Chapter 1

Hi everyone! This is my first Beauty And The Beast fanfiction that I'm writing. Bear with me here, I'll do my best to keep everyone from B&TB in character. The concept is based on the miniseries Lost In Austen, but instead our protagonist enters the world of my favorite Disney Movie B&TB . Roselia Lhuillier is a fan of Disney's Beauty And The Beast and wished to be the heroin of the story. Unknown to her, her wish is about to come true. I sadly don't own Beauty And The Beast, Disney does. I only own Roselia and other OCs. Let the story begin!

November 15, 2012; Los Angeles, CA

It was a cloudy day in Downtown, man how I hate this smog. I'm lucky to even stay alive in this place. Oh well, it's not that bad once you get used to it. I just got out of work at Macy's and headed straight to my yellow Volkswagon. By the way, my name is Roselia Lhuillier. You may think my last name is weird and boys are you right. Long story short, my great-grandmother, Maria Gonzalez married my great-grandpa, Albert Lhuillier, who is French. So, yeah I have Hispanic and French bloodline. I'll get back on how they met. Anyway, I am your average 20 year old Hispanic girl, tall 5'6, long dark brown hair, honey color eyes, light brown skin and a bit overweight though now I'm losing pounds with the special diet that my dear mother has me placed. Right now I weight 120 which is okay but still need to loose. Everyone says I look exactly like mom except her eyes are hazel.

I live at 633 N Boyle Avenue in a cream color old house with my family, and I mean my whole family. My mother and father, Angelina and Roberto Lhuillier, They are my treasure and not to mention my role models. Dad is a soccer coach for a junior league, which is a reason why I love soccer. My whole family goes for Chivas, and I'm proud of it! Mom works at a bakery with her best friend, Lilian. I love her empanadas of pineapple, guayaba and sweet milk. It just makes your mouth water. My grandmother, Luciana Lhuillier, and my great-grandmother, Maria, also live with us. Both are like our fairy godmothers, they took care of me and my three cousins whenever any of our parents work full time. Family is a theme taken seriously and I was taught to look out for one another. When my dad crossed the border and got citizenship in the U.S, he saved enough for them to have citizenship too and were brought over to live with him and mom. My grandma is always seen with her mother, pushing her on her wheelchair. I'm lucky to have them.

Aunt Lucero Vegas, she is the bubbly and fruity of the group. Don't get me wrong, she is great to have around. Aunt Lucero is pretty self-confident and would help anyone with a low self-esteem. She is very pretty and fashionable, same height as mom 5'5, short dark-cherry hair(she dyed it) and amber eyes. Being my mom's younger sister, she and my mom share a very strong bond and would help one another no matter what situation. Since my maternal grandparents died when they were very young, it is impossible to separate them. The only thing one must look out from my aunt is her anger. Word from the wise, never push her button. Even my cousins are cautious around their mom. Now my aunt is divorced and is a single mother to my three cousins. Now cousin# 1, Eduardo, very competitive and is the class clown who would fool around. He and I share a rivalry with soccer and would constantly compete in games till one of us loose. Frankly, it's a tie…great. He is 15 years and is one inch shorter than me. He skin is a bit dark and has raven short hair and brown eyes. Cousin# 2, Leonardo or Leo, for short. He is a sweet boy and like his brother loves soccer too. Leo is only 8 years old, also has black hair, brown eyes but his skin is the same color as mine. He is very curious for a boy his age. Leo doesn't say much but you would always see him following Eduardo anywhere. Sometimes, he is seen playing on his own or playing with Angelina. Angelina is my youngest and special cousin. She is 5 years old, light skin, dark brown hair and amber eyes. What makes her special is that she was born mute. My uncle, whom I've never considered a real uncle, left my aunt because he didn't accept Angie and her special needs. Eduardo, Leo and I are her guardian angles and would do anything to make her smile and happy. We are very overprotective as our Aunt, so if you mess with her, your messing with us!

I seem to babble on about my family, but hey, I love them. They are my life and I would never abandon them. I got on my Volkswagon and started to drive back home. I tuned in 104.3fm and listened to some love songs on the coast. Taking the freeway, it takes me 12 minutes to arrive. It was 6:30 when I arrived at my neighborhood. I drove around the corner and saw, too my horror, a scene which made me stop the car and bolt out. An old woman with torn clothes was being harassed by three boys who looked a bit older than Eduardo and were wearing black. I ran toward them and pulled away one of them who was about to punch the poor woman's face. I used my karate technique, I took lessons before, and two of them backed away.

"Don't you dare come near her!", I yelled angrily, as I stood between them and the woman.

" No te metas Naca," one of them said.

"Leave her," the other boy said, whom I presume was the leader, "they aren't worth our time."

They left, one turned and yelled, "Bitch!" I simply showed them the finger. I turned to the lady who was very old like my great grandmother. She was wearing some sort of dark green robe and worn out sandals. Her skin was very light but wrinkly, her eye were dark, her left side eye was closed but the other was not, and pure white hair.

"Are you all right ma'm?," I asked. She turns to me and smiles.

"Yes my dear. I am amazed of your courage and kindness to help a poor stranger like me."

"Oh, no, it's nothing really. I couldn't let those bast..ahem, those idiots harm you. Pardon my language," I said with a smile.

"Don't worry my dear, " she assured with a chuckle, " I understand the younger generation even though I am an old, ugly croon."

"Don't say that about yourself, everyone is beautiful, it's the person inside that counts."

"True, very true my dear."

"Say, do you have a place to stay ma'm. You can come to my place till your better. It's going to be a chilly weather and not to mention, the sky may drop cats and dogs."

Suddenly a rumble is heard above us and little drops of rain began to fall.

"Spoke too soon…", I muttered.

"Are you sure my dear?" asks the old woman. " You don't mind if I stay for the night? What might your husband say?"

I laughed and shook my head with a smile.

"I don't have a husband ma'm. I live with my family but they are on atrip at Las Vegas and won't be back until next Friday. My mother taught me to always lend a hand to others in need."

"Oh, thank you," she tells me with a kind smile. "I shall repay you for your kindness."

"You don't have to ma'm. I never take things in return. Think of it as an invitation from an old friend," I said to her with a wink. "By the way, what is your name?"

The woman was in thought and said, "Just call me Agnus."

I stretched out my hand and shook hers, "I'm Roselia."

No sooner than said, we were home at last and she settled for the couch as I turned on the heater and began to make tea. I began to warm the casserole in the oven and return to the living room. I saw Agnus looking around the room, the family photos, trinkets and some dvds on the coffee table. There was one in particular that caught her interest and picked it up. It was the movie that I adore and love, Beauty and The Beast. Agnus turned to me and smile.

"You love this tale?"

"Love it? It is my favorite! This movie came out in theaters when I was just a baby. My dad bought the vhs for me and I would always watch it as I grew. The more times I saw, the more I fell in love with it. When the broadway version came out, my parents took me to New York to see and man it was spectacular. Susan Egan portrayed Belle beautifully and Terrence Mann as the beast just took my breath away. To tell you the truth…I loved more the beast. I would always dress up in my Belle's custom and with my Beast doll that my grandmother bought me, I pretend I was the heroin and freed the Beast from his curse. " I sighed as memories were flowing through my mind.

"I can see you are very fond of him. It is too bad he isn't real."

"I know but it doesn't hurt to dream a bit. Sometimes my inner child would wish I could be in Belle's place and find the same happily ever after. I know I sound stupid by now."

"Oh no, don't think that my dear. Perhaps this wish may come true. You may never know."

"Well, this is reality Agnus. Guys out there are just jerks and having one girl is not enough for them. They are not like the Beast. Rather, they are the spitting image of Gaston."

Agnus chuckled and the whistling of the kettle told me the tea is ready. After we ate, I directed Agnus to my room and gave her clean clothes for her to wear. They were my old pjs but I don't mind giving them to people in need. Agnus thanked me for the dinner and shelter. Before we went to sleep, Agnus noticed something else.

"Dear that door at the end of the hall, where does it lead to?"

I looked at the brown door she was referring to. I told Agnus before we moved here, the house was bigger and had more room. Unfortunately , there was an fire incident and were left with only five rooms. The constructors left that door with no room to the wall by mistake, but my family didn't mind. Agnus just stared at it and smiled.

We bid each other goodnight. I slept in my parents room and stared at the ceiling. Outside, the storm grew powerful and thunder rumbled and lightning flashed. The rain hit the windows making a lot of noise. Recalling the conversation I had with Agnus, I began to feel my inner child taking over and found myself wishing to be in the world of Beauty and Beast. Get a hold of yourself girl!, I thought to myself. Your 20 for pete's sake, get your head out of the clouds and think more important things. I sighed and turned sideways to sleep. As my eyes flutter, I listened to the rain pouring outside. Then, blackness took over.

The grandfather clocked chimed midnight. As it chimed, a figure approached the door on the wall. Agnus stood in front of the door and smiled to herself.

"Dear child, because of your kindness, I will grant your most inner desires. You will be part of the most amazing adventure and I hope you will find what you're looking for."

She raised her hand and a small sparkling swirls began to form as it became a fireball. She throws it to the door but it never made a sound. Agnus turns toward Roselia door.

"I will come back to see how things are going. You are granted with the passage to the world you most wanted to see. Use it well. You will now become the heroine of this enchanted story, Roselia Lhuillier. Farewell."

With a bright light flashing through the hallway, Agnus disappeared. Roselia slept through the night. Unaware that a great adventure is about to begin.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. The idea kept nagging me until my mind decided to just type it down and share it to the world. So as I said it is like the mini series Lost in Austen only, Roselia will be like an understudy of Belle. Belle will not exist but others will like the servants, the Beast and Gaston. Also, Roselia's cousins will join in the fun too. I'll try to update as soon as I can and will do my best to keep the everyone in character. Thanks!