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Damon and Elena sat together on the roof of The Salvatore Boarding House.

"The council knows about us. They won't stop." Elena stated.

Damon replied, "I made an example of the pastor and his followers tonight.
They aren't likely to try anything again so soon. I have a contingency plan.
But I don't want you to worry about anything Elena, I will keep you safe."

Elena put her head on Damon's shoulder, "I know you will Damon."

Damon took a shaky breath before saying, "This might not have happened to you.
If only I had been at that blasted bridge this time. "

"Damon, you were fighting Alaric. You couldn't have helped what happened.
I still get to stay here and be a sister to Jeremy. I can be there for my friends.
And I get to be with you forever."

Damon gave a soft smile, "I'll look forward to that Elena."

Elena paused before asking, "Wait, what did you mean by 'this' time?"

Damon moved to look Elena in her eyes, "You said you remembered how we met right?"

Elena answered, "Yes, all of it."

"And you also remember that was the night…"

"That was the night my parents' car went off of Wickery Bridge." Elena finished.

Elena took her time to process and asked, "Damon, do you know what happened that night? Were you there?"

"Elena, I will answer you as best I can but first I need to explain some things about vampires.
Things you need to know now that you are one of us… it'll help you understand everything."

Elena only nodded.

"Well, some vampires are different from others, especially if their blood is closer to the Originals. Katherine has been around a long time Elena,
ancient in her own right and near to the Original bloodline. So, I am different from other vampires and not just because I have been on the
'human' stuff longer and more consistently than Stefan. I have these powers and throughout the many years I have honed them."

Elena asked, "Will I develop any 'powers' Damon?"

"It was my blood that changed you, so you very well might. The stronger the vampire, the more likely powers will manifest
down the bloodline. And there has always been 'something' that draws others to you Elena. You are special yourself.
I don't think it's just because you are the 'Doppelgänger.' I sensed it about you from the moment we met. "

"What are your powers Damon?"

"Well, I can transform. And I can control nature to some extent. Do you remember seeing a crow flying around?
Do you remember the fog blanketing the cemetery when you visited your parents?"

She thought back and answered, "Yes, I do now that you mention it."

"Stefan probably thought I must have overheard you tell him who you were. But I knew your name because you told me.
Elena, after I met you that night I couldn't get you out of my mind. I needed to know more about you.
So, I watched over you. I followed you. I did that night too."

Elena held his hand, "Damon, tell me what happened please… it all went so fast."

Damon replied, "It wasn't an accident Elena, something forced the car off that bridge.
Something so fast, so powerful even I couldn't see it. And I couldn't leave you."

Damon paused before continuing, "You were all going down so quickly Elena.
It took all the strength I had to slow the descent. I manipulated the water
around the car almost imperceptibly and made it easier for Stefan to get to you.
Imagine my surprise to find him there."

Elena was silent and waited for him to go on.

"I've wanted to say this to you for so long. I am so sorry Elena; I wasn't strong enough to save your parents too.
I tried but my efforts weren't enough. I held the car as long as I could and I barely kept the water back, but Stefan
and I were only able to get you out. If I hadn't intervened all of you would have gone down. Stefan doesn't even know it."

Elena gasped, "Damon, you did what you could. Thank you."

Elena held him, "You rescued me. And I know if it had been possible to save my parents you would have. All this time I thought it was my fault,
but you telling me it wasn't an accident, now I know I am not to blame. We will figure out what that power was and how to defeat it,
but you have given me a gift. I don't have to carry the guilt of that night with me anymore and I don't want you to either."

"I'll try Elena, only because you ask me to. But are you sure you'll still want to stick with me, now that you know the truth?"

Elena replied, "Now, more than ever."

Elena had an impulse and this time for some reason she didn't question it like she had before. She pulled him in closer and kissed him passionately,
grateful vampires didn't need air as often. She wanted to explore everything about him. Every thought, every emotion she ever had for him
went into that kiss… the confusion, the lust, the fun, the anger, and the love too. She never felt so much for one person in her life or afterlife.
She wondered why she hadn't just let go sooner, but now the dam had broken and she was lost to him forever.

Elena murmured against his lips, "Does that answer your question."

"I think so." Damon groaned out.

Elena only broke the kiss when she saw the sun would be rising soon, "We should get inside it's almost morning."

Damon beamed, "Oh that reminds me…."

Damon reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a trim silver band with a blue lapis lazuli in the center.

"A daylight ring?" Elena asked.

"Bonnie made it for you, just in case."

Damon slipped the ring on her finger.

Elena held her hand out to admire her new accessory and smiled, "Thank you."

Damon replied while taking her hand and fiddling with her ring, "You are welcome beautiful, but these daylight rings are tricky things.
I think we shouldn't risk it and retreat to my bedroom. Just to be sure we are safe from its' evil rays."

Elena laughed agreeing, "The sun is literally trying to kill us."