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Chapter One: Prologue to Darkness

The night of October tenth was all, but chaos for Konoha. It was under attack from The Kyuubi no Kitsune. The giant nine tailed fox was sent into a rage after being released from his Jinchūriki. Many men and woman of the village were fighting it by any means, but to no avail. The demon was too much for them.

Minato Namikazee knew this as he and his pregnant wife sat in a cave with a few others. Minato was a man of five foot eight with spiky blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He had a well built frame and with one hand he held a kunai. He held his wife's hand as she gave birth to his son, "Hold on a little longer Kushina..."

Kushina Uzumaki-Namikazee was a woman of five foot four with red hair and dull blue eyes. She was slowly dying after the mysterious masked man had unleashed The Kyuubi. With one final push a crying boy was born. He had the same hair as his father and as he opened his eyes everyone in the room saw he had the same piercing blue eyes.

They both looked at their newborn with smiles, "Stay strong little Naruto..." Minato looked out the cave at the monster fox, "I have to fight. You two watch her and Naruto!" The Yellow Flash took in to fight alongside the other Konoha Nin.

-The Lanes Between-

A tall man with long silver hair, tan skin, and golden eyes. His breath was shaky with bruises and cuts all over his body. His clothes were in tatters as he slowly limped across the path he was on. He wore a long black coat with grey buttoned down three fourths from the bottom, large white gloves that were also button near the top, a white shirt that was opened revealing his chest and attached to a weird symbol that resembled a heart at the top, his pants were black as were his boots, except for the silver lining at the tops, he had greyish shoulder guards that were directly attached by belts, and there were the two black belts at his waste.

This was Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. One of the strongest beings the universe had to offer and the strongest of The Heartless. He was still weak from his last battle with his former vessel, Riku. Luckily he escaped before he was shut inside the boy's heart for good. He limped further until he felt a surge of darkness flow from one world. Ansem slowly limped farther towards the flowing darkness. The King of the Heartless chuckled, "Soon..."

Ansem started flying at full speed towards the unknown world.


Minato had just gone through with the sealing jutsu when he noticed a small glimmer. Ansem dove straight at the seal while the fox was absorbed by black inkiness, "W-What?" He soon saw that The Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and a rather tall man in a green spandex jumpsuit with a bowl cut and a younger version of said previous Hokage ran up to the current Hokage. The one in green was Might Guy and the latter was Asuma Sarutobi, son of Hiruzen Sarutobi.

"Minato!" Hiruzen said with surprise. He saw that both he and Kushina had been run through. In front of them was a crying Naruto who had a swirl tattoo around his naval.

"H-Hiruzen... come here..." Minato had a small amount of blood running from his mouth, "Tell the... v-village he's a hero... T-tell them my son... is a hero..." The Yellow Flash was slowly slipping into death while he whispered, "D-Don't tell him... about me until after... after... The Chūnin Exams... he'll be plenty... s-strong then..." With that The Yondaime Hokage was dead. All that was left was his child and legacy. Near the child were two scrolls that had Kushina's and Minato's seals on them.

"Find Hatake Kakashi as fast as you can," both ran off in different directions. He was saddened at the sight of both deaths then began to think why the fox had gotten free of his jail. At first he thought it was because of Naruto's birth then took notice of a large fragment of a mask. Hiruzen slowly picked it up just as the two Jonin and a masked man with blood and sweat covering him. He had spiky, silver hair and he only had one eye visible, the other was covered by his protector. This was Hatake Kakashi.

"Kakashi, Guy, Asuma... I am ordering you three to keep what I'm about to tell you a secret. Someone else was here tonight," He showed the three the mask piece, "This is proof of it. I will inform Jiraiya of this, but I also want you three to look for anything when you're out on missions. I will inform the others of what has transpired here today soon." Hiruzen finished with a huff.

Kakashi meanwhile was feeling sadness. He was the last person from his team to live and a person he looked up to was now dead before him. He then looked at the newborn with sympathetic eyes.

-Naruto's Mindscape-

A evil chuckle rang out in the blackness of the cage, "A body to mold in my visage..." Unbeknownst to The Seeker of Darkness there two strong lights near him. The slowly started rotating around him, "No... he's a child! He can't have these lights here!" Said lights kept spinning until Ansem was in shackles, "Bonds that bind? So weak!" He tried breaking free from them yet he couldn't. Each chain was glowing a dark red.

Ansem was gritting his teeth again, "A mother's love? Damn you... DAMN YOU ALL!" The two lights grew brighter, "Fine! I will protect your precious boy, but when the time comes I will use his body to exact revenge!"

~Six Years Later~

Young Naruto had just been chased out of another clothing store after trying to buy a new shirt. The Fourth's wish that his son would be seen as a hero was ignored by most civilians and a couple of the clans. He had, so far, a slightly comfortable childhood. Naruto had been kicked out of the orphanage a year prior because the matron had called him a demon and didn't want him around the other kids. He spent a few months on the streets, but it didn't last long.

He had a couple friends from the academy and was usually seen hanging out with Asuma Sarutobi, Might Guy, and his sensei Iruka Umino. Might Guy would sometimes teach him some Taijutsu to defend himself when there was no one around to help him, Asuma would normally just talk with from time to time, and Iruka would always take him out for ramen or even tutor him from time to time on school matters. Overall he had some good times, but with good times come bad ones. Most of the civilians would glare at him or call him demon and on occasion beat him near death, luckily he would always heal fast. Currently he was dreaming of becoming Hokage so everyone would acknowledge and respect him.

It was an ANBU that had helped him get an apartment and the current Hokage that pulled strings for a rather large allowance. He slowly walked back to his apartment defeated by the shop keepers, 'I wonder if Iruka-Sensei will go with me to Ichiraku's tonight for dinner? Maybe I could even get Bushy Brows to go with.' Well he was until he was followed by three men with clubs. Naruto noticed them and started running until he was trapped in an ally, "Look here! It's demon boy!"

"And no damned Shinobi to protect him..." The one in the middle sneered as he raised his club. Naruto tried to get into the stance Guy had shown him, but the other two followed suit and with a loud crack they hit him in his ribs. Crack. A hit to his arm. Crack. A hit to his legs. Crack. A hit to the head. All Naruto could feel was pain and some hate for these men. His hate began soaring as he felt the hits keep coming. A roar was heard coming from behind the boy. A pool of darkness started bubbling up and with it to very large arms. They shot out at two of the men. A creature rose up from the darkness. It was huge and muscular with four long, crooked antennae and bandages covering his mouth and the top part of his body. A heart shaped hole was in his chest while a trail of shadow led to Naruto.

One of the men was thrown into the street hard. He rolled to a stop near Guy, who had just returned from a mission. He looked at where Naruto was. He saw him get up from the ground with the creature behind it. The other man was thrown into the stand next to the bushy browed Jonin. He stared wide eyed as the last man slowly backed up in the street followed by Naruto, who was gritting his teeth and balling his fists in anger. The last was grabbed with both hands by the creature. A woman screamed while many backed up away from Naruto. The creature threw the man into the air where he launched a ice-like attack that froze the man in a dark piece of ice that fell in the road.

Guy was so mesmerized by the event that he completely forgot about everything. Naruto looked at the crowd then slowly slipped into unconsciousness. His guardian had his arms crossed and dissipated into shards of darkness, 'What was that? The demon fox?' Might Guy threw the now unconscious Naruto over his shoulder and took off towards Hokage Tower.

-Sarutobi's Office-

Naruto was still unconscious, but he was in a chair. Guy was standing in front of Sarutobi looking very serious, "Yosh! I saw it with my own youthful eyes! Naruto used a strange black creatures to protect himself before I could even move!" Hiruzen puffed out some smoke from his pipe while rewatching the events that played out today.

"I wonder," The Third slowly began thinking on the creature, "Could this be a Kekkai Genkai?" Might Guy frowned a little at the revelation.

"You do realize what will happen when the council finds out." He began, but both knew the outcome of the matter. Naruto would more than likely be put into the CRA or he would even have to be banished due to the fear of The Kyuubi, "How unyouthful..."

A knock at the door came, "Sir, the council wishes to speak with you and... him..." The man sneered at the unconscious boy before taking his leave.

"Guy come with me if you would." The Sandaime ordered. Guy nodded then picked up Naruto.

-Council Room-

"...Child is a danger to us! He nearly killed three innocent men today!" A voice argued. It was a female voice, "How could we allow a creature like that into the village?!" She had so much hate in his voice.

"That BOY was defending himself from what I've heard!" Another voice roared in Naruto's defense.

"From what?" The female asked in a haughty manner.

"From being beaten! Guy saw it with his own eyes!" The door opened to reveal that it was a middle aged man with spiky blonde hair in the front and straight, long hair in the back, he had green eyes, and had a lot of muscle, but wasn't big. This was Inoichi Yamanaka. Next to him were two other middle aged men. One had black hair in a pineapple style, two scar on the right side of his face, and a goatee. He was really bored, but even he held some anger. This was Shikaku Nara.

"Troublesome... if this were anyone other than Naruto you civilians would jump all over him." It was quite asinine for civilians to stick their noses in Shinobi business. The man next to him and Inoichi agree. He was bigger than the other two with long red hair, his eyes were in a perpetual squint, and he had two wavy, purple tattoo lines on each side of his face. This was Chōza Akimichi.

"If this is a Kekkai Genkai than Ino-Shika-Chō alliance back him." Chōza stated aloud for the council to hear. Another woman nodded with a growl. She was feral looking with red fang tattoos under her eyes, slight fangs coming out of her mouth, and messy, brown hair. This was Tsume Inuzuka.

Sarutobi took his seat while puffing from his pipe. Guy sat Naruto near the old Hokage while he himself stood behind Sarutobi. Close to him was an older man, like Sarutobi, he wore a long white robe and a heavier black on over his right arm, he had short, cropped, black hair, with bandages covering the upper right part of his face and some bandages covering his right arm, and he had a small X scar on his chin. This was Danzo. He was the old warhawk of the council. Though he was always thinking of the village and its wellbeing he had used some unsavory tactics to keep the peace.

The old warhawk was currently thinking of a way to use the six year old to further his plans. He looked towards the head of The Hyuuga Clan and The Aburame Clan were more silent as the rest. The Aburame Clan Head, Shibi Aburame, finally let out a word, "The Aburame will follow the example of the other clans." Was all he said. he had stuck up, black hair, a large coat that covered the lower half of his face, minus his wispy mustache, and a pair of dark sunglasses.

Hiashi Hyuuga was busy contemplating the matter in his mind when he noticed the boy stirring, "I want to hear it from the boy himself..." Other's turned to see that Naruto was indeed moving.

The boy slowly opened his eyes to reveal that he was surrounded by a bunch of older people, "Hey Bushy Brows, Jiji why am I here?"

"Well, Naruto, we're because of what you did earlier." Sarutobi looked at his mock grandson with a soft smile that reassured the boy.

"Oh! You mean the big guy!" Naruto went to his large smile, "Yea he helped me out there." The older council woman who had spoken lowly of Naruto earlier scoffed.

Hiashi Hyuuga looked down at the orphan, "How did you bring him out?"

"I just... I felt hate... that's all I can put it as." One of the civilian council laughed.

"What do you have to hate? You're lucky The Hokage let's you live here demon!" As he continued to berate the poor boy the remaining council looked on as Naruto's eyes shifted from blue to a glowing yellow. The creature roared back into existence. All was deathly silent as the council saw the creature. Hiashi activated his Byakugan. He was expecting to see The Kyuubi's chakra, but what he saw were wisps of black ink that swirled in every direction.

Whispers of demon spread like wildfire. Sarutobi was dazed at the moment he saw the demon like creature, "Naruto can you dismiss it?" Naruto had a dull look then nodded as he thought about Sarutobi, ramen, and of course the other people that saw him as a person. The Guardian slowly dissipated into darkness.

"Look Jiji I did it!" He jumped up and down.

"That's good Naruto. Why don't you go with Guy to Ichiraku's, there's something I must discuss somethings with the people here." Both Guy and Naruto nodded.

"Naruto, Let us see if can race there!" Both took off in a sprint that caused the dust in the room to pick up. Guy could be heard yelling about "The Power of Youth".

"Let us put this to a vote. How many say we should help Naruto with his newly found Kekkai Genkai?" Inoichi, Shikaku, Chōza, Shibi, Tsume, and, reluctantly, Hiashi's hands went up along with a few civilians. Danzo, along with a quarter of the remaining civilians, voted against it.

"Sarutobi, if I may remind you this could be the fox trying to get free." Danzo pointed out. It was true that this could be the reason, but it was also highly unlikely. Naruto was like a fox in many ways, but that definitely wasn't a fox in any definition. The votes said it all. Naruto's new bloodline would be nurtured and trained.

-Naruto's Mindscape-

"My new vessel shall be most interesting," Ansem chuckled while chained to the walls inside a giant cage, "There's an endless abyss to work with here. It is as if it never ends... such an interesting being this Naruto Uzumaki. Slowly I'll feed him more power until I can take over his mind." Ansem, Seeker of Darkness laughed in the abysmal plane he was in. He had this all planned out for the next few years.

He had always healed the boy's wounds and given a little extra strength to him. Other than that, though, he was letting the boy progress through life on his current path. Yet the one thing that kept him in check were the hearts of Kushina Uzumaki-Namikazee and Minato Namikazee. It was aggravating for the master of darkness to be locked up like an animal, but soon he would be free again.

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