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Eddie rested his chin on Sasha's shoulder, clearly relaxed as he wrapped his arms around the smaller man. "So, what you doin'?"

"I was attempting to cook." Sasha's attempted chiding failed spectacularly, amusement ringing clearly enough to make Eddie laugh. The roadie kissed at his boyfriend's neck fondly. The german man's free hand drifted upwards to pat at Eddie's cheek, gently shooing the attention away. He poked at the eggs he had cooking, trying his best not to accidentally scramble them. He could accomplish sunny side up eggs well enough when not distracted.

"You coulda woke me up, Sasha." The german man found himself naturally at this point leaning back into Eddie's arms.

"You always end up cooking. I figured you deserved a break."

Eddie laughed softly back. "You're just butterin' me up, babe."

"Besides, I was hoping, if I cooked you would stay here a little longer." The german man admitted casually, wishing he could see Eddie's face. The topic of his boyfriend's apartment had come up a few times.

"Is this about my apartment again-?"

"Eddie, your apartment is awful."

Sasha could hear the touch of defensiveness creep into the other man's voice. "Well, it's all I got, Sasha. Not like I got it long anyway." The worry about rent and his job's nebulous status was something that kept Eddie up at night. Sasha knew as much from comforting the larger man about it.

"You could live with me." The silence that followed made the german man turn the fire low under the skillet on the stovetop, finally turning around in Eddie's grasp to look at him. The words had spilled out so easily, Sasha had no regrets offering them.

Eddie's brows were furrowed. "Seriously? I mean, I don't wanna take up too much of your space, babe."

"I am serious about this." The german man stated firmly back. "It would be better for you."

"What about you though, babe?"

"I'd like you to be here as well. I wouldn't have offered if I didn't."

Eddie exhaled out, still processing his boyfriend's words. He tilted his head slightly as he spoke. "I mean you live in a studio, it'd be kinda small with two of us."

"We could manage. You did mention you didn't own any actual furniture. It makes the situation easier."

"Yeah, true- I'd just have to drag my clothes and junk with me at most."

"Make an itemized list, we'll see what we have room for."

"Alright. I'll make a list. You— make a list of the way you like to do stuff? Like how you put away dishes, do chores, or do laundry and we'll work out that." Eddie's suggestion earned a faint smile from the smaller man. "I will."

"I think we're gonna make this work." Eddie was uncertain but hopeful. Sasha pressed a kiss against his chin, settling more firmly on his decision now.

"I know it will."

Sasha realized maybe moment later, consulting another friend couldn't have hurt, but... really, he wanted this. He was allowed to be selfish once in awhile, wasn't he?


If anything could ruin a nice day of sleeping in, it was his cellphone blaring next to his head. One day Eddie was going to actually bother using the don't disturb option for lazy days. One day.

Eddie groaned, rubbing at his eyes as he grabbed his cellphone from it's charging station, bringing it up to his ear. Before he could even say hello, Ophelia cut in firmly with- "Good news, bad news."

"Yikes, okay, lay it on me." He was expecting an update at this point. It had been about a week or so since they last touched the topic. He had gotten lost in the idea of moving in with Sasha, and Ophelia had thrown herself fully into their baby issue. They were busy people. "I'm all ears."

"Bad news, Schrodinger's baby is live."

"Damn." Eddie had to wince a little on his side of the call. So much for things being simple and easy to wrap up. Ophelia didn't wait long for any follow up questions plowing forward.

"Good news, Lars knows and is okay with whatever I want to do."

"Damn." That was about the best outcome for the situation. Eddie was more than a little relieved. He could only guess Ophelia was feeling the same if not more so. She was the one carrying around possible Lars Jr after all.

"I know!"

"You goin' to planned parenthood-?"

"Duh. I already have an appointment set up for next week. I'm getting a ride with Lars."

"I'm kinda shocked he's takin' it so well." Eddie admitted, having pictured something more melodramatic. Lars always somehow made things larger than life.

Ophelia laughed a little in turn, "Me too- seriously! But he's been nothing but calm about this and understanding. He even offered to pay for the appointment and drive me there. I didn't have to ask or really bring it up."

Eddie whistled at that, openly impressed. Lars was a solid friend, but he hadn't been sure where the blonde man would land on the spectrum of chill when it came to baby-mama issues. "I guess we underestimated Lars a bit too much."

"Apparently." She chuckled now, the sound only slightly tinny over the line. "I also scolded him for not checking his condoms. He was very apologetic about it." Her words earned an amused snort from Eddie.

"The dude only wanted to date you, so didn't buy fresh ones I guess." Eddie could only shrug on his side, finding it hard to even picture Lars at CVS of all places buying a pack of condoms.

"He needs to learn condom etiquette."