Bluekit opened her eyes for the first time. Inside, she saw a small kit, a she-cat without the smell of milk and a she-cat with the smell of milk. Bluekit figured that the she-cat who didn't have the milk scent didn't have kits yet. Then Bluekit sniffed around and found the most familiar scent from behind her. It was her mother, Moonflower.

"You've opened your eyes! Now we can go outside!" The white kit said excitedly.

"Moonflower, your kits want to go outside." The cat with the milk scent said.

"Snowkit, Bluekit, your not old enough to go outside." Moonflower said

"But Patchkit and Leopardkit are outside." Snowkit complained.

"Patchkit and Leopardkit are five months old." Moonflower said.

"Moonflower, they are so excited. Just let them out." Milk scented she cat said.

"Swiftbreeze, they are too young to go out." Moonflower prosested.

"Is it dangerous outside?" Snowkit asked.

"Not around camp." Moonflower said.

"Then we can go!" Snowkit said.

"Fine but dont bother anyone and stay together." Moonflower yowled.

"We will." Bluekit promised.

Moonflower purred. " I have healthy kits.

-six moons later-

Patchkit and Leopardkit have been made into apprentinces with the mentors Fuzzypelt and Robinwing. And Dappelpaw and Whitepaw have been made warriors with the names Dappleleaf and whitefur. And Poppydawn has had three healthy kits named Thistlekit. Rosekit and Squirrelkit. ANd to add to the clutter Speckletail has had two kits Lionkit and Goldonkit.

"All cats who can catch their own prey please gather under the highrock." Pinestr yowled. "Bluekit, you have experinced what is like to be Thunderclan cat and now it is time that you learn how to be a Thunderclan warrior. From this day forward you shall be called Bluekit and Sunfall will be your mentor. Snowkit, from this day forward until you have earn your warrior name you shall be called Snowpaw. Sparrowpelt shall be your mentor."

"Snowpaw! Bluepaw! Snowpaw! Bluepaw!" The clan called out.

"What are we doing today?" Bluepaw asked Sunfall.

"We are going to gather moss for the elders." He said.

Bluepaw held back a groan. This is going to be a dissapointment.

"Not like that. Sharpen your claws like this so you don't bring any dirt. The elders won't like that."

Bluepaw tried that. Her scoop was a lot smaller than Sunfalls and she felt like she was a total failure. After they had gathered enough, Sunfall taught her how to hold the moss so that she could carry more.

Then she gathered a plump mouse from the freshkill pile and went to bed on her nest.