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All Elena Gilbert could see before her was blue. It wasn't the greenish hue of the water she last remembered being in.
It was the color of pure frost but it was not cold. It was familiar somehow, yet out of reach. She was being overwhelmed,
surrounded by the color it welcomed her into undiscovered depths. She was more afraid of what it meant, where she was
being led than she had been while she was drowning. But she could not fight the pull of the ice. Wait was she dead?
Is that what this is? She had drowned she was sure of it but still somehow she was attached, tethered …
something beckoned her back.

So with a gasp she answered the call. Seeking, wanting something, someone…

Elena sat up, if only she could see him. Things were coming to her in bits and pieces,

but it was all fuzzy like a fog. If only he was here she would know… everything she was missing would fall into place.

"Elena, love?" Stefan Salvatore asked barely believing she had stirred.

Not him; was all she could think. Eyes searching.

"I want… I need…" Elena managed to say, though her throat was unquenchably dry.

"It's me Stefan. I'm right here Elena. I know what you need. I'm going to help you."
Stefan explained taking her in his arms.

"No." Elena shook her head.

"Where is he?"

"Who?" Stefan asked baffled.

Damon Salvatore came rushing through the door, "Is it true Stefan?"

"See for yourself." Stefan could only reply as he moved away from her.

Damon looked at Elena, she was actually real, and he didn't care how it happened. He would never lose her again.
She was everything to him, no matter what she'd become.

'It's him. He's the one,' Elena thought with a smile as she held her hands out to him.

Not one to refuse her anything he went to her and took her hands in his.

She searched his face recognizing in his eyes the steady glacial blue that had haunted her.

She pulled herself closer to him, clinging to his chest. Craving his comfort.

He wrapped his arms securely around her.

In his embrace the memories started coming. Words he told her to forget…

How she really met him… He was there before, knew her first.

Elena murmured against his chest, "It's you, Damon."

Stefan helplessly watched this scene unfold before him.

Elena asked as a single tear fell from her eye, "Don't leave me, please."

Damon assured her, "Elena I won't leave you, ever."

Stefan began to say,

"No, NO. It's not possible. This can't be happening."

"What Stefan?" Damon asked not relinquishing his hold on her.

"There's only one explanation for this! Why she is acting like that."

"What's wrong with how she's acting?" Damon questioned.

"Isn't it obvious? Who's blood did Meredith use to save her? She used the vampire blood she had on hand.
It was your blood. She's sired to you, Damon."