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Harm had left. He had left to fly and she was happy for him. She really was. Ever since she had known Harm flying was his dream. And she loved to see him happy like a little boy a Christmas when he was allowed to fly. She was over the moon that his dream had come true.

But she missed him like crazy.

Bud and Harriet were preoccupied with little AJ. The adorable little boy was the joy and pride of the entire JAG office. Harriet brought him in often. He had Big AJ wound around his little finger.

She wanted to talk to Harriet about Harm and her feelings. But Harriet was very busy with her little family. So Meg put on a smile and took on more paperwork, actually less without Harm dumping all of his on her, and made it through each day.

She was still Meg, cheeky and respectful, and always had time for everyone. She just felt as though she was waiting. Waiting for Harm; waiting for him to keep his promise to stay in contact. She was pleasantly surprised when a week after he left a letter came in his handwriting.

She sat on her couch at home, the letter unopened in her hands. She didn't want to open it just yet, she wanted to savour its newness. It held so many possibilities. But once it was read, it was read. She couldn't read it for the first time again. Curiosity overwhelmed her, she wanted to know how he was and if he passed his qualifications. She tore the envelope and extracted the sheet of paper from inside.

Dear Meg,

Don't laugh when I tell you this Lieutenant, but the boys here call me Pappy. I can imagine you laughing at that, just don't tell the others. Why couldn't it have been something like my father's old name? Hammer. See Hammer is better right? Pappy, I'm not that old. We board the Patrick Henry in two days, and I look forward to it so much. I'll be in the air soon! Can't wait to fly again and at night too, prove my worth to the squadron.

Meg, you would love the boys in my squadron, all laughs and jokes. So very different from JAG. Got any interesting cases? I bet with me gone you are all struggling along not knowing what to do without me. I hope your new partner isn't as good as I am. Do you have one yet? What are they like?

This letter is going to be short, once I am on board the Patrick Henry I'll write you a longer one though. The boys are teasing me about a girl back home. I'll have to inform them that we aren't like that. Have fun and send my love to Bud, Harriet and kiss little AJ from his Uncle Harm.


P.S. I enclosed a photo of me and my squadron. Don't laugh Meg.

"Oh Harm."

Meg grinned at the piece of paper stupidly. She just felt so happy he was doing alright and fitting in. It would have been horrible to get his hopes up and the fail the qualifications and not become a naval aviator. It made her very happy to know he was finally a naval aviator. Following in his dad's footsteps.

Pappy. Meg laughed.

She reached back into the envelope and took out the picture. He was handsome. Older than the other guys, but still. He was smiling that famous Rabb smile. She traced her finger over his face, she smiled. How could she be so happy he was fulfilling his dream and yet so sad he wasn't here?


Meg pinned the picture of Harm and his squadron in her office. Somewhere where only she could see it and her clients couldn't. But she was able to see it while she worked. She smiled at it; the little cheeky smile Harm thought was cute. If only he was here.

She sat down at her desk. She could see his picture, it was like he was grinning right at her. Today was going to be a good day.

Meg grabbed a piece of paper from her tray and started her letter to Harm.


Pappy kind of suits you sir. Your squadron was genius coming up with that. By the time this letter gets to you, you'll already be stuck on the Patrick Henry. Hope it gets to you before she leaves the dock. Considering you'll be on board already, have you already sweet talked someone into letting you take a bird up yet?

I am doing quite fine without you sir. In fact my amount of paperwork has halved and all our cases have been docile. No guns in the courtroom and the judges are more relaxed. On the other hand Bud and Harriet send their love. AJ gave me a sloppy kiss for you sir. (Little AJ not big AJ, I read back and thought I better clarify)He is getting very big. You should see him all dressed up in a mini sailor suit. It is adorable, I've enclosed a picture.

I don't have a new partner yet, they arrive on Wednesday, and the Admiral is very closed mouth about it all. There is a betting pool in the office as to whether it is a man or a woman. I don't really mind, it will be very quiet after having you for a partner sir.

I have a drunken disorder to go sort out sir, I'll write to you again soon. Keep safe in the air.

Your partner


Meg folded the letter up neatly and put it into an envelope. Her tongue poked out as she carefully wrote the address of the carrier.

"Ma'am, your client, Petty Officer Green, is here". Bud poked his head around her door.

"Coming". She dumped the letter in her out tray and grabbed some folders for her case. Then she was out the door politely greeting her client and inviting them in. She was doing just fine without him. But she would be better with him here. She wondered if he missed her just as much as she missed him.