Like the summary states, this is a Milla/Sasha and eventually Eddie/Sasha fanfic. If you cannot handle this fact please click away. If you're willing to chance this dangerous journey, buckle up. We're in for a wild ride here!

This is what it says on the tin, a crossover between Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. Be it Brutal Legend translated to a more modern setting. Bare with me as I get this rolling!


"Aren't you excited for Christmas, darling?" She said with a cheerful laugh, tipping her head back as she spread her arms out wide as they stepped out of the HQ. The woman spinning easily without missing a step, even with the ice under foot. Sasha was more focused on not loosing his footing on the ice over front step. It the clearest indicator winter was fast approaching, as was temperatures continuing to drop. The chill in the air making Sasha button up his coat further as he walked with Milla across the parking lot. He carefully stepping over more slippery sections of the pavement. Covertly levitating alongside Milla when they came across a larger puddle. The two landing in sync after they passed the puddle.

"I would be more happy if there weren't so many tourists,"

"Oh hush, there aren't that many people," She reached out to hook her arm with Sasha's own. The touch warranting a brief smile from the German man. It gone as quickly as it came as they strolled together. "It certainly feels like there are more than usual,"

"You say that every time the holidays get closer,"

"They always start coming earlier and earlier,"

"Darling, I highly doubt that, it is only November now," She easily leaned over to kiss Sasha on the cheek. The German man gave a soft cough in turn to cover his smile, "You are too negative,"

"Whilst you are far too positive,"

"Mhmm," She said with another easy laugh as she broke away from Sasha's grip to open the door for the German man. The lanky man gladly walking forward into the restaurant. Milla easily trailing after him, offering other repeat patrons a friendly wave. The two coming to a stop at the podium together, hardly having to wait for someone to come over. A familiar face smiling brightly back at the pair, her side pony tail bobbing as she stopped behind the podium, grabbing two menus. "The usual table?"

"As always, Charlene," Sasha said with a small nod. The purple skinned teenager gesturing for them to follow her as she walked further into the restaurant. The two psychics following after her without hesitation.

"You two don't even need me by this point to lead you to the table," She joked casually back as she led the pair to a private booth in the back, it was the same booth the two always used. Charlene placed the menus on the table top, stepping back to let the pair sit down together. "I'll send your waitress over,"

Milla flashed the teenager a bright smile. "Thank you dear,"

Sasha slid out of his heavy layered jacket, setting it between them as he shifted to get comfortable. Milla doing about the same with her own jacket, setting it along with her hat and scarf down on the seat of the booth.

"Are you going to get the usual, darling?"

"I don't see why not, I certainly don't come here for the atmosphere," He spared a glance at the scratched up surface of their table and ugly lamp hanging over head. The dull glow from above making the table seem more intimate than it actual was. He faintly remembered how uncomfortable he had once been with how cozy it seemed, especially when it applied to his lunch breaks with Milla.

The woman had to make a face at his words, scolding him. "Sasha- be nice,"

"I am perfectly nice,"

The Brazilian woman rolled her eyes and prodding the German man playfully back. Sasha accepting it without complaint. "Mhmm, you are- hardly nice,"

"I apologize for not meeting your niceness standards," He dryly offered back as he clicked his tongue against his teeth.

Milla leaned over to kiss against Sasha's lips to silence him. "Play nice,"

"I might just do that if you continue down that line," He offered back, hoping to see another smile out of the brazilian woman. His cheesy line achieved its goal considerably easily as Milla perked up at his words. "You're such a charmer,"

"I, do try,"

"I've noticed," She reluctantly leaned back to settle back into her seat, relaxing back into the comfortable booth cushioning. "Which is why I have a request, darling,"

"A request?"

"Well, request is the wrong word, but, I was wondering if you could attend my parties again," Milla already saw Sasha's mood dip considerably, so far they had a solid agreement not to drag him to parties. One Milla had honored for a few months since they started dating. "I know you don't really enjoy them, but you need to spread your wings a little, dear."

"You can't be serious," His tone was clipped, uncertain as he peered over his sunglasses at the Brazilian woman across from him.

"I am completely, serious and you know it, Sasha," She dryly answered back as she adjusted her white gloves. Her lips curving upwards into an amused smile as Sasha tapped his fingers against the smooth plastic surface of the table settled between them.

"I hope you are, you know I am not a party kind of person,"

"You need to socialize more, so, you're coming." Clearly Sasha needed to invest in less extroverted friends if he was ever going to get any peace. Milla sweetened her words by batting her eyelashes back at him. "You know I worry about you darling, it's just one party. I haven't bothered you about any in a long time,"

"I'll only go if you promise you won't pester me to go to another party,"

"Darling, I made you that promise before- but you lapsed into only talking to me again," Sasha had to wonder how often Milla kept tabs on him like this or if she just knew.

"I have just started dating you, I assumed it meant I focused more on you,"

"Sasha, you know what I mean,"

The german man sighed a little as he picked up the menu, hiding behind it for a moment before speaking. "Alright, I'll go, just be mindful, I have a mission the next day,"

"I know dear, but you'll be fine. I know you will." She verbally smoothed over, all sunshine and kitten whiskers now that she won. That smile was the reason she won so many 'arguments'.

He shook ash off of the cigarette as he closed his eyes. Leaning into the cool surface of the wall as he gave a slow yawn. The green skinned man easily finding contentment in the familiar burn of smoke lingering in the back of his throat. It the only real source of warmth whilst he stood out in the cold November air.



He opened an eye to peer at the source of the voice. Milla was leaning against the doorway idly as he took another drag from his cigarette.


"Are you ever going to come inside?"

"Eventually, I'm enjoying the weather, " He said with a wave of his hand, ash falling from his cigarette fluttering downwards onto the concrete underfoot. He wasn't really bothered by the stark chill in the air or threat of snow from the sky overhead.

"Sasha," She clicked her tongue against her teeth disapprovingly, "I think you promised me something,"

"I'll be inside soon enough," Not that he wanted to, not with the buzz of activity coming through the open doorway. The easy sound of talk, laughter and thump of music was hard to miss. It was the background for all of Milla's parties. Asides the compliments on her onion dip. "You know I can't stay, I need to get up in the morning,"

"A little fun won't make you late for your train, darling," She stepped further out into the chill of the night, gently reaching out to tug at the man's arm. She encouraging him to come back inside to the rest of the party.

He relented easily, falling sway to Milla's comfortable and familiar touch. It was just something he couldn't say no to.

Not when she smiled at him like that.


He could only curse as he slammed his hand against the steering wheel. The German man gritting his teeth in frustration as he sunk into his seat. The fine leather covering of the car seat barely a comfort as the green skinned man bit at his bottom lip angrily.

So much for getting any sleep tonight or catching his train the next morning.

He gave a frustrated roll of his shoulders before stepping out of the car, calmly striding forward to the front of his car. Popping the hood open to peer inside. Squinting uncertainly as he tried to pick out what could have brought his car to a stop. All of it just looking foreign to him, it almost making the lanky man wish he had paid some attention to that book Che had given him. Knowing something about auto repair would have helped him by this point. He certainly wouldn't have to pay for a tow truck.

"Ach," He breathed softly to himself. Frowning tightly as he walked around to the car, turning on the emergency lights as he patted his pockets for his cellphone. Settling back down into the drivers seat as he stared at the screen for a moment, clicking over to the contact menu.

He was only distracted from his search for the tow-truck company by the sound of a car pulling up behind him. The German man uncertainly pocketing his phone as he rose from his seat to stand again. Uncertainly eyeing the hot rod that pulled up. His brows quirking upward at the sight of a giant of a man hopping over the side of his car, the nameless man somehow landing on his feet without stumbling.

"Yo, you need any help?"

"Yes, actually." He let his gaze drift across the man, warily taking the black haired and black clad man's appearance, half unsure if he should even trust someone this overly muscled. "My car has broken down, I'm not quite sure as to why,"

"I can take a look at it for you if you want, see if we can get it up and runnin',"

Sasha gave a slow nod, gesturing towards his open hood. "Be my guest, I am not certain as to where to start," The larger man didn't need much encouragement to walk over and investigate. He fishing out a flash light from his pocket to peer down at the engine, the sudden light a welcome gift to the German man. It gave him a chance to actually look at the giant of a man who come to his aid.

'Hm, oddly, handsome in an odd way, even if he's likely on steroids,' Came to Sasha's mind before he could stop it, a ripple of surprise rolling through the green skinned man as he realized what he had just thought.

"Damn, do you not do a lot of maintenance on this thing?"

The German man appreciated the distraction as he shuffled the odd thought off to the side as he stepped forward. He taking up a spot next to the broad shouldered man. "I try, but I usually take the bus,"

"I can tell, shit doesn't look very good so far," He shined the light down at the engine. "Your battery looks good, the fan belt though- yeeowuch, shit can't be saved, among other things,"

"I, take that is a bad thing?"

The black haired man nodded back at that, "Pretty bad," He squinted down at the engine again, "I don't think I can get this runnin' with all the shit goin' down on this,"

"Oh," He reframed from commenting on how useless the other man's help had been until he pulled back. He handing the lanky man his flashlight. Sasha nearly dropping it in surprise as he blinked at the sudden shift. "I can at least fix some shit, so- hold on."

"Right," Sasha watched the broad shouldered man stride back towards his car, digging around the back of his hot rod before finding a tool box. All Sasha could really do was hold the flashlight steady as he watched the black clad giant of a man work on the engine. The high full moon providing more light as clouds slowly started to drift away. Sasha finding himself stealing glances between the starry sky and the nameless man working on the car engine as he waited.

It took a few moments before the man stood up, glancing back behind himself as he spoke. "There, far as I can get you, considerin' shit is really fucked,"

The German man gave a slow uncertain nod, a smile touching his lips. "Thank you, Mr. -?"

"Riggs, Eddie Riggs," He offered back with an easy smile in turn. Sasha somewhat able to make it out due to the moonlight shining down at them. "You can just call me Eddie though,"


And there is chapter one, folks. With a quickie fix since the scene breaks died entirely. Ugh.