A snowflake made its way onto lunarpaw's nose sending shivers up her spine. " Goldenflower what is this white stuff?" She asked earning a chuckle from her mentor. " Its snow lunarpaw." She called to her confused apprentice. Darkpaw hid his face in the brown brambles ; stalking his prey. Lunarpaw gave a yelp as the dark tom pelted her. " Ha ha I got yo-" Darkpaw let out a muffled mew from under lunarpaw's pelt. Trowing her off he swiped at her feet, but lunarpaw kept her balance and swatted at his tail. " Gonna take more than that to take me down!" she snickered and sank her claws in his flank. Goldenflower and tigerclaw gave each other glances and chuckled. Tigerclaw made his way torwards the two one swift glance torwards him made the apprentices stand upright. To there suprise tigerclaw only pelted them with snow. Giggling the four began a snowball fight unaware of the rising danger.