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Chapter 4: Ino Yamanaka and Naruto Uzumaki!? A Love Affair at Ichiraku's!?

-Yamanaka Residence-

Ino had been thinking over the days events from her tub. She had a wash cloth over he eyes and the scent of candles filled the room. She couldn't figure out what Naruto meant by yelling out "Get out of my body". She had never put much thought into Naruto ever since she had first seen him on their first day at the academy. He was an odd boy, to say the least. At first he didn't have any friends then slowly he had befriended those from clans, except Neji and Sasuke. Now, Naruto, was an enigma. He had a powerful Kekkai Genkai that put all that faced him to shame, but it seemed he also he had a curse. She had seen the streak of silver hair appear in his hair.

Could he have a split personality? That wouldn't explain the extra voice, though, 'Guess I'll have to try that on him.' That being her clan's Mindwalker Technique. She would find out what was up with today even if it killed her.

-Haruno Residence-

Sakura was busy combing her hair thinking of Sasuke when in a flash she remembered what Naruto had done earlier. She blushed furiously for a few minutes then pushed it to the back of her mind, 'Just this once I'll forgive him...' It was then that an image of herself was put into her mind. The image had eyes of fire and a large forehead with "Inner Sakura" written on her forehead, 'BUT IF HE GET'S IN THE WAY OF US GETTING SASUKE I'LL BEAT HIS ASS, SHANNARO!' She was a die hard Sasuke fangirl, but as of a now there was something about Naruto that made her smile.

She hit him, berated him, ignored him yet he still asked her for dates every day. No matter what happened, he always found the time and a way to ask her out, "Why won't he just give up?" She asked herself in a whisper.

-Hyuuga Compound-

Hinata had been forgotten today after she had fainted in the street. She was laying on her futon with a frown on, "I shouldn't of fainted." Alone Hinata never stuttered nor did she falter. It was odd for her, "Naruto," She began, "Why can't I be normal around you?" Hinata closed his eyes thinking about how her crush would jump at the chance to be with Sakura Haruno, but would only see her as a friend. It was the same situation that Naruto was in and he didn't even know about it.

It turned out that after the whole ordeal that Naruto went through today Hinata had been left in the street. Sasuke was too annoyed by his fangirls to actually get her, Ino and Sakura were dealing with Naruto, and the rest of the villagers just went on their way. She was nearly late to class on top of that. Her day was... interesting.

-Konoha Graveyard-

Kakashi stood over Obito's graveside, "He reminds me a lot like you, though he doesn't wear those goggles of yours. He's like Sensei, to be honest, but he's an oddball of sorts, even for a clan head." The sad yet cheerful expression was written across Kakashi's face, "I hope I do right by you guys." He walked off with his hands in pockets. A black cat ran across his path in a hurry, "Oh dear..." He began walking the opposite way to get around the path the cat had taken.

-Hokage Tower-

"Hiruzen it's time for Naruto to enter the CRA." Danzo was in a cheerful mood today. He couldn't get his hands on Naruto, but he could get his hands on the boys children, "I have already selected a few brides for him to choose from."

Hiruzen looked on out the window, "At the moment it seems we cannot risk that. I have called in Jiraiya to inspect the seal on his stomach." Even Danzo, being as he is, had to think of the village first.

"When will Lord Jiraiya arrive?" Hiruzen was surprised and not all at once at the behavior of his former teammate.

"Within the next few days I hope." Hiruzen went back to the paperwork on his desk. Danzo left with a rather unusual downtrodden face.

~Three Days Later: Ichiraku Ramen Bar~

Naruto and Choji were busy with an eating contest at the moment. It had all began the day before last when Naruto walked into the classroom with his headband. Others were shocked, but congratulated him. Naruto was busy bragging about how he could out eat anyone when it came to ramen as Iruka finished up telling the newly promoted Genin that team placements would take place within a week. Choji overheard Naruto's bragging and got a little mad. He had told him that in any eating contest an Akimichi would win.

And so there they were. Both eating as fast as they could, with Naruto in front of Choji by five bowls. Teuchi Ichiraku was a good man. He never caused trouble, never turned down a customer, and never once had he thrown out a customer, especially Naruto, but this was getting bad. Both had stacked up at least twenty bowls each and held no signs of giving up.

Then it happened.

Choji looked down at his bowl of ramen then a gurgle was heard coming from The Akimichi's stomach. He fell back from his stool to ground where he twitched slightly, "Old man!" Teuchi ran out from the counter and checked the poor boy.

He looked up from the ground, "He's alive! He just needs to sleep this off. Also we have the check to discuss, Naruto." Naruto, who was slowly inching away, was caught. He pulled out a fat, lumpy frog wallet from his kunai pouch.

"I'm so sorry Gama-Chan... we'll find a way to fill you up soon!" He emptied 'Gama-Chan' on the counter before walking off into the afternoon sun. The sound of cicadas filled the air with an almost serene feel. The warm weather almost made Naruto feel like he could go find somewhere to take a nap. Unfortunately, before he could, Ino started walking beside him with an unusual smile.

Naruto looked quizzically at the blonde Kunoichi beside him, "Good morning Naruto!" Her cheery attitude was... unsettling... after yesterday, but it was welcome.

"Good morning, Ino?" His reply was laced with suspension and a little apprehension. Nothing had ever pointed towards Ino, never making conversation unless it was for her to tell him to leave Sasuke alone.

She starting leading him back to the Uzumaki Compound slowly. Naruto noticed this with a raised eyebrow, but decided on saying nothing. "You act so suspicious of me, Naruto! I'm hurt." The mock sadness only added to his suspicions, "Besides it's not against the law to hang out with you, now is it?"

"No," He abruptly said, "But what is it you're doing, walking with me?" She was slowly becoming nervous. If she couldn't get him alone somewhere she could use her clan technique on him. She needed to know not by just being curious, but she felt the urge compulsion to see what happened a few days ago.

"Naruto Uzumaki!" She started scolding, "I just wanted to check up on you after that thing that happened to you! I feel partially responsible for what happened." Naruto was taken aback by what The Yamanaka girl was saying.

-Uzumaki Compound-

Naruto and Ino sat under one of the many trees scattered around quietly. Neither said a word and neither wanted to ruin this comfortable silence. Naruto was the one person that Ino never got along with and vice versa, but now at the moment both twelve year olds acted as if they had nothing to do, "Ino," He began, "I never knew you liked doing this type of thing." He had his eyes closed and didn't realize she had gotten up from the ground, "You have a knack for relaxing, Ino. I think this is the start of a very, very good friendship."

"I'm sorry Naruto, but I have to know... Mind Transfer Jutsu!" Naruto quickly opened his eyes to see that Ino had just used a Jutsu on him. He was quick to pass out as Ino's mind quickly went into Naruto's.

-Naruto's mindscape-

Ino blinked as she saw she was alone in the darkness of Naruto's mind. Nothing was heard except for far off traffic. It was one of the most intricate mindscapes she had ever seen. She heard chuckling filled with darkness, "Good afternoon, Ino Yamanaka..." She quickly turned to see Ansem still locked up tightly in his binds.

"Wh-Who are you?" She was scared of the man. She couldn't tell if this was a tenant Naruto housed or Naruto's dark side. Either or it was a bad idea. She now knew what Naruto was yelling about the other day.

"Come here, Ino Yamanaka. Free me of these accursed bonds and I shall give you what your heart seeks. I will grant you Sasuke Uchiha for your own pleasure." Ino's eyes sparkled at the thought of Sasuke being hers. All she had to do was free the strange, evil man. She could rub it in foreheads face all she wanted.

"I just have to unlock you and Sasuke will be mine?" She looked down at the floor. Could she really betray Naruto, who had done absolutely nothing wrong to her, for her crush's, Sasuke's, love and affection?

"Please don't Yamanaka." Ino quickly turned to see Naruto with the betrayal she had done to him displayed on his face, "You might not like me and you might use me, but do not let this man free. He'll destroy the world." Ino took the last part in, "He promised me Sakura once, but even if he could get us together there's no way we could actually be together. He'll throw the world into darkness."

Ino couldn't process the information given to her, "Naruto... He can't be that bad. I mean he could give me Sasuke! I need to have him!" Ansem's grin turned into an evil smile. She ran to break the chains, but couldn't when a kunai was thrown at her feet.

Naruto had a kunai on each finger, save for his right index. He threw the one on his left pinky finger, "I will kill you Ino." Naruto was dead serious as he looked at the blonde Kunoichi, "Leave. Now. Never enter here and never even think of helping my tenant." Ino quickly dispelled her Jutsu leaving Naruto and Ansem.

"Keeping me locked up in here, still? What a waste of energy. Your will crack and after that I will pick up the broken pieces of your heart and absorb it into my own." Naruto slowly faded from his mind, but not before flipping Ansem off.

-Uzumaki Compound-

Naruto awoke with a start. He looked at Ino, anger filling his being, "Leave Yamanaka. Don't ever come back, don't even talk to me, I will no longer acknowledge you." He got up from his spot under the tree to see Ino still sitting, her hair overshadowed her eyes.

"Y-You... why?" She was visibly shaken by the event, "I wanted to... to..." Ino couldn't think of the right words to say to the boy in front of her.

Naruto looked down, "Please don't tell anyone about... him... I don't really know what he is, but please just don't tell anyone." Ino walked over to Naruto.

"Naruto, can we talk at that ramen place you go to?" He was hesitant at first, but then thought of ramen, then back to her forcing herself inside his mind, then finally back to ramen, and finally to Ino and Ramen. It equaled a good combination, even though she had just done something bad.

"Fine... Ino... let's go get some ramen." He couldn't really stay angry with anyone. It wasn't in him to openly hate a person just because of something they did. He may resent people, like the people in the village, but he could never come to hate them.

-Ichiraku's Ramen Bar-

Teuchi Ichiraku was a big man. He was middle aged with grey hair and a perpetual squint. He worked at his shop along with his daughter, Ayame, who was a twenty-three year old with brown hair and a sweet personality. Both had been nice to Naruto since he first walked in all those years ago. It was a surprise to both when Naruto walked in for lunch with Ino Yamanaka. Of course they've seen him with Tenten, but this was different. Both were quiet, both seemed odd to The Ichiraku Family.

Naruto sat in the seat that had always been reserved for him while Ino sat next to him, "Hey old man! Two large Miso Ramen bowls for me and whatever she wants!" He sat down with his large ramen eating smile.

"Coming right up, Naruto!" Teuchi went back into the kitchen while Ayame stood there looking at the two. She couldn't put her finger on it, but something was up.

"So when did you start dating her, Naruto?" He went still as did Ino, but a tick mark formed on his face.

If looks could kill Ayame would have died that day, "Now see here! I'm not dating Naruto! We're just having lunch after sitting around at his place."

"So was it just you two?" She leaned on the counter in front of the two. It wasn't out of the norm to see a Genin couples going out because of the life expectancy of a Shinobi. They lived as if each day was there last.

Naruto smiled at her, "Yea, Ayame. We just sat under the trees and relaxed!" Ayame couldn't really contain her laughter at the ammunition the boy had just given her.

Ino face palmed. "Oh! So it was just the two of you alone? My, my, Naruto, I know you're trying to build a clan and all, but you should hold that off until you're sixteen." Both newly promoted Genin were as red as red can be, "Besides it goes date first then you take her home to meet Guy and finally it ends up in the bedroom. Kids these days are so impatient!"

It didn't help that at the moment Ayame began talking Shikamaru and Kiba were passing by, "So you took a mate already Naruto?" Kiba howled in laughter at his own joke while Shikamaru was busy talking about how this was "troublesome". Kiba ran out to tell people while Shikamaru was staying, analyzing the both of them.

"I better go stop him." He slowly started to walk off, "You two owe me for taking time out of my cloud watching to help you guys." It was official. A rumor would spread that Ino Yamanaka was to be chosen as a wife of Naruto Uzumaki.

She was officially checked off the list for being a candidate to date Sasuke Uchiha, "N-A-R-U-T-O!" She got flames in her eyes as Naruto started to ease back out of the ramen bar. He quickly began running off past a crowd of people, "TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT YOU DID!"

The rumors got worse from that day forward.

~Four Days Later: Konoha Academy~

It was finally the day of team placement. Naruto walked into class with bruises and cuts plastering his body, his orange jumpsuit was torn in a few spots, and he sported a half bandaged head. Word had spread far and wide with mixed reactions. Sakura was amazingly happy while Hinata was... well let's just say when she heard the rumors that she was not seen or heard from for a few days.

The many Genin that had passed were sitting in various spots around the classroom. Iruka walked in with a few papers in hand, "Alright class, settle down. As you know today is the day you get placed on your teams. Your teams will not change unless one of you dies in which case a replacement will be made." That slightly scared some of the kids there. He went through this list until he got to Team Seven, "Team Seven: Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha. Your Jonin instructor is Kakashi Hatake." Sakura was in the middle of a spasm while Naruto and Sasuke glanced each other with smirks covering their features, "Team Eight: Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka, and Hinata Hyuuga. Your Jonin instructor is Kurenai YĆ«hi." The three nodded before being led out by a tall woman with black hair and red eyes, "Team Nine is still in effect so that means Team Ten: Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, and Choji Akimichi. Your Jonin instructor is Asuma Sarutobi." Asuma led them out leaving Team Seven to their own thoughts.

Naruto was busy thinking over how to escape Ino's continued wrath, "Teme?"

Sasuke looked at him from his self induced stupor of boredom, "What, Dobe?"

"Can I go to your place tonight?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow. He'd only heard that once before and that was around the time Lee had started his new look and the always scary, yet unexplained Genjutsu that both Lee and Guy casted when they hugged.

"Why?" Naruto got up from his spot to spin around pointing out his injuries. It was a different story to the only witness there. Sakura was kind of jealous of Naruto, slightly humored by Naruto's injuries, and happy Ino was out of the race.

Sasuke inwardly chuckled, "Nope. Sorry I'm actually fresh out of room. You can always go stay with one of your other friends." A smile formed on The Uchiha's face.

"I hate you Teme!" He fell back to the floor while Kakashi walked in reading the famous, or infamous for women, book Icha Icha Paradise. It was one of the books in famous, or infamous, series Icha Icha written by Jiraiya The Legendary Toad Sennin of Konoha.

All three looked at the masked Jonin standing near them, "It seems you three don't get along to well." He never looked up from his book. He looked up at his instructor, 'That voice, that hair... THAT BOOK!'

"Perverted Inu?" Kakashi eye smiled at the boy in front of him... then kicked him in the ribs. On top of the injuries sustained from Ino the kick just hurt him more, "But... why?"

Kakashi picked up Naruto from the floor, "That's for taking my books. Pinky, Emo meet us on the roof." He casually walked out the window and up the side of the building like it was nothing.

-Konoha Academy Roof-

Naruto was leaning up against one of the walls next to a perched Kakashi. Sasuke and Sakura finally made it to the roof where they saw the odd picture, "Now that my cute Genin's have arrived I say we have to find out about each other. We'll state our dreams, beliefs, likes, dislikes, hobbies, and name. Naruto you're up first." The thoughts that ran through the minds of the other two Genin were why he called Naruto by his name instead of a nickname. Naruto was slowly getting out of his haze.

Naruto looked at Kakashi, "Perverted Inu why don't you go first." Kakashi looked from his book with a deadpan look.

"Fine. My name is Kakashi Hatake. My likes and dislikes are none of your business, my dreams... well... my hobbies... I have many. Finally my beliefs are that those who don't go by the rules are scum, but those who betray their friends are worse then scum." All three Genin's eyes twitched.

Sakura got a tick mark on her head, 'THAT FOOL SAID NOTHING! SHANNARO!' The tick mark above her head, "So all we get is your name and your beliefs?" Kakashi nodded.

After again asking Naruto to begin he did, "Okay... my name is Naruto Uzumaki. My likes are Ramen, my friends, pranking the village, and of course hanging out at Ichiraku's. My dislikes are being beaten by Ino, people who believe that darkness and evil bring power, and the three minutes it takes to cook instant ramen. Why do they even call it instant ramen if it takes three minutes!" Sakura got slightly annoyed while Sasuke and Kakashi were indifferent, "My beliefs are that there's always light to be seen, even in the darkest person. My dream is to become Hokage to prove to everybody here that I'm somebody. My hobbies are pranking people, training with Bushy Brows, and beating Teme here."

The focus turned now to Sakura, "My name is Sakura Haruno. My likes are..." She blushed when she looked at Sasuke, "My dislikes are Ino-pig, Naruto, and orange. My beliefs are that people should mind their own business. My dreams are..." She blushed again thinking of Sasuke, "My hobbies include working at Yamanaka Flower Shop, being near Sasuke, and reading." Kakashi looked at the two of his students wondering about their choice in dressing.

Finally Sasuke took the podium, so to speak, "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. My likes are beating the Dobe and proving I have the better clan. My dislikes are my fan club, "A dejected president of the Sasuke Uchiha Fan Club slumped a little next to Kakashi, "People who try to demean my... frie... frrrrriieeee... my rival, The Dobe, and kiss asses. My beliefs are every person gets their comeuppance. My dreams are to kill a certain person and to rebuild my clan." Kakashi frowned slightly, 'He's still on that path.' Sasuke continued, "My hobbies are training, fighting the Dobe, and... hanging out with him..." It came as a surprise that both boys got along.

Kakashi then decided to address the next problem, "Naruto, Sakura I need you both to change your clothing. Both of you have colors that stand out too much. Tomorrow I want to see them changed." Sakura was getting slightly mad, but she knew he was right. Naruto blinked before being swallowed by a tower of roaring darkness. The other three Shinobi were almost blown off the roof by the sheer power radiating off Naruto. When the power subsided Naruto stood wearing the same coat Ansem wore, but it was acting more like a cape, his arms with inside the coat, but not the sleeves and it was draped on his shoulders, tied by a belt. He had on the same white, cotton shirt with it parting at the chest, but no Heartless symbol, though it held The Recusant's Sigil. He had on black, skin tight gloves instead of large white ones. His boots and pants were the same as Ansem's. All three stared in shock at the wardrobe change. He looked down smiling as he gripped his hands over and over.

He raised his hand towards a large tree close to the academy. He formed a crackling ball of black and purple darkness in his right hand and without looking he launched it at a tree. The tree never saw it coming as it exploded in purple lightening. His muscles bulged slightly, giving Sakura a light blush, "All changed Perverted Inu!"

Kakashi's mask nearly fell off while Sasuke was slightly jealous, "Umm... alright Naruto... Anyways, Sakura, you need something that doesn't stand out too much. Tomorrow don't eat any breakfast and meet me at Training Ground Seven." He Shunshined away in a flurry of leaves.

Sasuke sighed, "I'm out of here." In his own manner Sasuke left with Sakura running after him. Naruto laid back onto the ground with his eyes closed. Two figures silently approached the boy. The killer intent rolling off them awoke the boy from his relaxed stupor. He saw Ino and Inoichi standing above him.

Ino was red with embarrassment while Inoichi... well..., "WHAT THE HELL YOU LITTLE BASTARD!" He picked up Naruto from the ground, "TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MY PRECIOUS PRINCESS! SHE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO MARRY ANYONE ELSE!" He was feeling the rage that all father's feel when their daughter has been disgraced from a fourth hand rumor originally intended to be a joke, "SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE BEFORE I ERASE EVERYTHING IN YOUR MIND EXCEPT FOR A MEMORY OF YOU BEING AN OLD MAN SELLING CABBAGE!" In his hand was a marriage contract already filled out by both of Ino's parents, Ino, Might Guy, it had a small chibi picture of him with a thumbs up, and chibi Lee right next to his most youthful sensei.

Without hesitation he began writing, shakily albeit, his signature on the line. Ino felt an arrow rip through her heart. She could no longer chase after Sasuke.

-The Uchiha District-

Sasuke started to smile while he mindlessly beat his fists against a post. He began again with renewed vigor as he felt something extremely good happen.

-Academy Roof-

Inoichi was pacing back and forth as Naruto cowered behind his new wife, "What the hell did you two do!?" Inoichi had somewhat calmed down from a few minutes ago.

"Well we were at my compound and I have to say your daughter is amazing! She was on her back for hours." Ino was waving her hands no while Inoichi was getting angrier again, "She just couldn't get enough of it. We kept at it for a few hours until she got exhausted from it, so we went to get some ramen."

Inoichi was visibly shaking in rage while Ino was starting to step back, "I have to thank your daughter, though. I never would of known relaxing in the shade was so fun when there's someone else." The shaking stopped completely.

The group headed over to Hokage Tower to get this marriage certificate stamped with the approval. It was quite the spectacle to see Inoichi dragging, nearly strangling, Naruto through the streets with an angry look while Ino followed slowly behind them with a blush.

More rumors were spread because of this.

They explained everything to Sarutobi, who was, to say the least, amazed by the fact that Naruto was already married. He stamped his approval then sent them on their way.

Both Genin and the Jonin were on the move until they sat down on a bench in the park, "This is a total disaster." Inoichi began quietly at first, "Uzumaki... I want you to prepare your home for my daughter to move in."

"WHAT!" Both Genin screamed out. Inoichi knew now that it was supposed to be a joke that they were together, but thanks to rumors and hearsay Ino would never find a husband now. She had been touched by "The Demon Boy".

"She'll be at your place later tonight." Inoichi and Ino left the park while Naruto was left to silently think. He heard walking and someone sitting down beside him.

Naruto was still staring at the ground when he said, "Whoever you are please leave. I don't want to ruin your life t-" He turned to see Ansem sitting beside him.

Ansem was smiling down at the boy, "How do you like my powers, Naruto Uzumaki?" His dark chuckling followed soon after, "I have to say it weakened severely to give you my gift, but it was all worth it. You've gained fear from your team of you. Fear leads to hate and hate leads to darkness." He hissed out the last word, "Do you believe for one second that they will not abandon you? The sheer power you wield in your body is enough to swallow a planet into the darkness. Give into it and I will allow this world to live on. Bring an age of reckoning upon these insects." He whispered as he neared the unresponsive boy.

Naruto got up from the bench and began walking off, "I've given you my answer, Ansem. I'm going to go see my wife." The visage of Ansem faded from Naruto's view.

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