire, who could help him express his rage. Someone who was sharp- angry at anyone for almost no reason.

"He doesn't know how hard it is… running this shop… this is real, here. This is more than a business, it's my life…" The brown leather jacket, soul patch, and sunglasses melted away. Instead he wore a coat, and looked surprisingly like a certain businessman…

"She doesn't know what it's like, having to claw out achievement from the hubbub of the business world. And then, go home, and have no life at all…" The perfect blond lost her lighter locks in favor of darker ones. Gentler eyes, with chocolate warmth instead of perfect cool blue ones took their stead. She looked more like a regular girl now…

"It must be hard," Alex muttered into her dinner, "He must be some important guy and everything, but… I can't stand him."

"I know she misses her dad, and I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let my goals push her feelings aside. That's not me, it'll never be me."

"There was one part," Alex knew this would make any real boyfriend jealous. She twirled her necklace just about her bust, "Where I thought he was going to kiss me…!"

"And all I wanted to do was kiss her," Any real girlfriend would be gone by now. Justin sat alone in the dark. Alex sat alone in the dark.

"I'll apologize tomorrow."

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