Don't Mix Hormones & Alcohol

By: CSI-Panther

Rated M

Summary: Hermione wakes up one morning sick. It's what happens when you mix hormones and alcohol together, but this isn't any normal sickness.

Pairing: Harry and Hermione.

A/N: I don't own Harry Potter.

Hermione woke up with a funny feeling in her stomach. She turned over, trying to ignore it, but it only got worst. She quickly got up and ran as fast as she could to the girls bathroom. She barely made it before she emptied her stomach into the toilet.

The noise she made, woke up almost all the girls in her dorm. They looked over to the bathroom and to the only empty bed there and one of them came over to the door,

" Hermione? " Parvati asked, knocking on the door, " Are you alright? "

Deep breathe, " Y-Yes. I'm alright. " Hermione answered as she finally stopped vomiting and leaned back away from the toilet and against the shower stall glass. Catching her breathe, she leaned forward again and flushed the toilet, getting up, she went to the sink and rinsed her mouth out and washed her face in warm water before breathing deeply again and opened the door.

By now all of the girls were awake and standing in front of the door. This was something Hermione never did and it was worrying them.

" Hermione, your as pale as the ghosts! " Padma exclaimed beside her twin sister.

" Maybe you should see Madam Promfrey? " Another girl suggested.

" What brought that on? Was it something that you ate last night? " Lavender asked.

" Please stop asking me what's wrong! I don't know what's wrong myself! " Hermione shouted, grabbing her head to try and stop the sudden headache.

The girls backed away from her with wide eyes.

" Sorry. " Hermione said, rubbing her head and going over to her bed and sitting down, Crookshanks went to her and sat down in her lap, rubbing under her chin in a comforting way. Hermione managed to smile a little at her cat before slowly petting him on the head.

" I'm going to lay down for a bit. " She announced before she moved Crookshanks to the floor and laid back down.

" We'll come get you for classes. " Parvati said as she and the rest of the girls got ready for the day.

" So, Harry. You gonna tell us where you and Granger went to last week? " Seamus asked as he and some of Gryffindor were eating breakfast.

Harry, who was drinking his milk, spit most of it out and almost choking on the rest, looked at Seamus in shock before he asked back,

" What are you talking about Seamus? "

" Don't play dumb with me! I saw how you two acted that night. " Seamus replied.

" I was just making sure Hermione didn't over do it with the alcohol. I've never seen her act like that before and I didn't want her to get hurt. " Harry answered.

" Uh Huh. You were just as hammered as she was when you left with her outside the tower. Now spill, what did you and the bookworm do? " Seamus asked again.

" Don't call her that. " Harry growled, glaring at Seamus, " And it's none of your business. " He continued, taking another drink of his milk.

" Ohhh! " Dean moaned teasingly, " Potter got some didn't he? How was it? " He asked, earning another glare and a fork coming at his head.

" Shut it, nothing happened! " Harry said, trying his best not to blush as he remembered that night, as he turned back to his breakfast.


After Hermione and Harry got back to the tower an hour or so after she had run Ron off, Hermione went straight to the firewhiskey. Harry went after her and had a bottle of it himself.

" Hermione, slow down. Your not use to that. " He cautioned her as he watched her down part of a bottle of the whiskey.

" I need this right now Harry. " She said to him as she finished the bottle and got another.

" Damn Granger, didn't know you liked firewhiskey so much! " Dean had commented as he and Ginny came over to get another butterbeer and firewhiskey.

" Back off Dean. " Harry warned, glaring.

Raising his hands, Dean said, " No harm Harry. Just didn't know Granger liked to drink. "

" She doesn't, she's having a bad day. " Harry said, taking a long drink of his firewhiskey.

" Ron, right? "

hicup Hermione choked up and downed the bottle again.

" Okay, that's enough, Hermione. Give me that before you hurt yourself. " Harry said, taking the whiskey away from her before she could get another bottle.

Harry picked up another firewhiskey bottle for himself and a butterbeer for her before he and Hermione left the tower again.

They went to the Room of Requirment and sat down on the sofa that was there. Soft music played from somewhere in the room as they sat and listened. Slowly sipping from the bottles that Harry had brought with them.

" Thanks Harry. " She said, leaning over and putting her head on his shoulder again.

" Your welcome. " He said, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and holding her to him.

" Hey, where's Hermione? " He heard Ginny ask, breaking his train of thought for the moment.

Shaking his head, Harry turned and saw that all of Gryffindor was there, but Hermione's seat was empty.

" She woke up sick. She said laid back down and we said that we would go get her for classes. " Padma answered.

Harry then got up and left the table and out into the halls and up to the tower. On his way there, he picked up where he had been interupted,

They stayed like that for awhile before Hermione shifted and Harry loosen his hold on her and looked at her as she looked at him with an odd look in her eyes. Harry returned the look and unconsciously moved closer to her as she did the same.

They were a hares breathe away from each other before Harry realized what was happening and started to pull away, but Hermione stopped him by putting her hand on the back of his head and pulling him back to her and her lips as she kissed him.

Harry stayed still until Hermione began to move away and then he put his hand to the back of her head and pulled her back and returned the kiss, wrapping his other arm around her waist and pulling her towards the rest of his body.

" Mmmph! " Hermione moaned and deepened the kiss by licking his bottom lip and he responded by letting her in and their tongues explored the other's mouth.

Harry pushed Hermione back until she was laying beneath him, running her hands up his back and his own were under her shirt, going up until he touched her covered breasts, causing her to moan again and he to grunt.

Suddenly the sofa transformed into a bed and they stopped again.

" Hermione.." Harry began.

" Don't Harry. Please keep going. " She said, kissing him again and putting her hands under his shirt and began to take it off.

" Hermione? " Harry said when he got to the girls' dorm.

She didn't answer, so he opened the door gently and went inside. He saw her on her bed with Crookshanks laying down beside her.

' Lucky cat. ' He thought before going over to her and bending down so that he was level with her face to face.

Reaching out he smoothed her hair away from her face and noticed how pale she looked and the way her breathing was slightly shallow.

Harry lay atop a now naked Hermione and smoothed her hair away from her face and saw how beautiful she was when she was like this, slightly out of breathe, looking up at him with that wanting and desired filled look in her dark brown eyes. But then again, she was always beautiful to him. He bent down and kiss her again as he slowly entered her.

" Ahh. " She hissed, pulling away from him.

" Sorry. " He said, stopping.

" It's alright. Don't stop. " She said, holding onto him as he continued to enter her to the hilt.

He waited until she pushed against him to move. He moved slowly to let her get more used to him before he started to move faster with her keeping up with every thrust.

" Ahh, Harry. " She breathed out as he continued.

" Huh, Hermione. " He replied as he moved faster.

" H-Harry! " She screamed as her climax hit.

" 'Mione! " He shouted back as his hit right after hers and he lay still atop her until it stopped.

He moved away from her and lay down beside her, pulling her close to him and a blanket appeared atop them and he pulled it up to their shoulders as she fell asleep with her arms around him and his on her waist.

" Uggh! " Harry grunted lowly and deeply as he remembered how many more times they ended up like that that night and tried to think of something else before Hermione woke up and saw him with his manhood at full attention in front of her face.

" Hmm? " Hermione mumbled as she woke up.

' too late now. ' He thought as he pulled his robes over his front.

" Harry? What time is it? " She asked as she raised up, but a wave of nausea hit her and she grabbed her head.

" Easy. Padma said that you woke up sick and I'd thought I'd come and see you. " He said as he moved to sit beside her, keeping his robes around him.

" I don't know what happened, it just hit. "

" Want to go to Madam Promfrey? " He asked.

" No. I'm fine now. " She answered, though her pale face told Harry differently.

" Why don't you just stay in today? I'll tell the others to leave you alone and let you rest. " Harry said.

" But.." She started.

" No buts. Your staying here. Your health's more important then classes. I'll tell you about the lessons when I get back and then you can work on them after your feeling better. " Harry said firmly.

" Oh alright. But just this once. Your lucky I'm sick other wise I would hex you for telling me what to do. " She grumbled with a little pout that Harry couldn't help but kiss.

" Harry! I'm sick! " She said, pulling away.

" Don't care. " He said smiling and kissed her again, earning a weak giggle from her as he pushed them on the bed.

" Your going to get sick. And your going to be late for class. " She said also smiling.

" No I won't. And I'll bring you some lunch later. Keep an eye on her for me Shanks. " Harry said, scratching the cat behind the ears as he left.

" Shanks, huh? " Hermione said with a raised eyebrow at her cat, who looked like he was smiling and laid down beside her again.

Here's ch. 1! Hope ya'll like it! And sorry if this is a sucky lemon, it's my first time writing one about these two.

CSI-Panther out.