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========================Chapter 10=========================

It had been a week and a half since that fateful October 10. After the twelfth assassination attempt, it was now declared an S-Rank secret, on pain of execution, to reveal Naruto's status as the jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Overall, the Nara clan had about a dozen of their higher ranked ninja, a handful of genin, and around two dozen or so civilians. One of the tunnels had collapsed on their shelter, burying them alive. Compared to the village as a whole, the Nara clan had gotten off lucky. A few of the houses had been destroyed, but aid and shelter was quickly given to those without in the clan.

Ryuuta had lost his left eye and now a scar bisected it as a souvenir. It still looked a bit inflamed but as time slowly passed, it lost some of its angry rawness. Her father was only able to briefly spend time at home to eat, bath, nap, and cuddle before having to leave to help Shikaku out.

Kakashi had disappeared into the ANBU division, at least according to gossip around the village. Reina was to have it somewhat confirmed by her clan head when she came upon him and her father frantically. She hadn't seen him since the Kyuubi incident and thought he had died in the conflict. Reina wasn't sure if Kakashi hadn't been lost to her anyway despite being alive. He was now ANBU.

Reina had only seen Itachi twice since a week ago. Both times, the two barely exchanged looks before having to return to whatever duties they had to do. It seemed that Itachi, too, was being put to work helping out his clan.

The Hokage mantle had been taken up again by the Sandaime. It was the norm to see him buried under paperwork and struggling to keep things under control. His burdens were doubly so when he had to make sure that Naruto was safe and not being an assassination target…again. There were constant meetings between council members and the Hokage. Even the active Inuzaka clan was starting to look worn down.

=============-A Little Bit of Time Passes-================

November came and went. Things seemed to have slowed down just a bit. Less council meetings were being called as Konoha began to stabilize itself. It seemed that calm had settled upon the Fire Village.

The Hyuuga clan welcomed their heiress into the world in the first few days of December.

Itachi was stuck receiving training from the elderly retired clan members. Between Kushina's death and the lack of shinobi forces available, Itachi was stuck at home. Many of the chuunin and jounin were taking missions left and right, trying to prove that Konoha was not weakened in the aftermath of October 10.

Reina split her time between helping out her clan and volunteering at the hospital. Most of the older medics treat the minor injuries, leaving them with more time to concentrate on the more serious ones. Some of the more experienced medics allowed her to watch in on low-risk operations to open her eyes to the harsher aspects of the medical field.




Reina hummed to herself as she made her way home. She nodded and waved to those that she recognized. She didn't know that when she got home, her peaceful calm would be broken into pieces like her arm had been in Second Year with the Bludger from Dobby.




Reina first noticed that something was wrong when she saw her mother, of all people, waiting for her at the door. Arisa was usually "helping out" the other Village civilians during the day. Reina called bullshit. She had passed by them enough times during her errands to know that all they really did was gossip.

Reina should have ran and pleaded that she was elsewhere when she first saw her mother waiting for her excitedly. Now it was too late since Arisa had an iron grip on her and was now leading her daughter to the welcoming room. Like its name aptly described, it was a room meant for welcoming and entertaining guests.

When Reina saw who was in there, she didn't feel the least bit entertained. She knew her days of peace were over.


Things were now settling down into a more peaceful and slower-paced routine. Chuunin and jounin were no longer taking back to back missions. They were actually getting days, even a week or two, off between missions. Ryuuta and Shikaku were actually able to spend time with their families without worrying about having to go do a mission in the middle of dinner. They even managed to find time to play against each other.

Reina grimaced. If only she was as lucky as them. It had only been a week so far, but she already hated the Academy.


When Reina saw not only her father and clan leader in the room, but also the Hokage, she knew her peaceful days were over. She sighed and could clearly see the grudging acceptance in her father's eye. All of them knew what was about to happen.

Shikaku graciously thanks Arisa for escorting the little Nara there before promptly kicking her out the room. Arisa pouted disappointedly, but left without a word. This was such juicy gossip she was going to miss, but not even she dared to blatantly try to go against her clan head, especially in front of the Village Leader!

Vindictively, Reina thought that if she was going to be miserable, then at least she'd have company.

They sat in silence a bit, sipping their tea and munching on senbei. No one said anything.

Rolling her eyes, Reina took hold of that lingering Gryffindor courage and took point.

"Look, there's no point in dilly-dallying. You're here to tell me that I'm to join the Academy." She stated. There was no questioning tone in her voice.

Shikaku grimaced, "There's no denying it. Konoha lost a lot more of its shinobi forces than the general populace realizes."

Reina looked down at her clenched fists. "How many?"

The three adults looked at each other in silent communication. How much could they really reveal? It was her father who answered.

"Nearly a third."

Reina winced. Although Konoha had been considered the strongest Hidden Village after the Third War, many countries knew that it didn't exactly have the largest corps of ninja. That distinction belonged to Iwa. Konoha, on the other hand, prided itself on quality and teamwork over quantity and the cannon fodder mentality that some of the other major Villages adopted. Mentally, Reina tried to think if they were now third or fourth amongst the Five Great Villages in terms of the number of ninja available.

"What other things are being done to help supplement our forces?" Reina asked grimly. Memories of her time as Harry during the war zoomed through her mind. She barely gave any thought of how little of a child she sounded to the adults around her.

The Hokage took a sip of his tea before narrowing his eyes a bit at her. "You'll be joining the Academy. Based on previous evaluations from Kushina and other shinobi, it is more than likely that you'll be graduating early like Itachi had. If so, you'll be taking the early graduate exam with the other hopefuls who were meant to graduate or wanted to graduate last month but couldn't due to circumstances and lack of teachers available."

Ryuuta added, "Instead of the usual starting age of eight, and the five year-curriculum, the Academy has now changed to the entrance age being six and the curriculum being compounded into the three-year wartime one."

"By the time children Shikamaru's age turn seven, the Academy standards will return back to its entrance level of eight years of age and its five year curriculum." Shikaku mentioned. "We are anticipating our forces to be reasonably replenished by then."

Reina didn't say anything, but she thought bitterly that it was mighty convenient that the curriculum would revert back to normal just when Shikamaru and the others would be ready to attend school.

++++++000000000000-END FLASHBACK-00000000000+++++

The conversation had slowly tapered out after that. Reina tilted her head slightly to the left to avoid the piece of chalk being thrown at her by her Academy sensei….again.

Apparently she was supposed to be paying attention instead of blatantly looking outside the window at the free-floating clouds.

"Nara, Reina!" There were at least two other Naras, albeit from other branches, in the class too. "Come up and demonstrate the three basic Academy jutsu."

Reina rolled her eyes as she lazily made her way down the steps. From the very first day, the sensei had it out for her. Of course, maybe it was more due to the fact that she had corrected him five times within as many minutes on that first day.

Mochida-sensei stood there, smirking smugly. This was one of the several penultimate classes and he was still wondering why a six year old was even in his classroom. She looked positively tiny compared to the other ten, eleven, and twelve year olds present. And she was constantly dozing off or staring outside! Obviously, she belonged in the younger classes with that mentality!

Mochida-sensei and every student's (except the Naras because they already knew of Reina's genius) jaw dropped as they watched Reina do each jutsu with ease.

She had henged into four different people consecutively. Appearance, mannerisms, and voice matched perfectly to the real Itachi, Shikaku, Mochida, and the late Uzumaki, Kushina.

The Reina successfully made five bunshin with such ease that anyone could tell she could make several more without breaking a sweat.

The real kicker was the replacement jutsu. The little Nara switched herself with the life-sized skeleton in the corner of the room. Then she switched places with the chair next to the front desk. After that, she popped in front of the book on her neighbor's desk. Finally she replaced herself with a log.

Wait…there were no logs in the classroom. Almost as one, everyone in the class, including the Naras and Mochida-sensei looked outside. Reina could be seen hightailing it out of the Academy grounds.

Mochida-sensei's face grew red as he yelled out her name.




Reina made her way to her favorite place in the massive Nara grounds. She didn't do any training there, but just went to relax and wind down there. She was happy to see her favorite pair of deer there, Prongs and Lily. It was apt calling the female deer that because there was a white marking on her right flank that even looked like a lily! The two were with their three fawns.

Reina settled against a tree and just sat there as she watched the clouds pass by. The only human there didn't know how long she was there for, but she did settle into a light sleep. Reina could hear faint footsteps approach her. She tensed slightly before relaxing those familiar arms. Ryuuta carried his only child back to the house as she slept in his arms.

-============Academy Teacher's Lounge: After Hours================-

"Wow, Mochida, you look red!" Kasumi-sensei mentioned. It was currently after school hours but many of the them were still in the lounge, trying to catch up on grading and whatnot.

Mochida gritted his teeth, "One of my students is a total brat. I don't know what she's doing in my class. All she does is sleep! Darn that Nara."

"Well, Naras do tend to sleep." Kasumi mused as she thought of one of her former students. It had been a real challenge getting him interested in the coursework.

"But Reina makes it seem like she doesn't even want to be there! I honestly don't know what she isn't in a beginner class!"

"Wait, what? Who did you just say?" Mokida-sensei asked. He was one of the current teachers for the three graduate classes. The name sounded so familiar.

"Nara, Reina! She's six. I know she knows her jutsu but she hasn't shown any interest in sparring or the Academic side of the material." Mochida griped to his fellow colleagues.

"Ah! Now I remember," Mokida exclaimed, interrupting Mochida's rant. "She's supposed to be in my class. No wonder I keep marking her absent; she's been attending your class." Mokida said half-accusingly at his coworker.

"No way! I mean, she's shown excellent control in the three jutsus and she's sort of smart in a Nara way, but" Mochida tried to explain, but he was interrupted again. This time by Kasumi.

"Ah, Now I remember that name too. Nara, Reina is best friends with the genius Uchiha, Itachi! Wow, I couldn't believe it when I heard that they were the same age too! According to gossip, she can already walk on walls. A friend of mine even told me that she took down a genin."

Mochida gaped unattractively. Kasumi continued to ramble about other things she had heard about the little genius. Mokida hurriedly packed up his stuff before leaving. It seems like he was going to have to pay a visit to the Nara clan tonight.

00000000-===============Early Graduation Exam============-000000000

Finally, it was time for the early graduation exam. All those that were supposed to graduate last term were taking the exam as well as any nominees showing potential this year. Reina was the youngest amongst the candidates.

After fixing the mistake of her classes, Reina showed just why she was bored in the Academy. She gave highly detailed explanations for her mock exams and showed great cunning and skill in the few Academy spars she had against her classmates. The highly executed pranks set on Mochida's class great skill, but there was no definite proof that it had been her deploying them. But Mochida and Mokida knew. Kasumi probably suspected as well.

Now it was time for the early graduation exam, and Reina was ready to blow them all out the water.

Reina aced the written and target exams as well. She took down her sensei in the Academy spar and easily cancelled out the widespread genjutsu in the classroom as well as the one on her written exam paper.

The Nara easily demonstrated the three basic Academy jutsus. Once it was time to show the early graduation exam jutsu of their choice, Reina smirked before popping outside. The examiners were slightly shocked to see her do the C-Rank Grand Fireball, a trademark of the Uchiha clan. Of course, given who she hung out with, it was really only a matter of time before she had learned it.

Before the examiners could snap out of it on her own, Reina used a D-rank water jutsu to spray their faces. They quickly got out of their shock before marking a pass on her paper.

After consulting her other graded exams and scores, the examiners nodded before passing her a hitae. They gave her clear instructions to meet back at the Academy in the next three days to get her team placement.

Reina grinned before taking it. Although she had wanted to wait a few more years before even getting one, it was okay that she got it now. Oooh, this meant that she'd see Itachi a lot more! After all, who would separate the two of them?! They were genius six year olds!

The two examiners shuddered to themselves as they saw the mischievous smirk on their most recent graduate's face.




==============-Team Placement!-=================

Reina was ecstatic. Itachi was sitting next to her in the classroom. It was one of the bigger sized classrooms. Including the two of them, Reina counted fifty-one students present. Reina was getting very excited. Pretty soon, she was going to have a legitimate reason for harassing Itachi all the time. There was no more escaping her, especially when he had to go outside the village for missions!

Next to her, Itachi shivered in fear as he munched on pocky to help soothe his nerves. It didn't help that Reina was letting loose maniacal laughter since they started waiting. The other genin was avoiding sitting around them. Itachi, too, would have moved away, but knew things could have been much worse if he did.

Pretty soon, Mokida-sensei popped in with other jounin following him. The newly graduated genin quieted down in awe.

"Nice to see you guys finally behaving for once," Mokida joked, "If only it wasn't until after you guys had passed my class. Anyway, here are the team placements! Once your team has been announced, please leave with your sensei! No arguing!"

"Team 1…"

"Team 2….." And on…And on…

"Team 14: Hayate, Shokubutsu; Uchiha, Itachi; and Honda, Kisa. Your Jounin sensei is Namiashi Raidou.

Itachi patted his friend on the shoulder before making his way to the front with his other teammates. Reina looked at him in shock. How was she not on the same team as Itachi! It wasn't fair! They were freaking genius six year olds! No! They couldn't separate her from her favorite vict…best friend! Her doom and gloom was starting to look sort of visible around her. Mokida-sensei was wondering if she was manipulating the shadows around her or if it was a genjutsu. Or it could be that he needed to get some sleep and lay off the rainbow sake.

Reina didn't even notice when the last team was called or that she was on it.

Reina got out of her depressed state when she felt a finger poked her in the cheek.

"You shouldn't let the nargles get you down."

Reina moaned before grumbling, "I don't have nar…nargles." The Nara looked up at the girl in front of her. Only one other person she had ever known in either life thought she had nargles trying to infect her.


"You always did attract a lot of nargles, Harry." The other girl smiled at her sweetly.








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