Final chapter: the beginning of tomorrow

Here it is ladies and gents the final chapter of Almost easy, I am so happy everyone enjoyed the story, now it comes to an end. Also this story took part before Kalos, so everything will be pre-Kalos. This chapter will also be really long, looking at hopefully around 9,000 words because of the battle.

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Ash sat nervously in the pokemon league lounge room, the day had arrived where he would face Tobias in battle, it was time for him to get even with Tobias for his defeat at the Sinnoh league two year prior, he thought back to his journey and the capture of two legendary pokemon, remembered the victories against Team Plasma and the rescue of Kyurem, through the halls of the Unova League Ash could hears the screams of the cheering people, but most of all he could hear the knocking of the door.

"Come in," Ash called out as calmly as possible, trying to hide his nervous state.

Dawn walked into see Ash sitting with his five pokeballs in hand, "hey Ash, you nervous about the battle against Tobias?" Dawn asked with a smile, she took a seat next to Ash and placed her right hand on his shoulder, "you trained for almost three years, you should be confident," Dawn assured Ash while looking into his brown eyes, she looked out the window and thought about their journey, she reminisced about the final battle against Team Plasma, "Ash, I never told you this, but when we had the final battle against Team Plasma, I almost died, I was scared to be honest, scared that I would never live my dream of being your wife," Dawn professed with a smile as she stood up and walked over to the window, thinking about the people who saved her in that battle, "I never gave up, and in this journey you showed to me that you would never give up as well, so in this battle, all I ask of you is to do your best, no matter what, I will always be proud of you, no matter what my love for you will never change," Dawn continued to assure Ash, she walked over to the door and opened the door, she looked back and smiled at her love, "I will cheer for you, until the very end," Dawn promised while leaving Ash to ponder about his battle.

Ash nodded and thought about the words Dawn had given him, "okay, I need my best team for this battle," Ash reminded himself while walking over to the communication area. he was still having second thoughts about the team he wanted to take into the final battle.

"Ash, it's good to see you're trying to prepare for the final, you will be on TV soon," the professor told Ash with a proud smile.

"Yes Professor Oak, but can I get two pokemon swaps?" Ash requested quickly.

Professor Oak walked over to his teleporting devise and got ready to follow through with the requests, "okay Ash, it's time to change your team," Professor Oak stated while sitting down.

"Alright these two pokemon, Haxorus and Zoroark," Ash replied while sending over the two pokeballs.

"Okay I got them Ash," the professor showed the pokeballs to Ash.

Ash thought about his best choices and nodded, "I would like to have Charizard and Lucario," Ash replied with certainty, Ash watched the professor send over the two powerful pokemon to make his final preperations for his team.

"Okay Ash, you seem to be set, you have two powerful pokemon now," the professor proclaimed while getting ready to close of the call, "good luck Ash," the professor told Ash with a proud smile, he ended the call leaving Ash to think further about the battle against Tobias.

Ash walked to the door and thought about how he was going to battle the Sinnoh champion, "okay, I have Reshiram, Victini, Pikachu, Charizard, Lucario and Garchomp," Ash stated his team under his breath, he walked out as the cheers got louder, this was the first league grand final he had ever been to, he began to sweat, remembering his past failures coming up short, but this battle was for the trophy and a chance to face the Elite Four of the region.

"Ladies and Gentlaman, today we have the final competitors, Ash from Pallet Town and Tobias from the Sinnoh region," the MC declared with an over the top crowd behind him, the people cheered louder as a man with greyish blue hair wearing black jeans and a red overcoat walked out ready to face Ash, he was followed by Ash who looked around nervous but was willing to beat Tobias.

"I am glad you're here Ash, this is the battle I have been waiting for, come at me with your best," Tobias requested with a nod of respect to Ash.

Ash nodded and looked around he spotted Rosa and Hugh sitting in the stands having a good time he noticed Rosa smiling at him, Rosa placed her head on the barrier and smiled broadly at the trainer, 'come on Ash win this battle,' Rosa thought as she continued her admiration of Ash, 'I will be proud of any achievement you make today Ash, just like Dawn I love you,' Rosa admitted to herself while the battle was about to get underway.

Ash looked around again and noticed that Dawn wasn't there, he felt saddened by this but heard yelling from Dawn who was running towards the side of the battlefield, "Dawn, what are you doing?" Ash asked while Dawn rushed to Ash seat wearing her cheerleaders outfit.

"Let her cheer for Ash, that is her thing," Tobias told the people in charge, he wanted Ash at his best and if Dawn was the one that could do it then he would be more than happy to allow for it.

"Will the two combatants please shake hands?" the referee asked the two trainers, they walked to the middle and shook hands like requested, "this is a full battle good luck," the referee told the trainers and walked to the referee zone.

"Again Ash, good luck," Tobias told the trainer calmly.

Ash walked over to his side and listened to Dawn cheering for him, "alright Tobias let's give these fans a show," Ash told his opponents.

"Darkrai, it's time to battle," Tobias immediately called out his pokemon with confidence.

Ash saw the dark type pokemon and gulped for a moment, memories of his defeat back in Sinnoh flooded back, but this time he knew what he was up against, Ash chose a pokeball and threw it out, "Lucario, I choose you," Ash called for his pokemon.

The referee signified for the battle to start, Ash and Tobias waited as the crowd got louder, "Darkrai, attack with Hypnosis," Tobias instructed is pokemon quickly.

"Dodge it now Lucario, then use Force Palm," Ash gave out his command, the fighting type pokemon rushed towards the opposing pokemon altered his path to avoid the hypnotic wave that was emanating from the dark type pokemon.

"Dodge it now, then use Dark Pulse," Tobias ordered calmly, the Dark type rose into the air and extended out its left arm, deploying a dark blast towards the aura pokemon.

"Okay use Bone Rush to defend," Ash countered as the battle got off to a fast pace, Lucario formed a blue bone staff in his hand, he spun it around deflecting the Dark type move, the bone staff dissipated from the palms of the aura pokemon, "now fight back with Aura Sphere," Ash quickly went on the attack, a blue ball of aura formed in the palms of the pokemon before it was sent flying towards the legendary pokemon.

"Stop it with Ice Beam," Tobias ordered his pokemon, but as the powerful dark type started to prepare for the attack the blue orb quickly traversed the battlefield and slammed into the pitch black pokemon, sending it towards the ground with significant damage, "Darkrai," Tobias called for his pokemon, 'not bad, it seems I got a little complacent,' Tobias admitted to himself.

"Well done Lucario," Ash complimented his pokemon, he decided to wait knowing that going in for a finisher could well be a mistake, he remained patient knowing that he had the upper hand.

'Interesting, unlike last time, he isn't rushing in, he is letting me make the first move, if I make the first move Darkrai will be beaten,' Tobias thought to himself while trying to come up with a plan, he knew Ash vastly improved after hearing the rumours of his easy gym battles, he watched as his Darkrai got back up ready to battle Ash, "Darkrai, attack with Dark Pulse," Tobias ordered his powerful pokemon.

"Again with Dark Pulse, Lucario, dodge the attack then use Force Palm," Ash instructed his aura pokemon.

Lucario dodged the attack and ran towards the legendary pokemon, but Tobias cracked a smile and prepared to let out another command, "Use Hynosis," Tobias called for the next attack.

"No Lucario, get out of the way now," Ash instructed his pokemon in shock, but it was too late the aura pokemon was hit by the hypnotic wave immediately falling asleep in the middle of the battlefield, "come Lucario wake up!" Ash called out to his fighting type pokemon.

"Ash, come on," Dawn continued to hope while Ash continued to wake up he powerful pokemon.

"Dream Eater," Tobia commanded his pokemon.

"Lucario get up now," Ash tried his best to wake up his pokemon, he started to glow as the Dream Eater started to take its toll on the fighting type pokemon, Darkrai showed signs of healing after the vicious Aura Sphere, "Lucario wake and use Aura Sphere," Ash tried to instruct his steel type pokemon, finally the voice of his trainer reached the aura pokemon, the pokemon leapt into the air and formed a ball of aura, he sent it flying towards the legendary pokemon sending it towards the wall behind Tobias with amazing speed.

"Darkrai no," Tobias called out in shock as his legendary pokemon fell in battle.

"Darkrai is unable to battle, Lucario takes the round," the referee declared while the crowd roared at the first round that went Ash's way.

Ash stood in disbelief, he knocked out Darkrai in the first round, but he knew that the battle was still going to be tough, Tobias recalled his pokemon and smiled for a moment, "well this is going to be interesting, Latios let's show him how it's done," Tobias called for his next pokemon the Eon pokemon hovered in the air ready to face Ash's now exhausted fighting type pokemon, "it seems like Dream Eater took its toll on Lucario," Tobias pointed out while Ash's pokemon was breathing heavily after the powerful attack.

"Yeah, I am not giving up," Ash declared while his pokemon got pumped for the next round of the battle. "Let's start things off with Dragon Pulse," Ash instructed his pokemon quickly.

"Okay, use Luster Purge," Tobias called for the next attack.

The two attacks formed in front of the two pokemon, Latios charging up a pink ball before firing a massive beam towards the aura pokemon while Lucario sent a burst of dragon like energy towards the legendries attack, the collision of the attacks caused a powerful explosion knocking the two pokemon back towards their trainers, Ash noticed the exhaustion of his pokemon and grew more concerned about the battle at hand, 'I know my Lucario hates being withdrawn from these sort of battle, he much rather lose than be shamed in that manner,' Ash thought to himself while thinking back to the early days of their training.

Ash noticed the danger and nodded at his pokemon, "get out of there now, then use Shadow Ball," Ash instructed hurriedly, the aura pokemon formed a ball of dark energy, "now use you other palm to fire an Aura Sphere," Ash instructed his pokemon.

Amazed at the display that Ash was bringing up even with his exhausted pokemon, he knew that Ash was presenting more of a challenge than he did in Sinnoh, 'impressive, even against the odds, he still fights,' Tobias acknowledged the trainer and the skills he was putting on show. "Latios attack with Dragon Pulse," Tobias commanded quickly, Latios formed a ball of energy and unleashed it at Ash's tiring pokemon.

The three attacks crashed into one another but the Aura pokemon refused to give up, "yes Lucario don't give up, use another Dragon Pulse!" Ash yelled out with great energy, but due to the exhaustion of the previous round Lucario was hit by a powerful Dragon Pulse, Ash watched in horror as his pokemon was slammed into the ground, but was relieved that his pokemon got back up this time kneeling, but was shocked to see his collapsing back onto the ground again after the powerful hit.

"Wow that was close, if Latios took a hit from two attacks at the same time, I would have been two down," Tobias admitted out loud.

Ash looked at his next pokeball and smiled, "Charizard I choose you," Ash called for his most powerful pokemon.

"Oh this will be interesting," Tobias stated with an excited tone. The crowds excitement grew to a fever pitch as the two powerful pokemon stared at one another awaiting the commands of their respective trainers.

In the crowd two trainers stood at the top in wonderment, watching the intensifying battle between Ash and Tobias, Hilbert looked down to see Ash with a large orange pokemon ready to battle a legendary pokemon, "hey Hilda, Ash is battling a legendary pokemon," Hilbert pointed towards the battlefield feeling more excited about the battle.

"I envy him, I want to battle a legendary pokemon," Hilda professed with a proud smile.

"Latios fly up now," Tobias instructed his Eon pokemon with great vigour.

"Charizard follow Latios," Ash gave out his instructions.

The two pokemon flew up high with Charizard catching up quickly, Tobias knew that this battle was going to be more interesting, "Latios, Giga Impact," Tobias ordered his pokemon calmly.

"Not this time Tobias, Charizard use Steel Wing," Ash gave out his instructions, his wings started to glow silver as he flew towards the legendary pokemon which gained a yellow aura with purple around it, the two pokemon charged towards one another with their high powered attacks. the two pokemon weaved around in the sky dodging one another's attacks the two trainers watched in a amazement as the aerial display continued until they finally made impact, the two pokemon flew passed one another and turned around, Ash knew it was time to attack due to the recharge time required for Giga Impact, "use Dragon Breath now Charizard," Ash commanded his pokemon.

"Not good," Tobias said knowing that his dragon pokemon was in trouble, he watched knowing that is pokemon was immobilised by the last attack the green flames from the Charizard pokemon crashed into his pokemon causing it to plummet towards the ground with sparks of lightning arcing around the legendries body, "Now, use recover," Tobias hurriedly instructed his pokemon, his pokemon started to glow as it flew over the ground while recovering health from the battle.

"Nuts so close," Ash hissed in frustration, he watched the legendary pokemon took back to the sky to face Charizard in battle again, "okay Charizard, attack with Dragon Breath," Ash instructed his pokemon.

"Latios attack with Luster Purge," Tobias countered Ash's command.

The two combatting trainers watched the respective pokemon charge up a powerful attack from their mouths and fired them towards each other, the attacks collided in mid-air causing a ball of energy to form in front of the two pokemon, the energy continued to expand until it blew up senidn the two pokemon plummeting towards the ground, the two trainers called to their pokemon, shock etched on their faces, Charizard extended his wings while Latios started to dart towards the fire type pokemon.

"Charizard quick, use Steel Wing," Ash commanded as he punched the air in front of him.

"Latios attack with Giga Impact," Tobias ordered his powerful pokemon.

The two pokemon traversed the field with amazing speed, not flinching as they flew closer, Charizard with his Steel Wing attack and Latios with a yellow and purple aura the crowd were watching with anticipation as the two pokemon continued the charge, "do it Charizard! full power!" Ash instructed his fire type pokemon without hesitation.

"Latios, go forward to victory," Tobias instructed his pokemon.

Dawn continued to watch the battle between the two pokemon unable to cheer as the intense battle between the two pokemon started to draw to a close, "come on Charizard, win this for Ash," Dawn whispered to herself.

The two pokemon collided into one another causing them to fall slowly towards the ground, the crowd watch as they hit the ground, not moving, "wow ladies and gents those two pokemon gave it their all," the commentator stated while the two combatants force their way up through strength of will, "unbelievable the two mighty pokemon are up after that collision," the MC yelled out while the crowd watched as the two foes started to fall back to the ground.

"Latios and Charizard are unable to battle," the referee decreed while signalling the end of the round.

"His pokemon are much stronger than anticipated," Tobias stated while recalling his second pokemon from the battle.

"Thanks Charizard, take a break," Ash recalled his fire type pokemon.

"Cresselia, it's time to battle," Tobias called for his next pokemon, Tobias smiled at his foe, "congratulations Ash, this is the first time I had to use this pokemon in an official battle," Tobias told the trainer proudly.

"Well then I better defeat it just like the rest," Ash replied with confidence.

'Excellent this battle is bringing the best out of him,' Tobias thought while waiting for Ash to choose his next pokemon.

"Pikachu, this one is all yours," Ash called to his starter pokemon.

Tobias began to wonder what was going on, Ash hadn't called for his legendary pokemon, "So when will you call for your legendary pokemon Ash? I would like to see them," Tobias questioned the opposing trainer with a smirk.

"In due time Tobias, but until then I will be battling with my other pokemon," Ash retorted while his partner yellow partner pokemon started to spark from his red cheeks ready to take on the next challenge.

"Very well, it seems like I will have to knock out the pokemon you have until you do use your legendary pokemon," Tobias decreed while shrugging his shoulders in disdain, "Cresselia, start things off with Psycho Cut," Tobias commanded his third legendary pokemon.

"Pikachu use Volt Tackle to dodge the attack, then hit it with Thunderbolt," Ash gave out his commands to his small pokemon. Pikachu dodged each psychic blade and made it to the other side, the electric mouse turned around and sent the thunderous aura towards the Luna pokemon, shocking the purple and pink pokemon with a blast of electricity.

"Cresselia no!" Tobias called out to his pokemon with great concern; he started to grit his teeth while the electric mouse started to run back towards Ash, he noticed small arcs of electricity circling around the legendary pokemon, 'this makes it worse," Tobias pointed out with a frown while trying figure out a way to get control of the battle, "Alright Cresselia attack with Façade," Tobias ordered his pokemon with a smirk.

"Pikachu get out of the way, then use Iron Tail," Ash commanded with confidence.

The two pokemon rushed to one another, Cresselia with an orange aura and the electric mouse with an Iron Tail, Pikachu leapt out of the way avoiding the powerful move then charged back towards the legendary pokemon, "dodge now," Tobias ordered his pokemon.

Ash smirked knowing that paralysis was gripping the legendary pokemon, he waited to see what would happen, as if on cue the legendary pokemon stopped moving while his Pikachu hit Cresselia with a stiff attack, the legendary pokemon hit the ground but was able to get back up after the attack, "great, it has a strong defence," Ash hissed as his Pikachu awaited the next command.

Dawn started to cheer for Ash while the two pokemon seemed pretty even at the new juncture, she waved her hands out, "come on Ash, you can do this, show them what you are made of," Dawn cheered as loudly as possible.

Ash looked out the corner of his eye and smiled for a moment, he mouthed a few words to Dawn in appreciation but knew that he couldn't say too much, he refocused on the battle that he seem to enjoy more with each passing moment, the crowd got louder, but he started to drown out the noise, the only thing he could hear are the voices of Dawn and Tobias, it seemed like the three were in their own world, but displaying the battle.

"I am impressed Ash, I know I am repeating myself, but the truth is I am really enjoying this battle, more so than I did in Sinnoh two years ago," Tobias explained to Ash, his pride and honour was on display, complimenting Ash and meaning every word of it, "let's get back to the battle, Cresselia attack with Façade," Tobias ordered his pokemon with his fists clenched.

"Pikachu dodge the attack with Volt Tackle," Ash instructed his pokemon to rush towards the foe, Pikachu picked up his speed and ran to the left of the field ran towards the legendary pokemon with a impressive electrical aura, "now strike back with Volt Tackle," Ash ordered his pokemon rashly the electric mouse charged towards the Luna pokemon who was exhibiting an orange aura,

"Use Façade again," Tobias ordered his pokemon in worried manner, the two pokemon ran towards one another again this time not flinching, they crashed into one another causing a powerful shockwave that raised dust into the air, Dawn covered her eyes and waiting for the dirt to stop raining down from above, Ash and Tobias stood unflinching and ready to battle some more, smiling at one another, they both knew it would take more than those two attacks to defeat the two pokemon.

"Psycho Cut," Tobias ordered his pokemon to attack.

"Thunderbolt," Ash countered.

A powerful blast of electricity surged through the air and out of the dust cloud, the two pokemon flew out of the dust and in front of their respective trainers, they got back up and readied themselves to fight the opposing pokemon, the dust started to settle in front of them, but neither was waiting for the other to back down, they commanded the same attacks as before not holding anything back.

The two attacks collided sending a stray bolt of electricity taking out the referee by accident, "the referee, Ash we need to stop for a moment," Tobias suggested with a frown.

He and Ash rushed over to the referee who was out cold from the powerful electricity that he had taken, "it looks like the referee has been injured," the MC stated with great concern while Ash and Tobias helped the referee towards the bench.

Ash looked over to Dawn with concern etched on his face, "Dawn, you need to go somewhere safe this battle is heading into a dangerous stage," Ash commented with worry.

Dawn shook her head and refused to leave, "there is no way Ash, I want to be here," Dawn replied as she pouted in defiance, she stomped her right foot on the ground to say that she was going to stay no matter what.

Another referee appeared to take the place of the previous one, Ash and Tobias walked back to their respective sides of the battlefield with their pokemon, "alright Ash, let's end this round," the legendary trainer suggested while his pokemon was panting from exhaustion.

"Yeah, let's end this round buddy," Ash replied to his tiring electric mouse pokemon. "let's restart this battle with Volt Tackle," Ash commanded with vigour.

"Façade now," Tobias ordered his pokemon with certainty.

The two pokemon rushed at one another, not flinching, the crowd cheered them on as the crashed onto one another, Pikachu eventually leapt over to the other side as Cresselia fell to the ground, Pikachu now reeling from the effects of two Volt Tackles made his way back to Ash's side.

Tobias started to chuckle, he knew that he was starting to fall behind, "return Cresselia, go Raikou," Tobias recalled his fallen pokemon and called out another legendary pokemon, this time is was a pokemon on all fours and colored yellow with black stripes, a dull purple mane a light blue muzzle and tail shaped like lightning.

"Doesn't this guy not have a legendary pokemon?" Ash asked himself in anger, growing frustrated at the battle against legendary pokemon.

"Ash stay calm, you can still win this," Dawn assured Ash as Dawn's pokemon leapt out of their pokeballs to cheer Ash and his team onto victory.

Ash nodded and spotted Dawn's pokemon, which included her Cobalion, Piplup, Lopunny, Meloetta, Lilligant and Reunicles, "thanks Dawn, I guess I still have a long battle to go," Ash thankfully explained to the bluenette.

Ash and his partner pokemon became more determined to fight off the legendary pokemon, they waited patiently for the next move. "Raikou attack with Shadow Ball," the opposing trainer called for the next attack against the Pikachu.

Ash smirked at the chance to counter, "slice in half with Iron Tail," Ash commanded his partner pokemon with a smile, Pikachu charged towards the shadowy ball of energy, he sliced the orb in half and charged through with his cheeks sparking, "Thunderbolt go," Ash instructed his pokemon before he unleashed a mighty blast of electricity.

"Raikou, attack with Crunch," Tobias ordered his pokemon calmly.

Pikachu rushed towards the legendary beast while sending out a powerful electric attack, Raikou ran through the attack like nothing and bit down on Pikachu, causing significant damage, Pikachu fell back towards his trainer losing the ability to battle against Raikou, "oh man, that's one tough pokemon, I haven't battled Raikou before," Ash said while picking up his pokemon, he walked over to Dawn and handed her his Pikachu, "take care of him for me," Ash requested as he turned around to walk back to the battlefield.

"Will do Ash," Dawn replied gently, she watched the trainer walking back and smiled proudly, 'he is really enjoying this challenge, none of the gym leaders gave him this sort of challenge, the champion of this region was the closest one to do so,' Dawn reminded herself while thinking back to the battles he had in the region.

Ash pulled out another pokeball, with only three pokemon left to battle with he threw out his next pokeball, "Garchomp, I choose you!" Ash yelled out as he called for his first dragon type pokemon to battle against the team of legendary pokemon.

"It seems like I am getting closer to facing the legendary pokemon you possess," Tobias claimed while Ash smiled at him and his pokemon roared out to intimidate the electric pokemon, "Start things off with Shadow Ball," Tobias ordered his pokemon, the legendary pokemon of thunder released a ball of energy towards the powerful dragon.

"Dodge it now Garchomp, then use Earthquake," Ash ordered his pokemon, his dragon leapt in the air avoiding the ball of energy, he then crashed back down on the ground glowing red, after landing the dragon sent out a powerful wave in every direction causing the people to fall out of their seats and Dawn to hit the ground, the legendary pokemon tried to avoid parts of the earth from hitting but was soon overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the Earthquake attack, "now Garchomp attack with Dragon Claw," Ash instructed his pokemon quickly not wanting to give the legendary pokemon a chance to get back on even footing.

"Raikou, retaliate with Crunch now," Tobias barked out his command to the legendary pokemon.

The two pokemon rushed to one another, Garchomp with his claws glowing while the fangs of Raikous started to glow, the impact was menacing which sent the two pokemon flying away from one another, Garchomp placed his claws on the ground to prevent himself from moving further away, while Raikou extended its claws to keep it from leaving the battlefield.

"Garchomp, show them your Shadow Claw," Ash commanded with a broad smile.

"Raikou, counter with Shadow Ball," Tobia howled out another Shadow Ball, 'this is proving more difficult than expected, I cannot even use electric attacks,' Tobias thought to himself while his pokemon performed the attack without reluctance.

"Slice through it Garchomp," Ash ordered his pokemon. His dragon slashed down on the shadow ball sending the two perfect halves in separate directions, "now use Dragon Claw," Ash ordered his powerful pokemon. His dragon rushed towards the legendary pokemon slashing down on it with incredible force, Tobias's pokemon was sent flying but it was able to get back to his feet with considerable ease, 'I will save my surprise for later,' Ash reminded himself while trying to resist the urge to use his trump card move.

"Giga Impact," Tobias gave out his next command.

'Another Giga Impact,' Ash thought to himself while he remained calm, "Garchomp dodge it now with dragon rush then use that energy to Raikou finish this off with another Earthquake," Ash commanded.

After hearing the attack name people started to cling to their seats after the last powerful attack, Dawn stayed on the ground knowing that the previous attack knocked her off her feet, the large dragon flew into the air and gained a powerful blue aura with a red glow surrounding him at the same time, the ground type turned around and flew straight towards the ground to start another powerful earthquake, shaking the earth and everyone in the arena, a part of the earth rose up knocking Raikou off balance, the powerful legendary pokemon was hit by parts of the ground again dealing even more damage, but it still managed to get up, now it was starting to feel the strains of the battle, panting heavily while the people were releasing a collective sigh after the powerful attack had ended.

"Raikou, use Crunch again," Tobias issued his instructions but the mighty pokemon was now too tired to even move, 'not good, his Garchomp has done a lot of damage to my pokemon, it is even injured to the point it cannot battle anymore today,' Tobias said while noticing an injury from his legendary pokemon, "referee, my Raikou cannot battle anymore, this round belongs to Ash and his Garchomp," Tobias informed the referee.

"Due to injury, Raikou cannot take further part in the battle therefore Garchomp wins this round," the referee stated.

Tobias recalled his injured pokemon and prepared to call out his next pokemon, the lights in the stadium started to turn on as the sun started to set, the audience continued to stay in their seats the battle between the two trainers drew on, "alright Articuno, it is time to battle," Tobias called out a mostly blue bird like pokemon.

Ash's eye glinted it was almost time to reveal his small surprise to Tobias, "now it is my turn to surprise you," Ash stated with a proud look, his focus intensified as his pokemon roared loudly again.

"Ice Beam now," Tobias ordered calmly.

Ash smirked knowing that the battle was reaching the final stages, "alright Garchomp, show them Stone Edge to defend against Ice Beam," Ash replied to Tobias's command.

Garchomp became surrounded with powerful stones the first barrier of stones were taken out by the icy attack, the next wave of stones was immediately sent flying towards the ice type pokemon as it fired another frigid beam towards the dragon type pokemon, the two attacks collided causing a small explosion, but a few stones managed to makes its way through much to the surprise of Tobias. "Articuno dodge the attack, then hit Garchomp with Steel Wing," Tobias ordered his pokemon, the freeze pokemon flew into the air and spun around to dodge the rock type move, it's wings started to glow white as it turned towards Garchomp, it flew towards him.

Ash smiled knowing that this battle was getting more interesting, his pokemon had the slight advantage, by knowing a rock type move, Ash waited as the ice type got too close for it to dodge the next attack, "alright Garchomp now, use Stone Edge again," Ash called for the next attack.

With Articuno too close to dodge the attack and too late to prepare for an Ice Beam, the legendary pokemon took the barrage of stones knocking it to the ground, Tobias was completely surprised by the patience of the opposing trainer, "amazing, you waited for Articuno to be within range, to be too close to even dodge or attack properly," Tobias complimented Ash, his legendary pokemon got back up but was staggering back into the air from a close range stone edge, "Ice Beam now," the legendary pokemon fired a powerful beam of ice, while Garchomp waited for the attack to get closer.

"Use Earthquake to create a barrier," Ash instructed his pokemon, "after that use Dragon Claw," Ash gave out his next command

Garchomp shook the earth and brought a pillar of the ground up, the piece of the ground shattered as the ice type pokemon crashed into it, then he charged towards the ice type pokemon with a glowing claw, he flew closer causing Tobias to smile for a quick second, "counter with Water Pulse now," Tobias ordered his pokemon, with Garchomp being too close to dodge the attack Articuno released a ball of water at the dragon type pokemon, it suddenlt became confused causing it to thrash about uncontrollably, "now is the chance use Ice Beam," Tobias instructed his pokemon.

Ash got his dragon's pokeball, but before he could recall his confused pokemon, he was hit by a critical shot, the dragon flew back towards his trainer unable to continue the battle, the referee made the decision now leaving Ash and Tobias with two pokemon each, Ash recalled his dragon and thanked it for a great battle, he looked up and noted that the ice type was still hurting from the powerful rock type move, "we are down to our last two pokemon each," Ash commented with a smile, he pulled one of his pokeballs out and got ready to call for his next pokemon, "alright Tobias, I am sure you have been waiting for this," Ash commented smugly.

Tobias's eyes widened with anticipation, he knew he had finally reached Ash's legendary pokemon, "at last, I struggled to battle against your other pokemon, these two pokemon should be fun," Tobias commented while watching Ash throw out his red and white device.

"Victini, I choose you," Ash called for his fifth pokemon.

The crowd gasped collectively as they saw another legendary pokemon, "Just as I had hoped," Tobias said with joy, but he knew Articuno didn't have much left in the tank, 'it seems like Ash, is a better trainer, this battle will be better than the one we had in Sinnoh,' Tobias commented while picturing the dominant battle he had in Sinnoh, "Articuno, attack with Water Pulse," Tobias told his pokemon.

"Dodge the attack Victini, then use Flamethrower," Ash ordered for the counter.

Victini flew around the attack with ease and sent a flurry of flames towards the opposing legendary pokemon, the flames crashed into the ice type dealing immense damage, causing it to cry out in pain, "not good, his last two pokemon will be trouble," Tobias stated while his legendary pokemon barely managed to get back up, "alright attack with Steel Wing," the sinnoh native commanded in slight panic.

"Victini, show them your V-Create," Ash ordered his legendary pokemon.

The small pokemon's forehead started to glow red as it rushed towards the ice type pokemon, the wings of Articuno started to glow, Victini rammed into Articuno with its ears flaming causing significant damage to the opposing legendary pokemon, Articuno fell to the ground and wasn't getting back up, in shock Tobias remained in place not sure what to do next his fifth pokemon had fallen in battle and it only left him with a single pokemon to face Ash's last two.

"This doesn't happen too often," Tobias commented while picking up his last pokeball, "Genesect, it is time to battle," Tobias called out his final pokemon to battle, standing in front of Tobias was an average sized purple pokemon with a cannon over its head, "Genesect attack with Techno Blast," Tobias ordered his final pokemon to attack.

"Use Flamethrower," Ash replied with his own instruction. The pure speed of Genesect was too much for Victini, it fire a blue beam surrounded by bubbles, "dodge it now Victini," Ash ordered but the use of V-Create slowed the small pokemon down preventing it from dodging the incoming attack.

The small pokemon was quickly overwhelmed by the powerful beam and lost the will to battle, "seems like we are down to our last pokemon each Ash," Tobias commented while watching his opponent recall the small legendary.

Ash pulled out his last pokeball, ready to end this battle, 'you ready Reshiram?' Ash asked his legendary pokemon.

'Yes, let's show them our teamwork,' Reshiram replied with certainty.

"Reshiram, I choose you," Ash called for his last pokemon.

A large white pokemon appeared in the middle of the stadium, the crowd were in awe at the size of it, they had never seen the legendary Reshiram before, "ladies and gentlemen, as I live an breathe it is Reshiram the legendary pokemon of truth," the MC yelled out while Tobias looked up at the vast white pokemon.

"Alright, use Techno Blast," Tobia ordered his pokemon.

"Oh no you don't Reshiram take to the air, then fight back with Flamethrower," Ash commanded with vigour.

Reshiram flew up and lowered its head and breathed out a fiery attack, Techno Blast was overwhelmed by the ferocity of the flames and was pushed back into the steel type pokemon, "what power, and with those flames it would cause immense damage to Genesect," Tobias commented with awe, his legendary pokemon was on the ground after the attack and slowly got back up, "I don't have much left to give in this battle, Reshiram is more powerful than I anticipated, but I will not give up Genesect attack with Psychic," Tobias called for another attack.

"Dodge it now, then finish Genesect off with Fusion Flare," Ash ordered his mighty pokemon.

"Genesect, dodge the attack then use Techno Blast," Tobias ordered his final pokemon with confidence.

"Reshiram stop the attack then dodge it," Ash commanded his pokemon, his pokemon followed the command of its trainer, it started dodging the attacks coming from the opposing legendary pokemon, 'I need to prevent Genesect from landing an attack, but I also need to land just one attack, what should I do?' Ash thought to himself while trying to figure out a way to counter the opposing pokemon, 'maybe I should try an old move,' Ash thought with a smile as he remembered his battle against a former rival, "use Flamethrower on the ground," Ash ordered his pokemon quickly, the surrounding area was engulfed in flames as the field started to heat up.

Tobias in shock was wondering what was happening, 'he is missing deliberately,' Tobias thought while his pokemon continued to attack with Techno Blast, 'since my Genesect has a douse drive, I can use it to cool the field,' Tobias thought as the heat started to rise causing the field to become extremely unbearable, "use Techno Blast on the field to cool it down," Tobias ordered his pokemon.

seeing Genesect trying to cool the field Ash knew it was time to end this battle, 'excellent, while he cooling the battlefield down I can strike,' Ash thought knowing the time to end the battle was at hand, "Rashiram, finish this with Fusion Flare," Ash ordered his pokemon quickly

As the people watched the final stage of the battle unfold Reshiram flew into the air and formed a ball of flames, it lowered its head and released the ball of flames only holding back enough so that the people wouldn't get hurt, the attack crashed into Genesect causing immense damage, Tobias was in disbelief at the display of power, the flames spun around and eventually vanished his pokemon was unconscious and was unable to battle, "I lost the battle," Tobias acknowledged while recalling his pokemon from the battle, he walked through the still hot battlefield with a proud smile on his face.

"In our rematch I lost, you have earned my respect even more," Tobias said with his hand extended out towards Ash.

"That battle was really fun Tobias," Ash said while extending his hand out to his opponent.

"I admit, you're one tough opponent and I am proud to have lost to you," Tobias stated while shaking the trainers hand, he turned around and raised his opponents hand into the air, the crowd cheered loudly as the streamers came raining down on the two opponents, "well, I guess this is where we say goodbye Ash, I hope you continue to journey, for me, well let's say I will be taking a different challenge, like you did I will be taking on the battle frontier," Tobias said while walking away from Ash.

Tobias turned around to see Dawn congratulate Ash on a hard earned victory, he smiled as the bluenette embraced him with all her might, "well done Ash, that was the most amazing, the most brilliant, in fact I am lost for words battle I have ever seen," Dawn said with great excitement not caring that the entire world was watching her hug Ash.

(3 hours later)

Ash was at the center of the battlefield of victory, he received a large trophy as a sign of his victory, he looked around and cradled it in his arms, "at long last, I finally won one," Ash said with great relief.

The MC walked up to Ash with microphone in hand, "so Unova league champion, what is your choice, will you face the Elite Four challenge?" the MC asked with great hope.

Ash looked over to Dawn who was nodding in approval, But Ash looked at the golden Trophy and thought for one moment, 'I would like to have another one of these,' Ash thought while staring at the trophy, he looked back at Dawn who had a disappointed look in her eyes, "no, I will journey to Kalos and take the Gym challenge there," Ash replied with a proud smile, he leapt off the stage and walked over to his bluenette, "and you will come with me," Ash ordered his love with pride.

(3 Days later)

Ash stood near the entrance of the city with a pokeball in hand, "Victini, come out," Ash called for his legendary pokemon, "this Is where we part ways my friend, I want to train pokemon, but training legendary pokemon just doesn't suit me, I will train in my own way," Ash told the small pokemon as it started to cry, "hey don't cry, I will come to visit again someday," Ash promised the small pokemon. Ash looked over his shoulder to see Dawn releasing Cobalion into the wild, 'seems like Dawn understands as well, it just doesn't sit well with either of us, legendary pokemon should be free to run about in the wild,' Ash reminded himself.

"Thanks Cobalion, I appreciate everything, but I feel like you need to be free," Dawn told the pokemon with a smile.

'Dawn, thank you, you are true friend,' Cobalion stated with a smile it ran off leaving Dawn to turn to Ash.

"Will we see them again?" Dawn asked her love with a saddened expression.

"Hilbert, I need to give you something," Ash called over to his friend with a smirk.

"Yes champion I will take something off of you," Hilbert replied with sarcasm.

"Here Reshiram is yours, well it was yours to begin with, take care of Reshiram, because if I find out you haven't well I am going to hurt you badly," Ash promised Hilbert with a smile as he turned towards the ship, he looked over to Dawn who was hesitating for a moment, "Dawn, what about Meloetta?" Ash asked while Dawn started to cry.

"But Meloetta and I are really good friends, Piplup really likes Meloetta too," Dawn replied with tears streaming down her face.

Hilda walked over to her friend and smiled, "Dawn, take Meloetta, I am certain she will want to see the world with you and Ash, but these other pokemon need to stay to make sure Team Plasma don't cause trouble ever again," Hilda told her friend with an assuring smile, she turned to Hilbert and grabbed his arm, "and don't worry Ash, I will make sure my Hilbert takes really good care of Reshiram in your place, after all it is your pokemon," Hilda remarked with a proud smile.

Ash and Dawn walked onto the ship and started to head to the front of the ship to wave goodbye to their friends, "we will visit later on!" Ash and Dawn yelled in unison, Ash placed his arm around Dawn's shoulder as the three pokemon watched from the back Dawn placed her head on the trainer's shoulder and watched the city disappear in the distance.

Ash, turned his eyes to Dawn and smiled, "you know Dawn, maybe you should see your mother, I mean you haven't seen her in nearly three years," Ash commented with a frown.

"But what will you do Ash?" Dawn asked her love with a puzzled expression.

Ash looked out to the ocean and thought about something, "nothing at all, I intend to be lazy, catch up with my pokemon and have a break from journeying, no training, just kick my feet up and sleep for the next six months," Ash explained his plan to Dawn much t her annoyance.

Dawn shook her head and sighed in disbelief, "you win the Unova league, you refuse to challenge the Elite Four and the Champion, now you will be planning our wedding which just so happens to be in six months!" Dawn yelled at Ash with her hands raised ready to slap him, "but then again you do deserve a break, but just don't forget we are getting married in six month from now," Dawn remarked sweetly as she gently placed her hand on his face and kissed him without hesitation.

(In Pallet Town)

After three days out in the sea on a ship Ash had walked off the boat, he looked back to see Dawn, Piplup and Meloetta standing next to their ship, Ash stood ready to wave, Dawn ran up to Ash and embraced him, "I will miss you Ash, see you in six months," Dawn said with a smile she rested her head on his chest and hugged him harder, causing him to lose his breath.

Dawn tightened her embrace with Ash struggling to catch a breath he smiled at the bluenette, "Dawn, I can't breathe," Ash struggled to say.

Dawn pulled back and raised her hand in the air, "like always Ash," Dawn replied while Ash high fived her, they held the position as Dawn placed her fingers between his, "take a long break Ash, I will see my mother and let her know what is going on, I better get ready for a lecture," Dawn giggled as she let go of her fiancé's hand and turned towards her ship, "Ash, I think I have said this before, but I will say it again, I will always love you," Dawn said with a proud smile.

Ash watched his soon to be wife leave, he waved knowing that their lives were about to get really interesting, "me to Dawn, me to," Ash replied while watching the ship leave, he looked over to his partner pokemon and started to smile, "well buddy we are home, my mom, is most likely readying her lecture, so we better be ready for that," Ash commented as he walked down the road.

Ash watched the ship leaving the docks he raised his hand and started to wave while hearing Dawn's voice wishing him good luck, "I will see you soon Ash!" Dawn yelled out with great joy.

After the ship left the docks and sailed on towards the horizon Ash turned around and walked down the street. Continuing slowly while holding his new trophy, the clear sunny day brightened the mood of separation for a moment, he looked around to see the green pastures and a few houses dotting the fields, "you know Pikachu, having this break will be really nice," Ash commented to his partner pokemon as he leapt off his shoulder and rushed to the front of his mother's home, Ash breathed for a moment, he opened the gate and walked through the small vegetable garden, "mom, I am home!" Ash yelled out with excitement.

The door opened allowing a woman with shoulder length brown hair, wearing a lilac dress and a pink shirt to see her son, she pouted for a moment and placed her hands on her hips, "well if it isn't my son, you haven't called in months and you….." Delia started before spotting the trophy in her son's grasp, "won the Unova league," Delia finished with great pride.

"Yes I won, and I will be winning another one later," Ash replied with pride.

"Ash, I am so proud of you," Delia told her son with pride as she allowed him in.

"Mom, did you know I am going to have Dawn as my wife?" Ash asked his mother with pride.

"I not only knew Ash, I was hoping for it, when is the special day?" Delia questioned her son with great admiration.

"On her eighteenth birthday," Ash replied serenely.

Delia gasped at the situation with the wedding and started to wonder if her son was rushing it, but she knew deep down inside Ash was never the person to sit back and wait, "but that is only six months away," Ash's mother retorted with great surprise, she also noticed the broad smile on her son's face and nodded in approval, "so where is she? I would very much like to talk to my future daughter-in-law," Delia enquired happily.

"She is going to Sinnoh mom, she needs to see her mother, I am expecting her to be in some serious trouble," Ash replied while laughing at his future wife's misfortune. Ash walked up the stairway and towards his room, he placed the trophy with all his other items he collected throughout his travels, he jumped on his bed and looked up to the ceiling, "you know Pikachu, this could very well be the last six month I rest in this bed," Ash sighed while placing his hands behind his head, thinking about the new future that lay ahead of him.

(Twinleaf Town)

Dawn spotted her home town she recalled her legendary pokemon and picked Piplup up, "I can see my home from here," Dawn stated while getting more excited, she waited for the ship to dock and thought about the journey she had with Ash, 'I cannot wait, I have the perfect dress for the most perfect day,' Dawn thought to herself before picturing her angry mother. After the ship docked she ran off to her mother's house, she continued to down the dock and towards the small green pastures she approached the small house and thought about the last time she saw her mother, "almost three years Piplup, I hope mom recognises me," Dawn laughed at herself while thinking about the last year of her life and towards a future that she was always hoping for, "Mom, I am home!" Dawn called to her mother.

"Well if it isn't my sweet little daughter," Johanna proclaimed while opening the door, the blue haired mother glared at her daughter making her nervous, "I haven't seen you in three years Dawn, I was so worried I would never see you again," Johanna explained to her daughter.

"No need to worry mom, I am certain we can catch up on the last three years before I marry Ash on my eighteenth birthday," Dawn told her mother the plans.

She walked into the house while her mother breathed a sigh of relief, she clenched her fists in joy, happy to see her daughter home even for a short time, "so Dawn, where will you travel next?" Johanna asked her daughter with great pride.

"The Kalos region mom, I will travel with Ash," the bluenette replied to her mother with a sense of excitement.

"So where is the man that stole my daughter's heart?" Johanna asked her daughter.

"He is in Pallet Town, resting and being lazy for the next six months," Dawn replied with a sigh.

After the door closed a loud knocking was heard on the door, "that better be Ash," Johanna remarked with a serious tone.

Dawn rushed to the door to see Rosa standing in front of her wearing a pink blouse with black bows, denim mini short and pink shoes, her hair remained largely the same as it was in Unova, "hey Dawn, sorry I followed you, I was wondering if you have a map of this region," Rosa told her friend with an energetic smile.

"Rosa, what reason are you here for?" Dawn asked her younger friend.

"You know with Hugh wanting to give his sister her pokemon back, I decided to see the world for a little while, you know before I become your bridesmaid," Rosa replied to her friend with a cheeky grin.

"Rosa, you know I haven't decided yet," Dawn replied with a nervous smile, she knew the dedication of her friend from Unova, and nodded, "alright Rosa, you can have that honour, I know it will upset a few of my friends, but I do have one condition, continue to be Ash's rival, train hard," Dawn instructed her friend as she extended out her hand to the brunette wanting to shake her hand.

"Not a problem, next time I battle your Ash, I will be so much stronger," Rosa promised her friend while taking her hand, the two friends nodded and shook hands, "Well then Dawn I will see you around," Rosa said as she walked towards the next road on her own to see what the Sinnoh region has to offer, 'next time I battle Ash, I will be a better trainer,' Rosa resolved proudly.

Dawn closed the door and placed her hand over her heart, "Ash, you are so lucky to have some many people wanting to battle you, I guess I am lucky to have you holding my hand forever," Dawn whispered to herself, imagining that special day between her and Ash, "I cannot wait," Dawn told herself while walking down the hallway, with her thoughts constantly on the future between her and Ash.

And there we have it ladies and gents the monster of a final chapter, but this doesn't mean things are over, I will get to the one shot at a later time, hope you enjoyed this story, it took a long time but I think it was worth it.

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