Hiya. Well, I was writing my story Shaman Secret's – a NabooxSaboo story, when I realised that it was definitely going to contain Howince, so I decided to write out the Howince storyline as well. Enjoy!

It started when the winds of fashion changed.
Staying indoor was in, apparently. And Vince – ever one to follow trends, decided that indoors was the perfect place to stay.
After a few hours of that though, he was climbing up the walls.
It seemed everyone was following the trend – which, of course, meant a lack of customers to the shop. Which meant nothing interesting was happening. He sighed as Howard came into the shop.
"Hello little man," Howard said with a hint of surprise. "What are you doing here?"
Vince looked at him. "Cheek-Bone." He said in way of explanation.
Howard raised an eyebrow. "Your fashion magazine told you to come into work on time?"
Vince rolled his eyes. "Hardly. But you know, indoors is in."
"Indoors? How can indoors be a trend?"
Vince sighed at his friend's obvious lack of style and wondered once again how they could be friends.
He was about to give him a proper response, when a ninja appeared from behind the counter. Vince jumped, then smiled.
The ninja nodded and handed him his new issue. Vince watched as the ninja disappeared once again, and then placed the issue on the counter and eagerly began flicking through it.
Howard paused, waiting for a response, but then realised he wasn't going to get one, and shrugged. This whole indoor thing would blow over in a few days, he was sure. Vince was like that. Ever changing.
Howard, on the other hand, was a real man. He had his own personality, regardless of what other people thought or did. Vince was the opposite side of the coin, but somehow they worked well together.
They were friends. Though sometimes Howard wished…