A.N. This takes place during 'Wizards Return; Alex vs. Alex'. This is how I think it should have ended.

"Where others see trouble, I see magic."

Alex knelt uncomfortably in front of the Crystals of Justice. Where were these things when Stevie was around? Or Cragmont? Or any of the dozens of evil creatures she had fought?!

You'd think she'd have slipped through the cracks, but noooooo... they manged to keep an eye on her! She growled angrily.

"The Crystals acknowledge Dominic as a prestigous member of Wiztech."

Dominic sauntered in, "Esteemed... uh, rocks. Let me just tell you all the things that Alex has done over the years...!"

"Dude!" The middle crystal chimed in, "We aren't getting any younger here, let's abbreviate!"

Dominic shrugged, "Fine, if Alex would be so kind..." He turned to her, "You say you're a mature wizard, yet here you are making rash decisions!"

She huffed at him, "Puh-lease! You were the one who recommended fixing myself!"

His eyes rolled, "But you didn't have to endanger the world! Now... if you really are a full-wizard, tell me... how do you plan on fixing this...?"

Alex opened her mouth, figuring she could just tell him off- but her sneaky side had been exorcised, "Uh... huh. I guess I got nothing."

The crystals were outraged, "Unbelievable! What about all the mortals stuck in that horrid machine! You, the most powerful wizard of this generation, and you don't know what you're doing?!"

Alex shrugged, "I guess if I got myself back together I might have the juice...!"

"I'm glad you feel that way," He paused, turing to call- "Alex, come here!"

In walked bad Alex, sauntering like she had no one to impress, "Watch it, buddy, I'm the important one here."

Dominic growled, "Whatever. Alex, Alex. Alex, I believe you know Alex...?"

Their eyes rolled. Whatever.

"Fine, I happen to have thought of a spell that will bring these two back together...

"NO!" They both cried.

"I don't want that! No one will like me anymore!" Good Alex fumed.

Evil Alex snarled, "Yeah, I don't want to sit around and do my homework! Why should we listen to you anyways?!"

Dominic looked off into the distance, as if they understood nothing, "So... who's really Alex? Is it her bad side," The evil clone twirled in place, putting a hand on her jutted hip, "Or a nice girl who loves her friend and family?" Good Alex blushed and ducked her head, "I say neither."

Both turned and slapped him, "Well... ow. And ow. Listen, the reason I am doing this is to show you how to be a mature wizard. It is not as easy as waving a wand and getting your way. Evil Alex, you have no one to care for you. You are lonely, and you know it. Good Alex, you need this side of you. Without it, you're a push-over. You've never been without her..."

Both Alex's faced each other, and took in the side of them they were missing. Evil Alex recalled all the things she needed; memories of love from Dean, memories of kissing Mason... and Justin- what did she mean to Justin? Just a problem to fix.

Alex realized the same thing; all her friends and family knew her to be trouble. What was she now? Just another uninspired flousy looking for appreciation. Without the bad side... why would Justin ever come see her again? He was too busy to-

"Even come to his party, I know!" Evil Alex waved her wand just as Good Alex did.

They became one, and turned to the crystals.

The beings spoke, "You have shown great wisdom. Such an ability is rare, which is why we now offer you a position at Wiztech!"

"Really!" Alex was ecstatic.

"Assuming you can fix the problems you've already created."

"Oh, yeah, sure." She beamed out.

Reappearing in her home, Alex threw herself down on the couch, and flipped idly through a paper.

"What happened?" Jerry was fuming.

"Saved the world- again. Though it was me who put it in peril in the first place, so... business as usual, I guess."

Theresa sighed, "I wish Justin came. He would have fixed this whole thing!"

Alex snorted, "He did." Waving her wand, Dominic appeared.

"Wha- Alex!"

"Drop it, nerd. I figured it out when you were," She used air quotes, "'flirting with disaster'. No real guy sweet-talks a girl like that."

Dominic sighed, "Fine, whatever. I need someone to teach at Wiztech and... you'd be the best for the job."

Alex laughed, "You could have just asked!"

"I had to show how good a wizard you are," He bowed his head, "Sorry."

Max threw his hands up, "How dare you! I will never forgive you for this!"

"I'll make you a full-wizard."

"Justin! Buddy, I love you so much!"

Theresa yelled in anger, "What?! Come on! Who turns themself into a bad-guy, creates a machine to enslave humanity, to trick his sister into releasing her bad side, and then have her re-unite with it to prove she is a responsible wizard?!"

Dominic/Justin sighed, turning, "The bossman, that's who. I'm sorry Mom, but I needed to show Alex her true potential."

Alex got up, whirling her wand over herself and her transformed brother, "Don't worry, our adventures are just beginning..."

The end.

A.N. I thought Dominic might be Justin. I mean, they've done the whole, "she's seduced by evil" thing before, so... Whatever. R and R.