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"Regular Speech/Talking"

"Thinking in private"

Bijuu Talking/Shinigami

Chapter 1: Harry James Potter

At the age of 21, Harry Potter finally took down the Dark Lord Voldemort aka You-Know-Who. No, Harry didn't beat him by using the power of love. No, Harry didn't beat him with the help of his friends, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. No, Harry didn't go on a half-baked scavenger hunt for soul pieces with just clues as helpful as a dirty tissue.

Harry, instead, enlisted in the help of the premier healing staff of St. Mungos. Unexpected right? Who on Earth would go to Healers, of all people, for training? Why not Aurors? Why not the known Order Members? Heck, why not even the Hogwarts professors?

Well, that's what Harry thought too. At least, until he happened to be cleaning up the living room of his esteemed and wonderful relatives, the Dursleys, during the summer after Fifth year. Of course, it didn't matter that Sirius had died just almost two weeks ago. It didn't matter that Voldemort was back and had been officially seen by no less than a couple of dozen people, including the Minister of Magic.

After all, none of that mattered because Harry had to return to the Dursleys for his own good. Oh, and to help keep the wards up for his loving relatives. Or so Dumbledore claimed. Personally, Harry thought the barmy Headmaster had been sucking one too many lemon drops and wearing those tacky, mismatching robes for too long to be considered sane.

Yeah, one Harry James Potter wasn't in the most charitable of moods. Especially since his friends were not responding to his letters…again…or sending letters at all. Luckily, he wasn't so full of angst since other members of the DA sent him letters full of information. Like Neville, Luna, Susan Bones, Ernie, the Patils, and even the Weasley Twins sent him letters. He even got a couple of letters from the Creevey brothers..stalker-ish they may be, but at least they sent some! But no.! His best friends couldn't send him a single letter…no doubt it was that barmy Headmaster who influenced them once more. Who needed friends like that?

Anyway, Harry was cleaning up the living room while his walrus of an uncle and pig of a cousin were nestled into their own respective couches. It was a thriller/horror movie that they were watching. Harry had been minding his own business why wallowing in his own self-pity until the scream of another B-rate actress finally got his attention. The blonde actress was being held hostage by a wacko doctor. And it was the words of the doctor that got the young wizard's attention.

"You shouldn't have rejected my invitation for a date. I really am a nice guy. Great doctor too," the doctor said. Ok, maybe that wasn't what Harry really focused on. It was the next part that did. "I'm a doctor you know. I know over 200 ways to kill a person. Over half of those ways, I can do without leaving a trace. After all, who better to know how to injure or kill a person than the one who stitches them back up?"

After that, the actress started screaming even more as the doctor started to cut into her with a scalpel. Harry tuned out the rest of the movie and left the room after picking up the trash. The last Potter went to his room and leaned back onto his bed. He couldn't help but get those words out of his mind.

"Who better to know how to kill a person than the one who stitches them back up?" Harry blinked. It was morning already. He had slept through night without even knowing it. Harry glanced at the wall and looked at his calendar. It was a Saturday which meant his relatives were gone for the day. Harry figured he could walk around the neighborhood for a bit.

Feeling a bit energetic for some reason, Harry decided to wear his nicer clothes today. Meaning a pair of jeans that fitted him and a nice polo shirt in emerald green. He also grabbed his wand, invisibility cloak, photo album, shrunken Firebolt, and his small Gringotts bag. Harry didn't have to worry about Hedwig or her cage since she was currently staying with Neville for the week. Harry was smarter this year, and with knowing a bit more people than in previous years, decided to have DA members alternate watching Hedwig. At least this way, only one of them would be locked up in the summer rather than both of them.

Anway, Harry packed all of those things into his messenger bag that he used for school. One that he bought in first year. Before leaving the house, he grabbed a cap and put it on. He also grabbed Dudleys' sunglasses that he had carelessly thrown on the hallway table. And so, the fifteen year old wizard left the Dursley house and started walking. He didn't even notice that there were no guards following him. He didn't notice when he had walked out of his neighborhood and into the busier streets. He didn't notice that he had been walking for a little over an hour. What he did notice was the honking of a car when he almost walked into a busy intersection.

Bemused, Harry looked around and realized he had no idea where he was. So Harry decided to keep on walking until he reached a relatively desert alley and pulled out his wand. Bang! Lo and behold in its blinding purple galore was the Night Bus. The doors opened.

"Welcome to the Night Bus! Where ya headin, Mister…?" Stan Shunpike asked. The older teen..or was it early twenties..Harry wondered to himself.

Harry shook his head. "Noir. Noir Evanson. I was hoping to get a ride to St. Mungos."

Harry mused to himself that his newest alias was far better than using Neville's name or even a variant of his father's. After finding out how much of a git his father was, Harry wasn't feeling so charitable towards him either. But of course, he barely remembered the man. So he decided instead to honor the man who he actually had clear memories of and his mother who gave him his bejeweled eyes. Oh dear, it seemed Stan had been talking the whole time while Harry was thinking to himself.

"Of course, Mr. Evanson. It'll be…" Stan rambled and Harry…err…Noir just handed him the fee before taking a seat in the back….way back of the bus to escape the talkative conductor. Harry couldn't help but feel amused towards the other. If nice clothes, shades, and a cap was all it took to hide his identity, he would have done so a long time ago. But what really got his attention was that he had decided to go to St. Mungos instead of Diagon Alley or even the Burrow. But something was nudging him to go there, and as one who usually listened to his instincts, Harry did.

It wasn't long before Harry arrived to the Premier Britain Wizarding hospital. Without stopping or even asking directions, Harry made his way into the hospital and stepped into the elevator to the bottom 7th floor. He just walked into the far end room and knocked before entering. After all, if there was one thing Petunia did, it was drill manners into his head. That and very good aptitude for cooking all types of food. Harry entered the room and saw two men inside. One in Healer green. The other in some grayish blue cloak. The one in green looked very dignified and in his early fifities if he were a muggle. Of course, appearances were deceptive in the Wizarding world, especially since magical folk lived longer than their non-magical cousins. The one in the cloak had very distinct catlike eyes in shades of purple. Other than that, the man was pretty ordinary. Both men looked surprised to see him especially once Harry took off the shades and cap. The young wizard closed the door.

Harry stepped closer to them and said, "I need your help. Please." And without further ado, the young savior fainted to the ground. Both the men looked startled. After all, who really expects Harry Potter, of all people, to come to them for help before fainting dead away.

Alrighty! That was chapter one! I think it'll only be the next one or two chapters that'll finish up Harry's time in the Wizarding World before he makes his way to…duh duh duh…the Naruto World where everyone literally kicks butt!

Hope you enjoyed!

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