Sorry once more for the shortness...but at least we get Steve!

"Pull yourself together, Danno," he mumbled out loud. He smiled briefly realizing that he had just called himself Danno even though he accosted Steve each time he uttered the name.

The smile quickly faded as a tiny baby Grace's voice filled his mind babbling, "Danno" and how he almost didn't get to hear that sweat sound.

And just hours prior he almost broke his promise to his daughter and missed taking her to the dance…and missed seeing how she was growing up into a beautiful young lady.

He stood on shaky legs and started for the restroom to freshen up. A chill ran down his spine as he thought, 'Borrowed time…once again I'm on borrowed time.

Simultaneously, outside headquarters a chill ran down Steve's spine as he spotted Danny's Camaro in the parking lot. He was surprised to see the silver vehicle so early in the morning. He had enough trouble sleeping and was pretty much sure his partner had the same issue. In fact, he had only come in to pick up a few things before heading over to Danny's apartment to check on him.

Steve thought back to what the detective had revealed to him the prior day…