Please do inform me if there are any mistakes or flaws, I haven't tried anything like this since about 2009. I'm rusty. I'm a little iffy about where this is going because of that, but I'll try my best!

You'd imagine suddenly going from an out-casted nobody to an uplifted somebody would be tough to transition into. Luckily, Vanellope von Shweetz had not only racing, but leadership in her code as well. Even before the virus that was recently destroyed had unknowingly plagued the candy coated hills of Sugar Rush, she was outgoing and knew exactly what to do. Leading a bunch of brats? Kid stuff!

To be fair, they technically were no longer "brats." Being that they were her responsibility now, or at least shepherding them was, she had to forgive them quickly. Vanellope couldn't really blame them, everything was Turbo's fault after all. Having their memories stashed away, with accusing fingers pointed at her with shouts of "glitch" was simply because they didn't know any better. This made forgiving them much easier- especially after Taffyta had broken down right in front of her! Now THAT was something she'd never forget.

"Outta' my way!" the sound of speeding candy karts zipping through the curvy trails of the racing track filled the air; competitiveness thick within the mix. This was what all the residents here (at least the candy themed children) were coded to do; win. It was the last lap, and Vanellope was close to winning. Half the track flew by in such a rush, that one could imagine there was no way anyone could pass their new president with enough time to win. There was a reason she'd been the leader before the virus, after all. She was fast; really fast.

With the excitement of the race, she hardly saw the slippery liquid ahead of her as her kart spun in a tight circle and nearly crashed. "Woooah!" was the only sound Vanellope could muster, trying to force herself back in the right direction. As she finally steadied the wheel- woosh! Vanellope von Schweetz was no longer in first place. She gritted her teeth and glared, pushing down on the pedal with all the strength a 12 year old could.

Through the rushing of wheels and air, she could slightly make out the sound of triumphant laughter; obviously Candlehead (who she recognized from the kart) was purposely laughing loud enough for her to hear over the racket. The jittery girl wanted her to know who was about to completely own her. Not today, sugar cube.

Turning hard around a corner, Vanellope found herself gaining on Candlehead at a very quick pace; she wasn't going to lose to someone with a candle on their head! Even if it was an interesting feature of the single characters design- Vanellope thought it was utterly ridiculous. The tied off green hair was much more stylish on her, though, since it matched her big green eyes. Her pink get up wasn't half bad either. Snap out of it, Vanellope!

Nearing her kart and shaking the thoughts from her mind, she gave a huge toothy smirk, ponytail flopping in the wind. In no time, she was right beside Candlehead's kart, and close to passing. She couldn't give up the opportunity to gloat, though.

"I'm gonna win this time!" yelled Candlehead, with a friendly grin back, trying to keep her eyes forward. Being the scatterbrain she was, Vanellope was surprised she didn't stupidly take her eyes of the course. The curves would destroy her if she did.

"Yeah right!" Vanellope called back, boasting with a loud roar and a powerful burst forward. Left, right, right, past the snowy hills of ice cream and sugar. It was Vanellope- no, Candlehead- Vanellope- Candlehead- and then it was all over.

Vanellope von Shweetz had won. Again. Right behind her came Candlehead, skidding to a halt; her kart flew side ways in resistance. "Ohhh. ." she acted as if she was about to fume, disappointed in her loss. Her fans began to mope with her. Vanellope won a gold trophy, not like she didn't have a million of them. The player beyond the screen mentally cursed- maybe next time they wouldn't choose a silly character with a candle sticking right up on top of them! Angry, they got up, and walked away, just as the arcade was closing.

Within seconds, the rest of the characters came speeding in past the finish line; the last race of the day, who else could win but the president? She'd won three times in a row, but it didn't really matter.

"In your face!" cried the energetic girl, bouncing around in a circle laughing. She was always happy to be first place, no matter how many times she'd won.

"Oh shuddup." came the sad voice of Candlehead, who had gotten out of her kart. She stood awkwardly with her arms crossed, pouting. "Y'only won because I let you."

But Vanellope paid no mind to her, prancing off with her trophy.

It was all in the fun of the game; there had to be a winner, and there had to be a loser. Everyone but Rancis had won that day, and he was off sulking alone. Today had been busy. Tomorrow was a Sunday, though, which wouldn't be very busy at all. Most children would be at home, and some to church. There would be a time for rest until the races continued on Monday. The thought was like a mouthful of honey and milk to Vanellope, who had gone to set her trophy down inside her kart. She was exhausted.

"I'm going home, guys." she tiredly said, ready to leave. She lived in the palace now, but still kept her hideout inside the mountain. After the cy-bugs attacked, things had gotten rather messy. Using the blast from the great cola volcano, her old home had mostly been destroyed. So much cola can only go so far- not to mention eventually has to flood back down. But, she set the place back up anyways after a little clean up. She didn't sleep there anymore, though.

"Princess," came the urgent voice of Jubileena Bing-Bing, trying to catch her attention before she left. "I m-mean president." Some of them still thought she should be a princess, it sounded a lot better for the game and just felt right to them. It really just wasn't Vanellope's style.

"Eeyup?" she turned, hands in pockets and heels rocking.

"Isn't your birthday in a couple of days?"

How could she forget! While all the candy children aged (mentally) in the same way, on the same day, the characters themselves were listed with their own separate birthdays. They celebrated them on those programmed days rather than the day of the game's (and their) creation. The princess's- er- president's- birthday was kinda a big deal. Especially after the recent events.

"Oh, yeah, it is!" she thought out loud, looking off. "I gotta plan a party, quick!"

Some of the kids were listening, while the others were preparing to leave. "Like what?" Jubileena asked, though Vanellope looked like she was about to dart off in a panic to get the planning started early. "Do you need any help?" it was only right to ask, after all the teasing and bullying. There was no way the kids could ever truly say sorry for the torment, but they'd try anyway.

"I'll help, too," came the voice of Taffyta "if that's okay." came the voice again after wards, much quieter than before and with a sort of humbleness.

"Huh? Oh, sure whatever. Just'a few."

From there, Vanellope had two volunteers. She needed one more, then she'd be set. "Anyone else?" any who were keeping an ear on them raised their hands with a jerky haste; eager to stay on her good side. Not like she would ever hurt anyone, though, just because she was in charge. Seeing everyone grovel at her feet was enough. To be honest, she wanted friends more than servants. Another reason why being called princess was out of the question.

"Mmmm," she hummed thoughtfully, eyeing all the little hands. The person who stuck out the most to her, however, was the green haired, open flamed, minty child, who she just did circles around not two minutes ago. Hello, volunteer number three. After a second of consideration, she called out "Candlehead."

I have at least two other chapters I've typed out and am revising so far. There will be more than that, though. Even if you guys aren't fond of what I have currently I think I'll type it out til the end anyways for my sake. Though I don't know if I'd post it here if I find you're not enjoying yourself.

(Candlehead is minty right? Aw it doesn't matter. She was supposted to be mint flavored before they made the character Minty-whatever her name is. That girl will always seem like sour apple to me more than mint.)