Author Note – Hello All. I lost access to my previous id; it's a long story and not a very interesting one. But I did promise a JE ending to 'Come on Closer' so here it is. It's more a multichapter Sequel now. I am trying to write slightly shorter chapters so I can update more often.

If you are wondering if this really is the same person who wrote the first part, well it should be clear once you start reading! Obvious adoration of Topher, Dual membership in both the ED and JE ships & overly mushy writing style all as intact as ever.

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This is the last chapter in this story in which Donna has any lines, unfortunately. You will have JE interaction from the next chapter. It won't be a smooth road for them, though they will get there in the end!

Chapter 1

5 Years Later

Summer of '83

4pm, New York

Donna Pinciotti looked out of the huge window of the airport departures lounge. There was heavy rain falling in sheets outside. But her mood that evening was quite sunny.

The two day Journalist's conference was over and she was flying back to Wisconsin that evening.

Eric was coming to Milwaukee airport to get her. But instead of driving back to their apartment at Madison, they were heading into Point Place for the weekend.

Their wedding was just 2 months away now timed for just after they officially graduated college. They hadn't spent the weekend with the parents in a while now and Kitty was very eager to firm up plans for the wedding day.

She smiled as she looked at grey skies outside. She didn't really mind one way or the other about the wedding arrangements & was perfectly content to let Kitty take all the major decisions. The only part that she really cared about was that at last, she got to see her childhood sweetheart slip his ring on her finger. The excitement in her grey eyes made them shine a bright blue.

She had a big surprise for Eric. It wasn't something that she had got at NYC for him. She had been carrying it with her when she left the Mid West a few days ago. But she hadn't been sure yet then.

She hadn't wanted to get him all excited over a false alarm.

But she was pretty sure now. She had literally had to run from the breakfast table at the hotel that morning at the sight and smell of the fried bacon and eggs.

She had made a long distance call earlier to book an appointment for herself at a local OB GYN for Monday morning to formally confirm what she already knew.

Suddenly she felt like she couldn't wait a moment longer to tell Eric the news. This was happening much earlier than they had originally planned but she knew he would be just as thrilled as she felt.

She knew her career plans would have to be adjusted, maybe even put on hold for a while. But even that didn't dim the joy she felt right now.

Spotting a phone booth nearby, she quickly strolled over.

A few minutes later, she was still trying to call long distance through to their apartment number. Eric wouldn't be leaving for the airport for a while yet.


'Hey' .Her smile widened at the sound of his beautiful voice.

'Donna! Where are you? Why aren't you at the airport yet?' His first thought was that her work there wasn't through yet and she was calling to say she would be staying a few more days.

'Eric, I'm at the airport. The flight's not yet boarding though, they're fixing something and everyone is waiting.'

His voice sounded more relaxed now. 'So I take it everything went well then. You sound very pleased with yourself'

Suddenly she changed her mind again. She didn't want to tell him over the phone.

'I have a surprise for you. You'll find out when I'm there'

'Hmm' His voice sounded a little lower now. 'A surprise, huh? Maybe we should drop by here again for a while before the drive to Point Place. That way, we'd be alone when you gave me my surprise'.

She rolled her eyes but couldn't help a giggle as well. 'It's not that kind of a surprise, Eric. I'll tell you what it is as soon as I see you.'

'Okay, can't wait to find out what it is. In fact, I can't wait to see my beautiful fiancée again'

She felt the exact same way. It had been a long three days without him.

'I can't wait to see you again too. Thanks for being so supportive about me coming here to participate. It's been a very good learning experience'.

'Donna, you know you'll always have my support as far as your work goes. But honestly, I don't think I can handle more than two nights away from you. So next time, if you want to do a longer business trip, I just might take time off and come with you. Promise me no more than two nights away from each other ….ever'.

His tone was light-hearted and yet she knew he was being serious too.

'I promise' She said solemnly. And the rest of her statement sounded vow like. 'I promise no more than two nights away from you ….ever'.

She continued.' If either of us ever have to go on one of these things, we'll work it out so the other one goes along'.

'See you soon, Milady'.

'See you soon, Eric.'

She walked back, smile still in place. Her fellow UW student journalist was back with steaming lattes in hand and waiting for her.

They weren't close friends but Melanie had to smile at the satisfied expression on Donna's face as she took a seat next to the slim blonde.

'Well, someone looks very happy to be getting back home again' Melanie said.

'Yes' Donna replied with a smile and left it at that.

She and Eric had continued to be each other's best friends all through the past 4 years at College. Perhaps that was why neither had ever felt the need to have other close friends on campus. She hadn't told any of the others with her on the trip about her probable pregnancy news.

When was the last time she had confided excitedly in a girlfriend, she found herself wondering? She realised it was probably hadn't been since Jackie had left Point Place after graduating from High School.

Jackie had liked her dad's idea of college in Europe and had moved to Paris to study Textile Design almost 3 years ago. The two girls had kept in touch through letters quite regularly at first, but Donna realised with a pang that they hadn't spoken in months now.

She promised herself that she would call Jackie that weekend and tell her about the news and update her on the wedding plans as well.

Both Eric and Donna had job offers to start as soon as classes ended in a few week's time, so she knew she'd be able to afford all the long distance calls to Jackie and the rest of the gang as well in the weeks preceding the wedding to keep all of them involved in the plans.

Just as the two girls had finished their coffee, they heard the boarding call. Finally. Donna took one final look at the view outside the window before walking away.

Author note – Okay, you've probably figured out that Donna's flight does not end well. I hope no one reading this feels that it was a rather rude way of ending ED. The way I had written them in the first part, I really couldn't see Eric leaving her or her leaving him for that matter in any way, unless the separation was thrust on them in this way. This will in no way, I hope, make you feel like Jackie will be his 'second choice' but you can make up your mind once a few more chapters are up. Also, I hope ED'ers keep reading as well and tell me what you think as we move through the sequel.

Will update the next chapter soon, and I hope you enjoy reading. Thanks.