Illogical CH3

Hodgins POV

The next morning Hodgins woke with a start. He was slumped over on the couch with Zack snoring lightly in his lap. He rubbed his eyes ad checked his clock. 9:27.

"Shit. Zack, get up. I need to get leave."

He tapped to younger man and Zack bolted up, eyes wide with panic. "Did they find me!?"

"No dude, you're in the clear. I have to go to work though; I'm almost two hours late. We gotta find somewhere to stash you before I can leave."

"I'm soo sorry Cam; I stayed up last night to watch the Firefly marathon on the science channel." He chuckled nervously as he walked up to his boss.

Cam eyed him suspiciously. "Don't let it happen again Dr. Hodgins. We have a new case. Booth and Bones are on the field right now investigating it."

"Well where are they?" He felt uncomfortably warm under Cam's stares.

"They left first thing this morning; they should be back within half an hour. Since you were late I think you should just stay in the lab. I'm sure they've already collected all the samples they needed for everything."

Within fifteen minutes Bones was in the lab already examining the body. It was mostly rotted away, with the tattered remnants of a dress, now black with grime and decomposition.

"Jeez, what happened to her?"

Brennan gave him a hard look. "This young woman was found in a tree by some hikers very early this morning. Her hands and feet were tied and she was hanging by her neck. Blunt force trauma to the occipital lobe, as well as bone cracks and stress fractures suggests the girl was tortured. We collected samples, but I believe you should go back to the scene and collet your own. Where were you this morning Hodgins?"

"I slept in; I'm gonna go collect those samples now. Where exactly was she found?"

Hodgins climbed into his car and entered the coordinates. It was nearly a mile out of town and almost literally in the middle of nowhere. When he finally arrived, the scene was roped off. He ducked under and spoke to one of the officers. "I'm part of the forensic team that was here earlier, can you show me where the remains were found?"

The officer grunted and pointed at a particularly large, thick oak tree. It had low branches that made it easy to climb. The rope she was hung from was still on the branch. He climbed into the tree and swabbed everything he needed to before finally cutting it down. He took pictures of the scene, and checked the ground for anything that might not have belonged. Finding nothing, he gathered his things and got back in his car.

When he got to his lab, a man in a black suit was waiting for him. "He's been here for almost an hour, Hodgins," Cam told him when he walked into the lab.

"I'll take care of it, do you know what he's here for?"

"I have no clue, but it seems serious, especially because he won't leave. He's waiting at your station."

"Anything I can help you with officer?" He smiled at the serious man.

"This morning, Mr. Zach Addy was found to have escaped from his cell. Do you have any clue of his whereabout? We believe that he may be dangerous."

He put on his thinking face, frown and all, and then spoke. "No, I haven't seen or heard anything from him. He's pretty smart though; do you really think he would contact one of his friends if he managed to escape?"

"I suppose you're right. Thank you for your time Dr. Hodgins. Can you please point me towards the paleontology exhibit? I'm looking for a Ms. Naomi Campbell. She is the last one on my list."

Hodgins chuckled and gave him directions. After the agent had left, he let out a sigh of relief. Later that night, on his way home he thought about what he was doing. Harboring an escaped mental patient. One that was considered dangerous. He pulled into his driveway, anticipating when he could get back to Zach.

He hurried into the house and nearly ran to the panic room he had hidden Zach in. When he opened the door Zach jumped up and ran over to him. "Hello Hodgins, what happened? Did someone talk to you?"

"Of course they did, Zach, what did you think they were gonna do?"