I do not own anything besides the original characters that I create. Stephanie Myers who wrote the Twilight Saga, and owns Carlisle Cullen and anything else you might know from her books.


The day Carlisle began to attend Cambridge, he always thought of himself to be nothing but a monster. But also using his immortality to his advantage, becoming a doctor so he could help people.

Cambridge School would hire maids, as would every other school. These maids would cook, clean, and assist in keeping the school in working order.

There was one maid named Mae Hampton, her hair was a deep dark brown. Her skin an olive tone and her eyes light brown. She was the dream wife for most of the young men at the school. But Mae, however, showed no interest in any of them. Not even Carlisle Cullen.

Maids weren't allowed to mingle with students, and very few of the professor's. Most of the maids stayed at Cambridge their entire lives, never having a chance to meet a man and having a family. Mae was alright with that, she didn't want to be married; she didn't want a family of her own. She was fine with her job. Not even the very handsome Carlisle Cullen could change that.