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Teamwork is essential for mission success. Upon joining the Enterprise I wondered if we had that as a bridge crew. As I we were trying to avoid direct fire from the planetary defense system that we accidently activated upon our arrival on the planet Minos, I found myself witnessing two of members of the crew acting as though they had worked together for years. Those two members were Lieutenant Yar and Commander Data. They were cooridinated and in seemingly in control at all times. Mr. Data went beyond the call of duty by forcefully moving Lieutenant Yar out of the line of fire before he himself managed elude the defense systems continued attack. The teamwork demonstrated by Lieutenant Yar and Commander Data made this mission to the planet's surface make them invaluable to both the bridge crew and any away missions that require action and quick response to a dynamic tactical situation.

W.T. Riker

First Officer, U.S.S. Enterprise