After an awkward encounter where Tae Kyung accidentally walks in on Shin Woo changing, Tae Kyung starts becoming more aware of the other. Soon, Tae Kyung finds himself gazing at Shin Woo without even realizing it until it's too late. Shin Woo is too oblivious to notice. Jeremy has a big crush on Tae Kyung, but doesn't tell anyone. The only reason Shin Woo realizes his own feelings is because he thinks Tae Kyung is in love with Go Mi Nyu, and since everyone thinks that Go Mi Nyu is in love with Tae Kyung, they all suspect the two. But Go Mi Nyu likes Jeremy! How are the four of them suppose to figure it out?

I never knew I would, no could feel this way… Every time he passes by, I find myself gazing at him…LONGINGLY. I can't believe myself! Feeling this way for.. him. HIM of all people! I'm Hwang Tae Kyung, I'm not supposed to feel this way. For anyone! But… he's always so calm… It's hard to be angry around him… With that gentle smile of his…

I guess it really is…love.

"Hyung!" I hear Jeremy call out. I wonder if he's looking for Shin Woo? Whatever. I honestly couldn't care less. It's none of my business.

"Hyung! Have you seen Shin Woo Hyung?" Jeremy stops me in my tracks, looking extremely distraught.

"No?" I answer and try to move past him, but I'm stopped once again. Ugh.

"I need to find him!" He looks around, as if Shin Woo would suddenly just appear out of nowhere.

"Then stop wasting my time and go find him." I quickly head past him and go upstairs. I walk past Shin Woo's room and decide to give it one quick look. I don't think Jeremy's tried Shin Woo's room, after all. See? I'm a pretty nice guy.

I don't think as I open the door to his room.

"Shin Woo, are y-"

I freeze in the doorway as I stare at the man in question. He's buttoning up his pants… while wearing nothing else. Now, I don't understand why this is such a big deal to me, considering I see myself naked everyday. But…there's just something about his body that-

Oh shit-

My eyes widen even farther when I realize that I had been staring at him. I blink, quickly shut the door and then run into my room. I can't believe I was staring… But why? Why would I stare at his body? And why did I run away like some young schoolgirl?

Augh, why am I acting like this?!

I hold my face for a few moments and finally come to the conclusion that sleep would be best. Maybe that would get me out of this feeling. This odd feeling… It makes my face red and my body hot… Just the thought of Shin Woo makes my body burn with an indescribable desire for…him.

No, that can't be right. I shrug off those awful thoughts and start changing into my sleepwear. I decide to look in the mirror at my own body. As I stare into the mirror, my only thought is-
"He's more toned than I am!"

I stomp over to my bed and climb into the sheets. Hah…Having such thoughts before bed.

What the hell is wrong with me?

I wake up the next morning feeling refreshed. Feeling like there's nothing wrong in the world. Just me and me alone. And then suddenly all of yesterday just comes back to me like a punch in my face. Ow…

"Augh!" I held my face tightly in my hands, as if to ward off the disgusting feelings. At least my body seems to be acting normal again.
"Act normal…Tch. What's to act normal about?! It was an honest accident. A mistake. Why am I being like this?! He was just changing, it's not like you saw him…Oh god oh god why am I even going there?" I try to cheer myself up, but only make myself more horrified than before.

I get out of bed and try to shake it off. All I have to do is act like nothing even happened. Shin Woo probably already forgot about it. I slowly make my way out of my bedroom and into the downstairs kitchen for some breakfast. I'm rather hungry…

Jeremy and Shin Woo are in there having a conversation.

"I can't believe that happened!" Jeremy sounds rather horrified.

"Yeah…" Shin Woo adds.

Oh god oh god oh god oh god. Are they talking about-

"Somethin' wrong, Hyung? You've been standing there for a while." Jeremy asks, smiling slightly.

"What…What're you talking about?" I try to sound nonchalant, but the nervousness in my voice is obvious.

If I wasn't trying to make sure I sounded okay, I would've notice Shin Woo narrow his eyes.

"Eh? Oh, Jolie escaped! That's why I needed to find Shin Woo Hyung yesterday! We ended up finding her two blocks away! Can you believe her?" Jeremy sighs with what's probably relief. I swear, him and that dog…

"Oh…" I sigh with him, a small smile forming on my face.
"Tae Kyung."
I jump at the sound of Shin Woo's voice.
"Y-yeah?" I force out, sounding much more nervous and distraught than before. It was very obvious since they both looked at me like I'm some sort of freak.
"Well? What?" I raise my eye brows for extra effect. There. That's better.
They exchanged glances before looking back at me.

"I was just going to say that I cooked breakfast. Help yourself if you're hungry." Shin Woo says with a slight, amused-looking smile. Jeremy grins and pats the seat next to him, which was the one in the middle-next to Shin Woo. I don't think so.

"Come and sit with us, Hyung!"

I give a half smirk and shake my head.
"Sorry, but I'm busy." I turn around and retreat to…anywhere but there.

"Skipping breakfast isn't good for you, Hyuuuuuung!" Jeremy calls after me.

But I don't care. I'd skip breakfast for eternity if that meant being able to get away from…them.

I end up walking outside to the balcony.

"Hyung-nim?" I hear a familiar voice behind me.

Oh. Go Mi Nam, or Go Mi Nyu, I should say. I had honestly forgotten about her existence, being so wrapped up in my own thoughts. Am I sorry? No, not really.

Go Mi Nam makes her way over to me, tilting her head curiously, as if that'll give her all the answers she's looking for. It makes me scoff and look away.

"Not eating with the others?" I ask, my face showing how obvious it is that I don't care.

"Oh…I guess I was just spacing out…" She looks at the floor and then back up at me. She turns around and begins to walk back inside, before stopping momentarily and asking,

"Are you coming, Hyung-nim?"

"No, I…I'm going out anyways." I say, probably a bit to rudely. But since when did I care about that? She nods and quickly retreats inside, leaving me completely alone.

I decide I need to get away so I hurry to my room and quickly change. I walk out into the entryway and grab my keys before heading out the door.

"Hyung!" A voice behind me stops me in my tacks. I turn around to look at Jeremy.

"Huh?" I sigh, irked that I'm being disturbed.

"Uh…" Jeremy looks away before turning his gaze towards me again.

"What." I raise my eye brows.

"Where are you going?"


Since when does Jeremy give a shit what I do? I raise a brow, my gaze questioning him.

"Uhm, I mean, uhh-"

"If you have nothing important to tell me, then don't waste my time." I say and open the door quickly, then shut it in Jeremy's face. I hurry to my car and start to drive off. I look into the window and all I can see is Go Mi Nam trying to comfort Jeremy, who's acting like Jolie just got hit by a car. Tch, whatever. Then, I see Shin Woo staring directly at me almost…disappointedly…? I quickly hit the gas and drive away faster.

What was that face for? And why do I suddenly feel so guilty? What is he doing to me?!


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