Almost Easy.

Chapter 1: the return of Ash Ketchum.

Ash: 15 (17 after time skip)

Dawn: 14 (16 after time skip)

An Idea from a ChiefAlpha, that was requested so I thought I was a nice idea to get this started.

Ash walked over to his electric mouse pokemon with the crowd cheering, a man with long greyish blue hair, wearing blue pants and a maroon jacket with a grey jumper under the jacket walked up to the trainer, he recalled his pokemon and smiled at the trainer, "not bad Ash, you're the first to knock out two of my pokemon," he said with a proud look on his face, he extended his hand out to the trainer and shook his hand, "if you ever want a rematch just ask," he said happily before the two trainers turned around to leave the battlefield for the next trainers to battle it out to face the winner of the previous battle.

Ash walked down the hallway as the loneliness of defeat set in for him, "I trained so hard but I still could only beat two of his pokemon," Ash told himself as he looked at his injured electric pokemon.

Brock and Dawn walked up to the trainer with a proud smile on their faces, Ash looked up with a dissatisfied look on his face, "no need to worry Ash, you face legendary pokemon you did so well, I am proud of you Ash," Dawn said with a smile but Ash didn't listen to her words, Ash walked pass the bluenette and into the dark corridor with his electric pokemon.

The girl with the pink mini skirt and knee high boots, white blouse and beanie and a black vest, turned around to see Ash walking away in shame, 'Ash, please don't walk away,' Dawn thought to herself as she tried to follow Ash on her own, "Brock, I am going to follow Ash," Dawn told the young man with spiky brown hair, wearing an orange and brown vest with a green shirt underneath it and a white pair of pants and blue sneakers.

'Ash, I know you put your all into that battle, but you have no reason to ignore us,' Brock thought as the cheers drowned into the hallway as the battle outside went into full swing. Brock walked to the exit and watched the battle on his own.

Meanwhile outside the stadium Dawn ran around the stadium with her water penguin helping in the search, suddenly a loud roar was heard, she looked up to see a large orange pokemon with large wings and large tail with fire emanating at the end, "that's a Charizard," Dawn told herself as the pokemon flew off into the distance.

She walked into the Pokemon Center and made it to the main counter, "excuse me Nurse have you seen Ash Ketchum?" Dawn asked the pink haired nurse nervously.

The nurse nodded and gave Dawn a note, "he told me to give you this note," Nurse joy said with a smile as the young coordinator took the note.

She unfolded the letter and started to read it, "Dear Dawn, I appreciate the journey I had with you and every laugh I had with you, but the most important words I have been meaning to tell you over the last few months just can't be said just yet, the loss of the battle against Tobias was because I was unprepared to face the toughest foes," Dawn read as she started to cry, she read further into the letter to find that Ash was going somewhere to train on his own with his pokemon, "I don't want to be found yet," she finished as she folded the letter up and closed her eyes, "Ash don't hide from me," Dawn said as she placed the letter in her backpack, 'I better keep this quiet from Brock,' Dawn thought to herself before exiting the medical facility.

As she left the Pokemon Center she walked into Tobias, "you're his friend right, please tell Ash, I had a great time battling him and I will be in the Unova region in a couple of years' time," Tobias told the bluenette.

"Sorry I cannot that, Ash is missing and all I have left from him is this letter," Dawn said as she pulled out the letter she was given, "he took the loss from you very harshly," Dawn explained to Tobias as she put the letter back into her back.

"I see, never expected this to occur, I will wait for him," Tobias told Dawn as he handed her a number for Ash to ring, "when you see Ash again tell him to ring that number, I will be waiting," he said before walking into the building with a red roof.

'I have wanted to go to Kanto with him,' Dawn thought to herself as she looked at the stadium, she turned her gaze to the sky and started to think about her journey with Ash, "you know Piplup, I never thought being in love with someone felt this amazing," Dawn said as she knelt down to her small blue and white penguin, "know Ash will return to me one day," Dawn said as she pet the small pokemon on the head, "I hope one day he won't hide his feelings from me," Dawn told the pokemon.

Dawn stood up and listened to the cheers of the crowd from the stadium, she looked up to the sky again and smiled brightly, "Ash, I will be waiting for you! I will become stronger!" Dawn declared with great confidence, "even if I have to stay at his place," Dawn said calmly before turning around and walked away from the pokemon battle arena.

(Two Years later)

Dawn was walking back from the Pokemon Lab owned by Ash's friend with a parcel in her arms, she had her pokemon follow her, "being with Ash's mom, I have realized many things, one was just how lucky Ash is to have someone like her," Dawn chimed positively as she waltzed through the small town. She continued to walk through the wide streets of the small town, she looked over her shoulder thinking she saw Ash again, "nah it can't be Ash hasn't been seen in just over two years," Dawn said with a frown as she walked through the town.

Dawn finally made it to the Ketchum residence with the parcel, "Delia, I have the parcel for you," Dawn called out to the older woman happily.

A woman with shoulder length brown hair, wearing a pink cardigan, a white blouse and a lilac skirt walked up to the door to greet the coordinator, "Dawn, thanks for helping me out, since we haven't seen Ash in a while I have no one to help me out," Delia said with a frown.

"No need to worry, Miss Ketchum, I miss him too," Dawn professed with a smile as she walked up the steps of the house, she walked up to the closed room and opened the door, she walked into the room and looked around, 'Ash, when will you come back?' Dawn asked in thought as she looked at the photo of Ash and Dawn traveling with Brock.

She pulled out the note from her pocket and looked at the number behind the letter, 'tell Ash I will be waiting for a rematch,' Dawn remembered the line of Tobias before leaving the Sinnoh league on her own without letting brock know, "I told Brock a few days later, but Ash not hearing a word from you is the hardest thing ever, I am worried that something has happened to you," Dawn said as she heard Delia walking up the steps.

"Dawn, you're in Ash's room again?" Delia enquired as she walked into the room, she walked around to see the many things her son collected over the years, "so many badges, so many trophies, I am proud of him no matter what happens," Delia said with a bright smile.

"I know what you mean Delia, but we both haven't seen Ash in two years," Dawn said as she jumped onto the bed and rested her head on the pillow, she looked up to see the glow in the dark star stickers on the ceiling, 'I miss the nights we spent looking at the stars together," Dawn thought as she closed her eyes to remember her journey.

"Dawn, have you ever thought of ever looking for Ash?" Delia as the bluenette quietly.

Dawn nodded before opening her eyes, "yes Delia, plenty of times, but I kept reminding myself that Ash will return for me," Dawn told Delia with a smile, she sat up and looked out the window to see the dominating hill over the horizon, "every time I look at that hill I think I see Ash, but no one is ever there to prove it, whenever I think I see him and ask someone about it they say they saw nothing," Dawn explained with a frown as she spun around and put her feet back on the ground.

"So you're waiting for him to return?" Delia asked as she walked out of the room she took one more look at the lonely bluenette, "so when he returns are you going to tell him how feel about him?" Delia asked Dawn with a bright smile.

Dawn looked up to Ash's mother with a flustered look on her face, she turned around and looked out the window, "what makes you think I love your son?" Dawn asked the older lady as she burst out into laughter.

"You're waiting for him aren't you? You look out that window, like you have done over the last couple of years waiting for him to return," Delia explained with a smile as she walked down the steps.

Dawn looked at the floor and started to think, 'she is right, even after two years, I can't hide anything from her,' Dawn thought as she started laughing, Piplup looked up to his trainer and started to get concerned, he jumped up to the window to see Ash standing up on the hill, he jumped around excitedly causing Dawn to look up, "no Piplup, Ash would never return just yet," Dawn said as she restrained the pokemon, she looked up again to see the figure getting closer, "Ash," Dawn whispered as she ran out of the room and rushed down the steps.

She pushed open the door and rushed though the town, she ran towards the hill to see if what she saw was for real. Dawn ran nonstop until with her head pointed to the ground, she continued until she stopped, she looked up to see Ash standing in front of her with Pikachu and him looking around, "I missed you," Dawn confessed as she embraced the trainer.

"Dawn, what are you doing in Pallet Town?" Ash asked as he returned the embrace, Dawn pulled back and looked at the trainer with clothes that were completely wrecked and scratches all over his face, she noticed cuts running down most of his arms, "sorry for taking so long," Ash said with a nervous smile.

Dawn moved away from the trainer with an angered expression on her face, "do you realize how long you have been away from your mother and me?" Dawn asked the trainer angrily as she placed her hands on her hips, "two long years Ash," Dawn replied before the trainer could.

Ash looked to the ground in guilt as his hat fell off his head and fell into pieces, "I am sorry, I promise that it will never happen again," Ash promised with a tired smile, he picked up his head before collapsing onto the ground, "I missed you Dawn," Ash said tiredly as Pikachu fell next to him

Dawn smiled at the trainer and pulled out her pokeball, "Mamoswine, spotlight," Dawn called out for a large brown pokemon with long white tusks, "please help me take Ash back to his place," Dawn requested of her pokemon, the large pokemon gently placed his tusks under the trainer and walked next to the coordinator with the tired Ash in the tusks, 'I am glad you've returned Ash,' Dawn thought as she walked through the town with her ground type pokemon as she held on to Pikachu, "Buneary will be happy," Dawn said as she looked down to the small yellow pokemon.

Delia looked out the window to see Dawn holding onto a small yellow pokemon, she noticed that she had Mamoswine following her with a male with spiky black hair and wearing tattered clothes, she dropped her plate causing it to shatter on the ground, "my Ashy is back home," Delia cried out as she ran to the front door of the house.

Mamoswine placed the trainer on the ground and was recalled by Dawn, "Delia, look who has returned to us," Dawn said as she pointed to a tired trainer, she looked around his belt only to discover six pokeballs, "let's see which pokemon he has," Dawn said as she threw one of them, a bright light appeared from the device until it vanished with a medium sized pokemon with blue and black coloration and a cream colored front, "Lucario, so he has some new pokemon," Dawn said with a smile, "please he Ash to his room," Dawn requested of the pokemon in a hopeful manner.

The fox like pokemon nodded and picked up the trainer and carried it to the front of the house, Delia looked down to see the scratches on the trainers face and cuts running down both his arms, "Dawn, can you go to the shops and get some disinfected as well as some bandages?" Delia requested with a smile as she allowed the aura pokemon to step inside with her son, "also can you get him some new clothes?" Delia asked the bluenette.

Dawn nodded happily as she ran off to follow through with the request; she ran though the town to find the shops she needed to buy the required items, "I can't believe it Ash is back," Dawn said with great excitement.

She continued to run through the streets happily, she made it to the shops and decided to look around for the clothes first since it was going to take her the most time, Dawn found an outfit to replace the one that was destroyed, "hmmmmmm that's a nice shirt and jeans," Dawn said as she picked up a blue and white shirt with blue jeans, she looked around again to find some new shoes for the trainer. He looked around until she found a pair of red shoes for Ash, "well I guess that will be all," Dawn said as she clicked her fingers, "almost forgot, Ash is always with a hat," Dawn told herself as she grabbed a red hat with white at the front with a blue pokeball design on the front.

Dawn walked to the front counter with the new clothes, "that will cost seventy pokedollars," the attendant explained after scanning the new clothes, "but for my favorite customer I will give ten percent off," the attendant said with a sly smile.

'He's hitting on me,' Dawn thought as she paid the items off, "sorry but Ash, has come back I was waiting for him," Dawn said with a nervous smile much to the disappointment, Dawn walked out of the shop with the items in her bag, she looked at the list and thought about what she needed to get next, "I need to get disinfectant and bandages," Dawn reminded herself as she walked further into town.

Meanwhile at Ash's home, the trainer was resting on the bed while his partner pokemon sleeping at the other end, "oh I forgot to tell Dawn to get some medicine for Pikachu," Delia said with a frown. Delia walked over to the phone and pressed in the numbers, after pressing in the numbers she waited for her friend to pick up the phone, an elderly man appeared on the other end of the call, "Professor Oak can you please bring over a Full Restore?" Delia asked the professor with a warm smile.

"Alright I will send Tracy over to your place, I am a little busy at the moment," Oak said with a smile as he pulled out a small green bottle and handed it to his assistant.

"Thank you professor," Delia said thankfully as she ended the call. She walked back upstairs to see Ash still resting on the bed, "at least my son is home," Delia told herself as she pulled the blankets, suddenly a knock was heard on the door, Delia quickly ran out of the room and hurriedly down the steps to see who was at the door, she opened the door to see who was there, she saw that there was a young man with green shorts, an orange shirt with a white lab coat, "Tracy, that was quick," Delia said with shock as she spotted the Full Restore in the pokemon watchers hand.

"I have a delivery for you, what did you need the Full Restore for?" Tracy asked with a smile, Delia pointed to the steps with a grin, "can it be that Ash is back?" Tracy asked as he ran up the steps to see if it was true.

"He is hurt at the moment, but I have sent Dawn to get us the things he needs to help him get better, the Full Restore is for Pikachu," Delia pointed over to an injured mouse pokemon.

The duo walked over to hurt Pikachu and started to spray the Full Restore on the hurt pokemon, it writhed in pain as the spray started to sting the pokemon, Delia stepped back as sparks of electricity emanated from his cheeks, "wow, it must have been a long time since he was given a Full Restore," Tracy said with a frown as he finished spraying the Full Restore on the electric mouse.

Dawn ran back to the house with the requested items and a Full Restore in her arms, "I know Delia forgot to ask me to get one, but I know Pikachu really needs help as well," Dawn told herself as she walked up to the front door of the house, she used the spare key to open the door, "Delia, I have returned with the items you requested!" Dawn yelled out as she walked up the steps, she spotted Pikachu walking back to the room with a cloth in his hands, "am I seeing things?" Dawn asked as she followed the electric mouse back to the room.

"It's okay Dawn, I forgot to tell you to get a Full Restore, so I asked Tracy to bring one here for us," Delia said calmly as she spotted the green bottle in Dawns arms, "I see you got a Full Restore," Delia said as she led Dawn back to the trainer's room.

"I knew we needed one for Pikachu and you forgot to request one so I got one anyway," Dawn admitted happily as she pulled out the disinfectant from the shopping bag.

After a few hours of trying to heal Ash, Dawn and Delia walked out of the room and closed the door, "hey Dawn how about staying for dinner again, I am sure when Ash wakes up, he would be happy to see you again," Delia said sweetly while leading the bluenette down the steps with Pikachu following close behind, Delia started to prepare the meal for Ash, Dawn and herself, "you know it's kind of strange to see my son again, he was gone for two years never saying a word to me," Delia said as she stirred the saucepan for the soup, "what do you intend to do Dawn?" Delia asked the coordinator with a warm smile.

"Me, I intend to lecture him, then if he wants to have that rematch a friend of ours is waiting for, he will have to battle me for it," Dawn replied to Delia's question with a confident smile, Delia giggled after hearing the young girls reply, "then I am going to make him promise never to disappear again," Dawn said as she raised her fist into the air.

Delia looked over at the confident bluenette she chuckled and turned to look out the window, "my son is lucky to have someone like you Dawn, please take care of him," the brunette requested as she continued to prepare the meal for the extra person.

Up in the room Ash was starting to wake up from his slumber, he opened his eyes and sat up, he looked around to see a new set of clothes at one end of the bed, he looked at his arms and chest to see it covered in bandages, "wow, I must have been in pretty bad shape," Ash whispered to himself as he climbed out of the bed. He walked up to the clothes and looked at them for a moment, 'only Dawn would think of getting this stuff, she is into fashion,' Ash thought as he gingerly put the new clothes on, he looked at the hat, 'I will save that for later,' Ash thought as he walked up to the door quietly.

He opened the door and quietly walked down the steps to see how his mother was going, Ash made it to the bottom of the stairs to hear two women talking, "thanks for dinner," a familiar female voice said thankfully.

Ash quietly walked up to the doorway of the dining area to find that Dawn was sitting at the table with his mother, "hello mom and Dawn," Ash said quietly as he walked up to a seat and pulled it out, the trainer slowly sat down and took a bowl of food, "thanks mom for the food," Ash said quietly as he started to eat the food slowly.

Dawn watched as the trainer ate the food, she pulled out the note from Tobias and slide it over to Ash, she left her hand on the note, "I will let you have that note on four conditions," Dawn declared as she moved the note away from Ash and placed it back in her pocket, "you see Ash, I have been here for the last two years making sure your mother had some company while you disappeared," Dawn said as she glared at the trainer.

Ash looked at the bowl of food in guilt, "what were you doing for two years Ash?" Dawn asked as the trainer put the bowl back onto the table, "you contacted no one, not even a letter," Dawn explained as Delia watched Dawn berate her son.

"After my defeat, I needed to do some serious training and soul searching Dawn," Ash professed quietly as his Pikachu looked up at him, "on the way to Mt Silver I caught a Riolu and trained it to a Lucario," Ash said while looking at the pokeball in his possession, "you were wrong Dawn about me not contacting anyone, I contacted Professor Oak to change my pokemon around, but I made him promise not to tell anyone what I was doing," Ash told the women in the area while Pikachu looked away in shame, "I told him I was planning on returning once I felt my training wasn't going to help me reach a new level," Ash told everyone in the room.

Dawn looked at the note and smiled, "Ash, I just wanted you to return, but my wish just came true, but that wasn't the conditions I had in mind," Dawn explained as she showed Ash the note again. "Condition one, apologize to everyone that was effected by your disappearing act," Dawn instructed Ash as she placed the not on the table, "number two, I want you to promise me and your mother you would never disappear again," Dawn told Ash as the trainer looked at the bluenette smirking at him.

"What are the other two?" Ash asked the more than confident coordinator.

"Condition three, I want you to tell me your feelings more often," Dawn stated with a smile as she took the note off the table yet again, "last condition is, I want you to battle me, prove to me how much strong you have gotten over the last two years, if you win that battle I will give you this note, but lose the battle, you don't want to know," Dawn told Ash as she placed the note back in her pocket.

"Dawn, I don't think it would be a good idea to place a condition like that," Ash said wit concern.

Dawn glared at the trainer for a moment, "why Ash? Are you scared you might lose the battle?" Dawn said confidently as she smirked at the trainer, "you aren't the only one to have trained their pokemon over the last two years Ash," Dawn expressed her confidence to Ash.

Ash looked over to the confident bluenette and nodded, "alright I accept your challenge, does a one on one battle sound good to you?" Ash asked as he picked up his plate and finished his meal

Dawn watched Ash finish his meal and looked at Ash's mother soon afterwards, "I accept the rule of the battle, it won't be easy Ash for you to win," Dawn said as she walked away from the table, she looked over her shoulder and smiled at the trainer eating his food, 'welcome back Ash,' Dawn thought with a bubbly smile before walking up the steps alone.

the not so fated between Ash and Dawn is set to occur, which new pokemon does Ash have? How much have Ash and Dawn improved? Who will win the battle?

Next time: Chapter 2 Throwing down the Gauntlet.

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