Chapter 15

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East Wing Bedroom

I sat in bed in my in my red and black checker with a matching sweater and a light blue shirt. It was snowing outside, making the atmosphere feel magical. I sighed, so much has happened in the past few weeks. I don't know where to start. It is still unimaginable how fast the days pass by. A light snore caught my attention; it was Madam sleeping beside the bed. I smiled; the meeting between her and my cousins was very promising. Madam adored Angie the minute she saw her, she was already measuring her for new dresses. As for the boys, Madam acted motherly towards them, Ed commented me that she acted like their mom. Leo thought that it was as if it was a clone but shaped as a wardrobe. I giggled at their reaction, they sleeping on the three bedrooms next to mine. Beast sought out the arrangement, he seem to be getting used to my cousins despite the harsh meeting. I can see plainly that Beast still dislike Ed, merely for his practical joke played when introducing him. I did all in my power to prevent the fight and scolded Ed for buzzing Beast; he was still healing from his injuries. Now, his arm was as good as new. That wasn't the thing that was on my mind now, it was what he did, or rather what he gave me the day after meeting my cousins.


It was a cold, sunny morning in the courtyard. The snow blanketed the castle grounds, a few birds stood on the trees and chirped. Icicles hanged from the bare trees and sparkled, shimmering from the sun's light. I smile at the scene around me, it was peaceful and beautiful. It was really cold today despite the sunny day; thank god I was wearing my red hooded winter coat and black snow boots. As, I walked, I began to think about everything that had happened. Agnus, the door, the enchanted servants, and Beast. Beast, I began to see a small change in him, he doesn't act primitive when I first met him but his temper still shows. However, there seem to be respect between him and me. Suddenly, something cold and wet hit on the back of my neck, making me yelp. I turned around and see Ed and Leo laughing, both were wearing their black hooded winter jacket and snow boots.

"Dudes what the f-," I stopped myself and saw Angie next to them, wearing a pink winter hooded coat. I cleared my throat.

"Guys that was Uncalled for," I said sternly, "What was that for?"

"Aw come on Roselia," whined Ed like a five year old, scooping a handful of snow and forming it into a ball, "We're just having a bit off…FUN!" He throws another snowball at me, this time he wasn't lucky.

I narrowed my eyes and a smirked formed, "Okay you asked for it!"

Before you know it, a game of snowball fight began with Angie and me in a team against the boys. We were laughing and throwing our snowball at each other. I couldn't stop laughing, in all my life, I don't remember having this much fun, we usually don't get snow in L.A. Suddenly, a figure caught my eye at one of the small balcony. Looking up, I saw the Beast leaning on the balcony, looking down at us with curiosity. By his side were Lumiere and Cogsworth, smiling at the fun scene before them. I smiled up and waved at Beast, it startled him and then waved back, forming a faint smile. We heard a barking and Sultan the footstool came running at us. Angie smiles and runs to him, hugging the footstool. Boy, this was cute, forgot to bring the camera.


Beast waved back at Roselia, he could feel a faint smile forming in his face. Roselia was indeed a strange girl but unique. He looked down at his bandage arm, how gentle she was when tending to his wound. Beast began to feel warm whenever Roselia was near, he gets nervous whenever she talks to him, this feeling was strange, he never felt like this before. He gently touches his bandaged arm.

"I've never felt this way about anyone," Beast whispers to himself. Then, an idea began to form in his mind, Roselia so far had keep her word and has helped him without asking for anything in return, he must do something for her at least.

"I want to do something for her!" exclaimed Beast with determination, then he paused, discovering that he had no idea what to do, "But what?" He looks at Cogsworth and Lumiere for advice. Cogsworth began to tell him.

"Well, there's the usual things…flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep."

"No! No!" interrupted Lumiere, "It has to be something very special. Something that sparks her interest." Rubbing the back of his head, Lumiere began to think when suddenly he remembers something about the conversation he and Cogsworth had with Roselia before the West Wing incident. "Wait a minute!"


The Beast wanted to see me, he said it was urgent. Dios mio, I hope it isn't serious. I don't remember doing anything wrong or if my cousins caused mischiefs. I met him in one of the small hallways leading to a double door. This place looked familiar yet, after today's snow fight, my mind wasn't in the place to question my surrounding. The Beast stood there, he looked at me a bit happily something I see rarely in him.

"Roselia?" he began, "There's something I want to show you." Beast began to open the double doors but stopped and closed it back, not allowing me to peek.

"But first, you have to close your eyes."

"My eyes? Why?" I asked confused.

"It's a surprise." The Beast smiles at me and shrugging myself, I obeyed and closed my eyes. I heard the doors creak open. I was a bit excited, I felt again like a 5 year old opening my Christmas presents. I still have this nagging feeling that what is going to happen has happened before but a part of me refuse to acknowledge it. I felt the Beast's hands on my own as he led me inside the room. I was nervous, my footsteps echoed, I knew I was in a large dark room. As we stopped, his paws left my hands and I stood there.

"Can I open them?"

"No, no, not yet. Wait here." I heard a slight faint movement and then a swoosh from heavy curtains. Through my closed eyelids, the room brightened by the sun. The suspense was killing me.

"Now can I open them?" I truly sounded like a 5 year old.

"All right…Now!" The moment Beast told me, I opened my eyes I gasp. What to my wondering eyes but a large library before me. The Beast…was giving me the library? But why? Now, I felt panicking, the library was supposed to be for Belle, not me. I didn't know what to think or what to do for that matter. I looked at the Beast; his eyes were focused on me with a small smile. What can I tell him? No, that I can't accept it? Or should I follow along? I was stuck, what should I do? The Beast seem to grew concern when he saw me fiddling with my hands.

"Is everything alright? Roselia?"

"Huh? Oh no it's alright!" I stuttered, "It just I never seen a huge library like this before. Not even a university has libraries as magnificent as yours." The Beast glowed with pride.

"You…you like it?" I turned to him and smiled, I decided to just go along with it. After all, he went through all the trouble and I couldn't let his enthusiasm go down. I reached out for his paws, wrapping them with my own hands.

"It's wonderful!" The Beast looks at me happily, feeling my his paws firm but gentle.

"Then it is yours"

End of flashback

I sighed at that memory, the Beast sure acted a bit out of his character towards me. It frightened me at times, I am not sure if his intensions are just friendship or…No! Ni lo pienses! I shuddered, I can't let it happen. No, it Belle that Beast must win over not me. Oh Belle, I thought to myself, where are you? I sighed and continued to think over the next issue.

Last week, my family went to Mexico because Nina's best friend, who happened to be my grandmother's nanny, was sick and in her last days of living. The hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico called and Nina no sooner insisted to be at her dearest friend by her side till the end of her days. Remembering Nina's devastated look, I felt a wave of sadness washing over my soul. I hope everything is going alright over there. Too bad they won't be joining us for Christmas day. One good thing however, we all did our Christmas shopping and had everything prepared when they came back. I, along with my cousin, secretly bought gifts for the Beast and brought them here without him knowing. The door in the West Wing locked itself after my cousins and I went in to spend our week here in the castle. Thinking about presents, something else came up. I clearly remember that Christmas was hated by the Beast, and that I understand his reasons. Remembering the midquel, it was the day Adam was cursed by the Enchantress. I sighed as I turn to one side, I feel awful for him, and I knew that he must have been 11 years old at that time. Hey, I did calculate the years Lumiere mentioned being cursed and the time the rose would bloomed. For one thing, I think it was a bit harsh cursing a young boy, but on the other hand, I guess the enchantress wanted to prevent an awful fate that maybe Adam would face near the future. Perhaps I'll never her true reasons, for now how can I help the Beast reclaim the Christmas spirit once again? The thought led me to Belle and what she did to help Beast enjoy Christmas again. Perhaps I should do the same thing? Of course! Why not? My heart flutter with excitement, I would do what Belle did; surely I could convince him otherwise? The question is how? My eyes felt heavy and sooner than said it done, I fell asleep. I'll figure it out tomorrow, after all it's only three days before Christmas.

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