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Sugar and Spice and A Little Bit of Vice

Spot felt himself become mentally lost as she began to nibble his neck gently, all the while massaging his chest with her soft hands. Then she brought her delicate lips to his face, where she teased him by brushing them against his own lips, only to plant kisses elsewhere. She kissed his cheeks, forehead, nose, and ears, and kept her hands wandering farther down. Farther, farther, farther. Spot moaned then and held the girl tightly to give her a piece of his charm. However, she was quicker. She held his face in her hands and kissed him hard, her lips slightly parted. After a minute of this simplicity, she let her tongue enter his mouth and pleasured him the way he liked it best.

Spot backed away a few steps to his bed where he intended to deepen the activity, but the girl pulled away suddenly.

"What's the mattah?" he asked, taken aback by her sudden interruption.

"Ya think I'se gonna sleep wid youse?" She gave him a weird look that he could not read.

"Well that's what youse were gettin tah, aint it?"

The girl rolled her eyes. They did not call her Salsa for nothing. Of course, it may have seemed as if that is where she intended to end up with Spot tonight, but she had changed her mind the last minute. She had heard much about the Brooklyn leader. About his infamous reputation both on the streets of New York and in his bedroom of the Brooklyn lodging house. Not to say she was an innocent doll; her reputation was just as bad, if not worse. But to lose herself to Spot so easily would not be fun. No, she was going to make this into a game.

"I just remembered that tomorrow's me foist day of sellin papes in Manhattan. I'se better get a good night's sleep or Jack will know sumthin's up when he sees me all clumsy in the mornin."

Spot stepped closer to her with sparkling eyes. "Well, youse can spend the night heah and skip yer foist sellin day. Wouldn't ya rather do that?" He rested his hands on her shoulders and began massaging them while looking deep into her eyes.

"Nah, I think I'll go," Salsa said flatly. She turned around quickly and headed towards the door, but Spot got ahead of her and stood in her way.

"What is ya problem? Ya come heah all floity and ya throw yerself all over me, and then all of a sudden youse wanna go home like a baby."

"Listen, me dear. I know there's not a minute when youse aint horny, but I aint gonna be sleepin wid youse. Ya aint me taste, Conlon. I'se way outta yer league. Now, will ya let me through or am I gonna have tah scream at the top of me lungs so all yer newsies can heah that their leader is pissed 'cause he can't get any?"

Spot glared at her, but opened the door behind him and let her pass through. What a pain in the ass, he thought to himself disdainfully. I like it, though. She's the type of goil that'll keep me on me feet. She'll come around; no one passes a chance wid Spot Conlon. * * * * *

Salsa combed her long hair of bright blonde as she gazed at herself in the mirror of the girl's washroom in Manhattan. Then she laughed when she thought of all the newsies she had wrapped around her finger. At least a dozen newsies worshipped the ground she walked on while eight young men from a nearby factory idolized her. She loved the attention, and even thought herself above others because of it; a vice both she and Spot shared.

"Salsa, would youse get outta there already? The mornin edition is gonna be sold out by the time we'se get there!" Salsa rolled her eyes at Jack Kelly's endless exaggerations but finished tidying herself up nonetheless and followed him to the distribution center where she bought one hundred papers. She doubted she would sell even half of them, but it was important to her to make everyone think she was capable of reaching high standards.

"Wheah youse planning on sellin today?" Jack asked her as they headed towards a vending cart.

"I'se was thinking on hittin Central Park. Race tells me the crowds is huge there." Her large brown eyes smiled at the thought of being able to talk to so many people while selling her papers. Soon enough, her path diverged from that of Jack's and she was on her own. When she had gotten rid of only her thirteenth paper after an hour, she saw a familiar face nearing her. Spot Conlon. At first, she acted as if she did not see him.

"Heya Salsa, how's it rollin?" She turned around and then opened her eyes wide to seem surprised by his presence. He smirked and waited for a reply.

"It's rollin quite smoothly, thanks. And what brings his high and mighty tah this part of New Yawk? It's not everyday we'se graced wid youse spendin a day wid us."

Spot laughed. "Actually, I'se came heah tah talk tah youse." He watched as she shouted out a stupid headline then only to receive a single customer. "But while I'se heah, I might as well teach youse how tah sell." He reached for the stack of papers she held under her arm but she stepped back.

"I'se can handle the situation quite fine, Conlon. Not all of us goils is helpless, ya know. Save yer charm fer the clueless; I'se shoah they'd be more than happy tah throw themselves at yer feet." She grinned deviously when his expression turned to one of anger.

"I don't think youse should be talking," he said calmly; Spot never yelled unless he had reached the maximum point on his anger level. "I've hoid of how ya don't even offer a look towards all the guys who like ya. Ya act as if youse above everybody. Alotta people find that kinda rude, sweetheart."

She pursed her lips and rolled her eyes. "Listen, I aint got time fer this. If yer tryin tah win me over, ya might as well give up now. Yer nuthin new, Spot. Yer just like all the other guys; full of shallow promises that only last a night. I want sumthin new." She looked up at him indifferently and expected him to simply walk away in defeat. Instead, she was totally blown away by his next action. He grabbed her around the hips, roughly pulled her up to him, and pressed his lips against her with all manners cast aside. It was a kiss unlike any she had given him the night before and she felt as if she would pass out from the tingle it sent through her entire body. When Spot was done, he pushed her back, arched an eyebrow in challenge, and then walked away back to Brooklyn.

Damn! She said to herself, touching her lips softly as she would caress something she desired. * * * * *

"What's all this hype about?" Clue asked as she entered the Manhattan lodging house and saw newsies spread all over the place, speaking in loud voices.

Jack walked over to her and laughed. "Youse have the audacity tah ask? It's the one-year anniversary of the strike and we'se plannin an all out party tah celebrate! All newsies are welcome tah come, even if they's weren't newsies durin the strike. 'Sides, the strike kinda toined into sumthin fer all woikin people of New Yawk as it neared its end."

Clue pulled back her long brown hair into a ponytail and smiled. "That sounds like fun, Jacky! Can I'se help ya?"

"Shoah! As a mattah of fact, I'se need someone tah run a message tah Brooklyn fer me." He waited to see if the girl would tense up, but she did not. Being only a few hours new, she obviously had not heard of Spot Conlon and his borough yet. "Tell Spot that we'se gonna meet up heah fer the speeches and then eat at Tibby's. Latah in the night, we'se goin tah Medda's and then the poker game will be in Brooklyn."

"All right!" Clue agreed, still wearing her dashing smile. She was an immediate favorite among the Manhattan newsies. A bit empty in the head, she was not too quick, but she was cute and sweet enough to make up for that. She skipped out of the lodging house and made her way to Brooklyn. * * * * *

"What's yer problem? Another goil denied one of yer charmful offers?" Phoneix laughed at the look Spot Conlon gave her as he walked into his room.

"What are youse doin heah?" Spot crossed his arms and waited for an explanation.

Phoenix slowly licked her lips and seductively walked up to the Brooklyn leader. When she was close enough, she wrapped her arms around his neck and grinned. "Aww, Spotty. I thought youse would be glad tah see me. We haven't had any fun since.three nights ago! I thought maybe we'se could make up fer it today."

"I'se aint in the mood, sweety," he said, about to push her away, but she held him tight.

"Not in the mood?" she pouted. "Not even for this?" Spot gasped as the girl unexpectedly shoved her hand down his pants. She rubbed his package roughly and then took her hand back out. "Oh well, I guess I'se gonna go back tah me bunkroom." As she turned away, Spot grabbed her hand and pulled her back to him. He practically tore the girl's clothes off, as she did the same to him, and they fell onto a bed entangled with each other. * * * * *

Clue walked down the docks of Brooklyn with a warm smile on her face as she hummed a tune to herself that she had learned from her mother. Brooklyn sure was an interesting place but she preferred Manhattan much more. When she got to the building which she assumed was the lodging house, she saw a boy around seventeen sitting on an overturned crate with a redheaded girl on his lap. She thought they made a cute couple and she did not want to interrupt them, but in order to find the leader of these newsies, she would have to.

"Uhm, excuse me," she said as politely as she could. "Wheah can I'se find Spot Conlon?"

"Ya talking tah him right now," the boy said with a smirk, and the girl he was holding laughed.

Clue blushed in embarrassment. She quickly explained that she was a messenger newsie sent by Jack and she gave Spot the message intended for him. When she was done relating the news, she stood in front of the two shyly.

"Heya goil," the redhead said, "youse can leave now, huh."

"Ah, Phoenix, don't be so hostile wid the guests!" Spot rose to his feet, took Clue's hand in his, and gently kissed it with a sparkle in his eyes. "I'se hopin tah see ya at the party."

"Oh," Clue blushed again with a giggle. "I'll see youse there then." She bit her bottom lip in nervousness before saying, "I'se best be on me way. Jack is probably expectin me."

Spot winked at her and she turned around to return to Manhattan. When she was out of sight, he resumed his seat on the crate and attempted to pull Phoenix back on his lap, but she would not budge. "What's the mattah?"

"Yer such a playah, Spotty! Youse actually thinkin of getting wid that blushin freak? She'd probably be too embarrassed tah even kiss youse in public!"

"Someone sounds awfully jealous tah me," the Brooklyn leader teased. He grabbed Phoenix's face in his hands and kissed her roughly for about a minute. Then things got carried away as they often did when the two friends were involved. Phoenix pushed Spot onto his back, straddling him on the hard wood of the docks. She thrust forward with her hips and felt the hardness in his pants. She reached for his pants and quickly undid him after she pulled his suspenders and shirt off.

Before she knew what was happening though, Spot rolled over so that he was now on top. He massaged Phoenix's breast wildly and unbuttoned her shirt with desire. Next off were her pants and then they were skin to skin, oblivious to the world around them. Spot entered in her without hesitation and gasped at the warmness he felt. It was not as it had been a few hours ago; there was full-blown lust now. He lowered himself deeper and deeper, encouraged by Phoenix's moans of pleasure, until he could not go no more. Then he began pumping into the girl, slow at first but gradually building up until the two were screaming.

Phoenix wrapped her legs around Spot's lower back and arched upwards, matching Spot's thrusts with a few of her own. When they had reached their orgasmic point, Spot's mind went blank. Damn, this goil shoah can woik it.

Phoenix leaned in and kissed Spot and they lay like that for a few minutes more until they both decided that they had better get dressed. * * * * *

Spot was utterly confused that night. He wanted a girlfriend so bad but he did not want to simply settle for just anyone. As a matter of fact, he wanted a girl who was spicy as Phoenix, yet innocent like that Manhattan girl he had met today. Clue. She seemed like a sweetheart to him. Then there was that one girl he had almost forgotten. Salsa! She sure had a lot of snap in her personality, but the Brooklyn leader liked that. It made him think of clever ways to get her attention.

Spot smirked as he closed his eyes finally to go to sleep. The next few days were going to be rather interesting. More to Come.