Aya slowly woke up.

"Uu~kuu..." Aya moaned as she sat down.

"Aya! You're back!" Min said as she hugged Aya on her bed.

"Min? Ayaka? Tomochi? What happened?" Aya asked them.

"You are in coma." Ayaka said.

"Why did you all grew up so fast?" Aya asked them.

"Time has passed." Min said.

"I understand," Aya said as she tried to go down the bed, "Can you help me get down?"

"I'll help." Tomochi said as he carried Aya and help her walk around.

Min saw a wheel chair and made Aya sit there.

"I'll be able to walk again some time." Aya said as she smiled.

The next day, while Ayaka, Tomochi, Min and Shimo were having breakfast, somebody knocked on the door.

Shimo opened the door and saw a child, in a wheelchair, wearing a beanie.

"Oh hello! I'll help you get in." Shimo said as she lifted the wheelchair a little.

"Hello everybody." The child said.

"Aya!" Min said as she went to the hooded girl.

Aya was wearing a sweater with jumpers.

"Do you want to know what happened to my hair?" Aya asked Min.

"Sure." Min said.

"But don't laugh, okay?" Aya said as she held her beanie.

"Okay." Min said.

Aya removed her beanie, revealing that her hair was cut too short; Tomochi laughed at her hairstyle.

"What happened to you?" Min asked Aya.

"I decided to take a haircut but the barber cut my hair too short that I look like Tomochi when he was young." Aya said.

"I would say that, you look nice with your hair." Min said.

"Really? Thank you." Aya said as she smiled.

"You're welcome." Min said.

Min went to the fridge to get some Chocolate Taiyaki Pies.

"You must be hungry so I went to the fridge to give you a pie made by my sister." Min said as she gave her a pie.

"Yummy." Aya licked her lips as she took a bite.

"Aya," Ayaka asked her as she stood up and put away the dishes, "Did you actually made a clone of yourself?"

"Yes," Aya said as she chewed the pie, "I did it so everyone will forget that I was in coma."

"So that's why we thought that you aren't in a coma." Ayaka said as she cleaned the dishes.

"Tomochi, can you help me stand up?" Aya asked Tomochi.

"Okay." Tomochi said as he help her stand up.

"Let's go to the cherry-blossom garden later!" Aya cheered.

"Okay then." Tomochi said.

Later, at the cherry-blossom garden, Tomochi pushed Aya's wheelchair.

"I wanted to walk." Aya said.

"Okay." Tomochi said as help her stand up.

"Tomochi." Aya said.

"Yes Aya?" Tomochi said as he held Aya's hand.

"I love you." Aya said as she kissed him on the lips.

Tomochi turned red and hugged Aya.

After that, Aya pushed Tomochi and ran around.

"I can run now!" Aya cried as she ran like an airplane.

"Even though I would pass away, I still live in your heart." Tomochi quoted Aya's words inside him.