This story was written in the fashion of a role play. Some parts will be edited to flow better in the style of a story, but it will mostly remain in the same format. I wrote the parts of Yoshiki, Naomi, Yuka, and Daichi. My friend is responsible for the parts of Ayumi, *Ayame and Satoshi. The writing was done by us, but we do not own the franchise or characters included.

*Ayame is an own character. She was a student trapped in Heavenly Host, who died there some time ago. how is unknown. Through the gateway that was created by Ayumi during the ritual, and unprotected by the mess up, she was able to escape, and hide away in Ayumi's body. Her goal is to make Ayumi's body and life her own, permanently.

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Ayumi propped the book against the wall, her eyes glazing over the words for the hundredth time. Black magic was delicate and very dangerous if done incorrectly. She was completely aware of the risks she was may be placing her and Naomi in by messing with such vicious spirits, but for the chance to connect to Seiko, Mayu and the others who had died in Heavenly Host, she was willing to take the chance. They were in her room, her house empty and would be so for at least another four hours. Hopefully that would be enough time. She grabbed the chalk, drawing on her hardwood floor the symbols on the large black book. They were intricate, easy to mess up. But, she had skills in drawing and she had been practicing them countless times in order to insure perfection. She swallowed thickly, nervous that the time to act on this magic had come. She had been reading through the book when she came across the spirit connection. It made it capable to use a mirror as a telephone to the spirit world, which would include that awful school they had been thrown in by the incorrect Sachiko charm.

Ayumi grabbed the knife, her stomach churning a little at the sharp edge. She pressed it against the tip of her index finger. Her head felt a little lighter by the movement, but she couldn't stop now. The chance to talk to Mayu, Sakutaro, Seiko, and Ms. Shishido was so tempting. She pressed her bleeding finger against the top of the mirror, drawing a thin outline of her blood around the mirror. When it was done, she grabbed a bandage that she had on her desk around her finger. She looked at the mirror, the coating of blood around it connected. The symbols on the floor matched the one in her book perfectly. She swallowed thickly as she pulled out her scrap of the Sachiko doll they had used. She placed it into the circle, a way to connect specifically to Heavenly Host. She glanced back at Naomi, her expression determined and hiding the doubt she felt. "Are you ready, Nakashima?" she questioned, not wanting to throw the other girl off too much before contacting the spirits.

Naomi stood to the side, watching nervously as Ayumi drew the complex shapes and nonsensical symbols. The room was partially darkened, and the ambiance and knowledge of what they were about to attempt made her anxious. But, to talk to their friends... to talk to Seiko... this was necessary. Her heart was filled with fiery determination, and she clutched tightly at her chest. They had to make contact with all them... maybe to help them find rest... For Mayu, Sakutaro, Ms. Shishido, and Seiko. Though, her face slightly paled at the knife and the blood oozing from Ayumi's small cut, remembering exactly what they were doing to achieve this goal... Black magic... the most dangerous to attempt, as they had already found out.

Naomi lifted her head, then nodded towards Ayumi, trying to put on her toughest expression and posture. "Yes, I'm ready, Shinozaki," she answered, doubt lacking from her voice, but not from her heart. On the outside, she wanted to keep up her strong willed appearance, but on the inside, she was terrified about what would happen if they messed this up. Would they be killed on the spot? Taken back to Heavenly Host? There was a number of consequences, and all were unsettling to her. But again, she saw no choice in the matter. They had to save their friends from their agony. It was the least they could do.

Ayumi nodded at Naomi's unwavering answer. She took a deep breath as she picked the book up, her eyes looking over the chant. They were really doing this, there was no backing out now, not that she wanted to. They owed those in Heavenly Host to find them peace, somehow, someway. She held the book in one hand, holding the free hand over her scrap of paper in front of the mirror. She stared at her own image, a little frightened by herself. Such lines were not meant to be crossed, but the very act of being in Heavenly Host had been unnatural, so trying to fix what was wronged couldn't be bad. "Spirituum obscurorum te invoco, Rescribere meam callst, Mortis excessit e vita, Audite sermones meos quos loquor ad te, Ipsam animam offero, Respondeo dicendum!"she said with a strong, even voice. The foreign language was weird on her tongue, but she had dealt with the ancient language before.

As she began to chant, a large gush of wind blew through the room, extinguishing the candles. The mirror began to glow itself, the red light shined into the room giving everything a blood-soaked glow. With the last of her command, the light exploded to a blinding degree. Ayumi felt a sharp, splitting pain in her head that caused her to drop the book and grab her head. She screamed, the pain rippling through her was blinding. Her blood felt like it was on fire and her body felt like her skin was being tugged away. This shouldn't...she thought, the pain subsiding as she sunk into darkness. She suddenly realized she had no control of her body, she felt the same sensation that she had while possessed in Heavenly Host.

Ayumi's body sunk to the floor, staring at the mirror. Her eyes were unfocused and darker than they normally appeared. A large grin spread across her face as her hands touched random spots on her body.

Naomi stood next to Ayumi, taking a deep breath and focusing on the mirror and Ayumi read off the chant of foreign words. Her heart jolted at the rush of wind, leaving them in the darkness, but only for a short moment as the mirror began to glow with an unnatural red light. She began to grow increasingly uneasy, the crimson tint bringing unwanted memories into her mind. Then, a bright flash caused her to flinch, guarding her eyes with her arm. Wh-what happened? Did they fail, or succeed? She couldn't tell until the light subsided, and Ayumi was screaming in pain.

"Shinozaki!" Naomi gasped, worried something unnatural was tearing at her. Though, she eventually went quiet, and just stared at the mirror. She was hesitant to approach at first, especially as she grew an inhuman grin and began touching random places of her own body. Shakily, she stepped forward, shuffling down onto the hardwood on her knees, reaching out to place a hand on her friend's shoulder. "Sh-Shinozaki, are you okay? What happened?" she asked, but had a dreadful feeling that this was not Ayumi...

The pain had finally stopped. After years, which felt like centuries, the agony of death had subsided. Her body wasn't being picked apart slowly by the hands of malicious ghost children. Her eyes were both there, her body was intact. Even if it wasn't her original body, such a concern was hardly worth noting. She had escaped Heavenly Host! "Haha... hahaha... HAHAHAHAHA,"her laughter built upon itself, her shoulders shaking by the insane sound. She turned to look at Naomi, eyes casting over the girl curiously.

She had a urge, a horrible unnatural craving to make her bleed. "I'm doing wonderfully," she replied, an amount of lucidity to her voice that the other ghosts who possessed Ayumi lacked. She stood up slowly, the long grin still transfixed on her face. She moved over to the desk. "You, on the other hand," she began to say, picking up the blade Ayumi had used to cut her finger moments ago. "Well, I'm going to skin you like a pig."

Naomi instantly withdrew her hand at the unsettling laughter, standing back up quickly before Ayumi, or whoever this was, had even spoke. Her fake bravado instantly melted away as she began talking, and she could easily tell this was, indeed, no longer her friend. I-I did something!... We failed! she thought, filled with panic as she silently watched Ayumi stand and walk over to the desk. Her brain couldn't process what she was doing until she told her she'd... skinher?! She jumped as Ayumi lunged at her, letting out a sharp yelp. She had her tackled to the ground, but her hand had caught her wrist and tried to wrestle her away.

With great effort and adrenaline, she shoved Ayumi off and ran out of the home, figuring she was safe in public. She panted and tears welled up in her eyes, fear consuming her. Was Ayumi... stuck like this because they failed? Because she may have failed? She whimpered, holding her hands over her mouth. Had she doomed another one of her friends, and let a vengeful spirit run rampant in her body? Her limbs shook uncontrollably, as she tried to decide on what to do. She couldn't leave like this... She had to try and help! If she didn't... the crazed revenant might try and kill Ayumi's parents, and her sister. She hesitantly approached the door again, hovering her hand over the handle. If she went in... what was her plan?... Maybe she could try and run to her sister's room, that held all those charms and supernatural things... Though, she found herself frozen in fear, unable to step forward...

She went to kill this short-haired girl with every intention of keeping her word about skinning her. She had her pinned, she wanted to make the cut so badly. She wanted to see the red liquid pool from someone else's body. But, she was thrown back, not expecting the girl to have as much strength as she did. Moving still felt almost weird to her, she hadn't had the chance to have control of a body in so, so long. The girl was gone, disappointingly enough. Maybe she'd come back... someone would come home. She didn't care whose blood was spilled, she just wanted to revel in the sight. She looked at the large knife in her hand, her crazy eyes infatuated with the power of it. She left the bedroom, wandering the house, cackling lightly as she reflected on how overjoyed she was to have made claim on this vessel.

Naomi took in a deep breath. Just do it! You can't hope to save Seiko or any of the others if you can't save the friends you still have! she urged herself. She burst into the house, rushing up the stairs with the sole hope she was no longer up here, so she wasn't cornered. If she got caught again, she was certain her fate would be as Ayumi had described. Her heart raced with terror as she ran down the hall, jerking on Hinoe's room door. It seemed jammed. Oh, God! she thought with a sinking heart, twisting the knob desperately until it finally gave. She shuffled among the many objects that were placed on the dresser, grabbing a few charms and turning around, hoping to catch the spirit off guard... and hopefully expel it from Ayumi's body. If this failed, she was doomed, and so was Ayumi's family, she had a feeling.

She looked towards the door as she swore she heard someone come back into the house. Her grin remained large as she realized that she had someone she could hunt. She went to the stairs, her movements slow and methodical. How lovely will it be to bathe in red, she thought with a deep chuckle. She was so eager, she didn't consider anything but her prey as she came towards the source of the noise. She entered the room, her breath being knocked out right away as she felt a strong downward pull on her. She glared at the girl, her body beginning to tremble as she felt control being pulled away. Her hand couldn't keep a grip on the knife and it fell to the ground with a metallic clank. Her hands grabbed at her head, she refused to leave! She let out an ear-piercing scream, the feeling of the body already being compromised. Ayumi's body fell to the floor, convulsing as the spirit was pushed down in her soul.

Naomi held her ground as her possessed friend came into the room, a slight relief coming over her as she dropped ti her knees. She flinched at the scream, and as soon as she fell to the floor, she dropped the charms and ran forward, trying to hold Ayumi still. Once her body calmed down, she didn't find herself any less worried. "Shinozaki... please be okay," she pleaded, staying on the floor by Ayumi's side with her head on her lap. She would hate to lose another friend to Heavenly Host... she wasn't sure she could take it...

Ayumi jerked awake with a gasp, like she had just emerged from underwater. She was panting, sweat dripping from her as she tried to grasp what happened. She felt like she had a weight on her chest and her body was tingling in a very unpleasant way. "N-Nakashima?" Ayumi questioned, her voice strained. "W-what... happened?" she questioned, her memories fast streaks in her mind that she couldn't slow down. She had been chanting... then the splitting pain her head. Had she... been possessed? She normally felt okay after possessions, though. She felt weak, like some force was holding her down.

Naomi jumped when Ayumi jolted awake, but smiled and teared up when it was her friend that had awoken. "Thank God!" she sighed, quickly enveloping Ayumi in an embrace. She pulled away and wiped at her tears, trying to recompose herself to answer her friend. "Y-you were possessed... I think we... failed," she said slowly, her look turning downtrodden, "But... at least you're okay... I was so worried..." She hadn't seen her other possessions, so she couldn't pick out the differences between them. She had no idea that spirits couldn't usually talk so coherently through another person, as far as their prior experiences went.

Ayumi was a little surprised at the embrace, she returned it, though her grip was weak. She felt... really off. But, Naomi seemed so frazzled by the possession she didn't want to freak her out. Maybe these were just the after effects of being possessed in the physical world. "I'm sorry, Nakashima. I must have messed it up somewhere along the way..." Ayumi said, trying to think back to the book. Ayumi had been certain she had covered everything, but there must have been a mistake. She knew how desperately Naomi wanted to talk to Seiko, to give her one last chance at seeing her friend off. "I'll try to figure out what happened..." she said, unsure if she should suggest giving it another shot once it was sorted out. She could have... potentially killed Naomi. The thought made her blood run cold, she thought she'd be safe from possessions outside of Heavenly Host, but unfortunately the blood in her veins were that of a psychic line. Such supernatural connections were unavoidable, it seemed.

Naomi fidgeted, unsure of the proposal. "I... I don't know, Shinozaki...," she said slowly, holding her hands close to her chest, "This is really dangerous... Even the littlest slip up can have deadly consequences... I thought I had lost you forever, and... I'm not sure I can handle losing another friend..." Sure, she wanted to talk to Seiko one last time... To let her know she was fine, and may be even find a way to bring her back, or at least the fact she had existed, but if it was going to endanger Ayumi and herself... Well, they should... quit, while they still had each other. Losing anyone else would have even more of an impact on their minds... The risk was too high with this black magic... and it scared her.

Ayumi looked down at Naomi's words, finding herself agreeing with them. She knew black magic was dangerous, often deadly to the users. But, she had thought herself well-versed enough that she could at least make contact. It was such a tempting thought... to talk to their dead friends, but it probably wasn't worth their own lives. "I guess we should quit while we're ahead," Ayumi agreed as she stood up on her unsteady legs. The pressure still hadn't passed, her heart felt like it was working at double capacity. She walked out of her sister's room, a certain amount of pressure lifting off of her. H-huh? Why would I... feel better outside Hinoe's room? she questioned. She still felt lightheaded, but the weight on her chest felt less overbearing. She looked at Naomi and smiled lightly, not wanting to worry her. "I think it would be best not to mention this little attempt to Mochida and Kishinuma," she added. She was pretty sure Naomi would have no intention, but it was more to have a cohesive understanding between them.

Naomi smiled slightly, glad that Ayumi understood and felt the same way. "I agree," she said quietly, finally standing and watching Ayumi leave the room. She followed her out, after grabbing the knife from the floor. They probably shouldn't leave it lying around... She held it carefully as she shut the door behind her, then wrapped her other hand around it, looking down solemnly. She still felt bitter about all they had gone through, and the fact it was like their friends hadn't even existed. But... they wouldn't want their own lives to be weighted down... After all, it was a miracle they had gotten out at all. They should stop testing their luck with black magic, and live their lives for the people they remembered to be real. She looked up at Ayumi after she was snapped out of her deep thoughts, nodding to her. "Alright... I'm okay with not telling them," she agreed, not really wanting to face what they may say about the attempt.

Ayumi nodded, a small smile on her face. She was glad they were seeing eye to eye on everything. As tempting as it was to use the dark magic, it was rarely ever worth the price. She was glad it was only a brief possession that Naomi that had been able to handle this time around. Next time they may not be so lucky... which is why there wouldn't be a next time. "I'm glad we agree," she said. She felt like Satoshi and Yoshiki may get pretty upset with them if they found out the stint with black magic happened. Neither of them were particularly drawn to the occult world, especially after Heavenly Host. They'd just thought that Naomi and her were being reckless. "I guess... I'll see you at school tomorrow," Ayumi said, a little eager for the visit to be over. She desperately wanted to lay down, her head still had a splitting headache. She held out her hand to take the knife from Naomi, she'd wash it and return it to the kitchen. Her parents and sister would never know...

Naomi nodded, but was a little reluctant to give away the knife. She was still a little shaken up from what had happened... but she shouldn't be. Ayumi was perfectly fine now... She smiled after her long pause, giving over the knife finally. "Alright... I'll see you tomorrow, then!" she said, holding her hands close to her chest. She gave her friend a small bow farewell, exiting the home. Something still felt off about the whole situation... Especially that mirror. She was scared to be around it, and scared for Ayumi. Hopefully, if they kept to themselves from now on, no more bad spirits would haunt them...

Ayumi waited for the knife to be placed into her hand, she could understand the reluctance after what just happened. She waved goodbye to Naomi with a weak smile, then closed her door. She looked down at the knife, a sharp pain shot through her head like a bullet. She dismissed it as a headache, heading to the kitchen to wash the knife and take some pain killers.

Ayumi couldn't sleep, she felt like she had a fever. She moved fitfully in her bed before letting out a frustrated grunt and tossing her covers aside. She headed downstairs, as silently as she could manage. She went into the downstairs bathroom, grabbing the thermometer and putting it in her mouth. She waited for a minute before taking a look at the temperature. "Normal..." she noted, even though she felt anything but. The headache still hadn't subsided, resulting in her stomach feeling tossed around from the pain. She decided she was just freaking herself out because of the black magic spell from earlier. She headed back up to her room, booting up her computer when she acknowledged her frazzled brain would let her get sleep tonight. As the computer turned on, illuminating her room in artificial light, she caught herself staring at her mirror. The blood had been cleaned from it, the chalk wiped away, her paper scrap tucked safely away. She caught her own eyes, something seemingly off with how she looked. I'm just... tired... she thought to herself. She looked back at her computer, beginning to type away and try to forget her headache.

She woke up about an hour before her alarm clock would go off because of the feeling of scissors plunging into her left eye. She shot up, her head had been using her keyboard as a pillow. She touched her eye, it was still in place and she told herself to calm down. This was getting ridiculous. That spell had just brought up all the old feelings and fears that Heavenly Host brought. She'd be fine. Her head still hurt, but to less a degree than last night. Her neck hurt now as well, but that was her own fault for falling asleep as she did. She was glad she managed to get a few hours of sleep under her belt. It was better than she originally thought she'd do. She moved away from the computer as her blood ran cold as she saw blood on her hands. She took a sharp breath, trying to remain silent as panic ran through her. With shaky breaths and trembling arms she went out into the hallway... there was blood on the floor. Her heart felt like it was going to burst from her chest, the raw fear hadn't been felt since she was in the walls of that school.

She followed the spots of blood that had most likely come off her own hands. She walked up to the entrance of the house, noticing the door was wide open. She stepped outside, seeing a gutted rabbit on her front yard. She quickly retreated inside in a panic, her entire body trembling as she felt a rising panic attack. Breathe, Ayumi... you have to... clean this up, she told herself. That's what she'd do first... clean up the mess...

The rabbit had been placed in a plastic bag, tossed into her trashcans. The blood leading into her house had been scrubbed to nothing. She was standing in the shower, letting the blood wash off her hands as tears slid down her cheeks. Black magic... if done incorrectly, there's always a consequence, she thought to herself in terror. They had messed up, there was a price to pay for that. Her own sanity as the price though? She was terrified. She couldn't stop trembling, washing her hair was more difficult than need be. She sighed, turning the water cold to shock her system. What... is happening? she asked herself as the last of the light red coloring slid into the drain.

Ayumi tried her best to make herself look normal, but she was terrified of school. What if... she hurt someone? What was the state of her mind? She had no idea why she would go out in the middle of the night... and kill a harmless rabbit. The entire thing had shaken her up, but she was afraid of talking about it. What if she really was losing her mind? She entered the 2-9 classroom, smiling at some of her classmates that greeted her. She went for her seat, willing class to start early today. She would have to tell Naomi, wouldn't she? After all, they had done the magic together. What if she was feeling the same effects? She had to try and push it from her mind, though, if she was going to make it through today. She just hoped... whatever happened to her consciousness last night, wouldn't happen during school hours.

Yoshiki was sitting in his normal seat, his eyes staring ahead, but without focus. This new teacher, or at least, new to the remainder of their circle of friends, just felt completely wrong. For a teacher like Ms. Yui to be so loving towards her students... just be forgotten... It frustrated him just as much as the fact no one remembered Shinohara, Morishige, or Suzumoto, but he was constantly reminded of Ms. Yui everyday he came in and listened to the teacher he considered a fake.

He sighed, unable to focus on the class itself near as much as he used to. He held his head up with his hand, but was so tempted to just lay his head down and sleep. His eyes glanced over to Satoshi, who was taking notes like the good kid. Naomi still seemed a little out of it, and he couldn't really blame her. He was just thankful they hadn't lost her to Heavenly Host. Ayumi, too, was able to get out before the Darkening took her over, which gave him relief above all else. It really took a load off of his shoulders to know they were out of harms way, and could, at least try, to have a normal life again.

Naomi had been a little zoned out before class started. She hadn't even notice her friends come in, Ayumi included, even though she had wanted to talk to her. She was still worried about yesterday, and if she was still okay. More than anything, she wanted to put her anxieties to rest, and for Ayumi to tell her everything was alright. She glanced to Ayumi in class, her look giving away that she wanted to speak with her in between classes. She had to make sure she was completely fine after the events of yesterday.

Satoshi didn't mind the new teacher, she was nice and her lessons were pretty clear cut. Still, he hated the constant reminders of what Heavenly Host had taken from them. It hurt even worse that mentioning Ms. Shishido's name would only result in blank stares. She had been such a great teacher, who always looked out for her students. Now she was gone. Just like Mayu, Sakutaro, and Seiko... He bit the inside of his cheek as he wrote the notes down, trying to keep his mind focused on the lesson. He glanced quickly over at Naomi, she seemed sort of out of it today. It broke his heart, watching her struggle over all their deaths, but Seiko's especially. The two were best friends... they were always together, but now Seiko just vanished from her life. Even worse, no one but the small group that made it out can acknowledge her existence.

Ayumi caught the look from Naomi and gave a small nod, since the anxiety of last night was begging to get off her chest. Mostly she just wanted someone to tell her she wasn't crazy. That she was just fine... but waking up with an animal's blood on your hands wasn't fine. She swallowed thickly, scared of herself. She tried her hardest to focus on the class, but halfway through the notes she began to sketch little rabbits along the rims of her notebook. She felt so guilty that she had killed such an innocent thing... but had it been her? She didn't remember it... she had thought she was asleep.

When the class bell rang, Ayumi caught Naomi's sleeve and led her away from the crowd quickly. They'd have to go back to the classroom soon, so she couldn't waste anytime. "S-something... really messed up," she said in a panicked voice to Naomi. She had blamed to be calm... collected, but it wouldn't happen. She was panicking. "Last night, something happened... I... my body... I gutted a rabbit in my front yard," she said in a hushed, terrified voice. "I woke up with blood on my hands... I don't remember doing it."

Naomi let herself be led away, the look on Ayumi's face telling her it wasn't the news she had wanted to hear. He brows furrowed at the disturbing news, a hand lifted to clutch at her chest. Gutted... a rabbit? Her blood ran cold, giving her slight chills. "Do you think... you're still somehow possessed?" she asked, fearful that she was correct. She would've liked that to be the last of it, but it never seemed things were that easy. She had learned that usually, black magic made you pay some pretty high prices. She felt horrible about it, though... Ayumi was probably terrified of herself, but nothing had happened to her. She didn't know how she felt about getting off scott-free while Ayumi was so panicked, and scared of herself. "M-maybe we can do something to kick them out... What if you wore a charm 24/7?" she suggested, desperately wanting to help her friend.

Ayumi blinked slowly as she began to consider Naomi's question. In Heavenly Host, once the possession was over, the spirit would go back to how it was in Heavenly Host. Maybe the spirit couldn't escape her in this dimension? Or maybe this was a different type of spirit, considering what happened before she entered her. "I guess so... it's the only explanation. The spirit that took me over yesterday is still inside me," she said slowly, the entire situation felt horribly unreal. It would explain the headaches and the rabbit killing. She wondered if the charm would work... could the soul be pulled from her? Well, right now she was just worried about how violent the spirit may be. "It wouldn't hurt to try... I'll get one out of my sister's room when I get home," she replied, her tone uncertain. Her mind was reeling in fear as she wondered what would happen to her with this soul. She didn't want to die... even more so, she didn't want to lose her mind permanently.

Naomi smiled slightly, glad that her suggestion may help. After, the spirit had at least been suppressed by the charms. Maybe if Ayumi always wore one, it would eventually be expelled from her body? Or she would at least be safe from possessions. Their small break was coming to an end, so they had to come back to class. Though, now, with that news, she couldn't think about anything other than Ayumi's circumstance. She should have never pressed her for a way to talk to the others... She felt so guilty... While it was true Ayumi had mentioned doing something like it before, she had pressed the matter. This whole ordeal felt like her fault, and she wasn't even the one paying for it... She stared down at her desk, her heart heavy.

Ayumi returned to her desk, eager to go home and grab a charm or two. Her head still hurt like hell, to the point she was just considering going to the nurse and heading home early. She didn't want to make a fuss with the teacher, though. She always liked to actually be present for lectures too, since notes never could be a true substitute. She sighed, figuring it was best to stay. The day was already partly over, she would just suck it up. It's not like... the evil spirit would make its way out... right? Dammit, she cursed, she really shouldn't stick around. She'll make it to lunch... at that time she'll head to the nurse.

Satoshi was becoming exceedingly worried about Naomi. She definitely seemed more off, but class was picking up again before he got the chance to say anything to her. He had to wonder what Ayumi and her had been talking about... they both seemed more haggard than typical. He sighed, thinking back to Heavenly Host. When Naomi had ran off after seeing Seiko's body being dragged away, he had realized that he was in love with her. He had been for who knows how long, but he had only just realized it then. Obviously Heavenly Host hadn't been the place to admit such a thing, but with the new knowledge, he found it harder to be around Naomi normally. He wanted to tell her, but they were all still dealing with the emotional baggage Heavenly Host had given them. It was best to wait... for things to become more normal again. Still, at lunch he knew he was going to ask her what was going on.