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Sugar and Spice and A Little Bit of Vice

Upon reaching his eighteenth birthday, Spot Conlon bequeathed the Brooklyn Lodging House to Runner. Adjusting under the new leadership had been hard at first for all the Brooklyn newsies, but soon enough, Runner had obtained the necessary tough persona and things began to run smoother, with a few exceptions give or take. Quite a number of fights had broken out in the streets of the infamous borough over mild disagreements despite Runner's attempts to restore peace. Whenever Spot asked him if he needed help, he always shook his head firmly, refusing to gain respect from Brooklyn only because its former leader demanded it from them. Runner would climb the social ladder on his own, though he did appreciate Spot's concern. It was merely that he did not want his boys to like him only because it is what Spot wished. He would have to live independently someday. As much as Runner loved Spot, he could not always ask his highly respected cousin for help all the time.

Race and Crow visited the Sheepshead races often after Lightning Silver Victor had won them the 250 dollars. After a few months, the couple had become quite clever in their betting techniques and many a time they had claimed large money prizes much to their delight. It was from this new capital that they were able to buy new clothes and other gifts for their friends. They were also able to loan money to those in need. Once, Spot had asked to borrow a few hundred dollars.

Race had arched an eyebrow. "Youse kiddin, right?"

"It's fer a friend of mines," Spot pleaded. "A real nice old man like Kloppman. He's helped me out a lot and now he needs my help. Please, Race? Be a pal."

Race reluctantly agreed. After all, he had everything he had ever prayed for. A permanent box at the Sheepshead races, plenty of valuable possessions, and a beautiful fiancé who loved him dearly. He and Crow were scheduled to be married in the coming spring. Until then, Crow performed at the daytime 'clean' shows Medda put on each week. An acting agency spotted the girl one afternoon, and thinking her magnificent, had cast her for the lead female role in a popular drama.

The old man Spot had wanted to help was none other than the salesclerk at the ring shop who had encouraged the boy to follow his heart. With the money Spot had given him, the old man was able to pay off all his debts and establish a new shop in upper state New York. After purchasing a larger selection of rings and adding a few touches to the new store, business was ever booming. His store was known far and wide throughout the nation and aristocrats of high status traveled great lengths merely to purchase items from the high-class store. The old man retired at the age of 75, leaving the family business to his great-grandson who was then 15 years old.

Jack Kelly and wife Clue moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico a week after their wedding-the Manhattan Lodging House was put under the leadership of Blink, who began to date Princess afterwards. Jack purchased a small ranch on an acre of land where he daily rode his neighbor's horse for an hour at a time until he one day took up rodeo sports and competed on a professional level with other cowboys. Meanwhile, Clue bettered her writing skills and eventually published a novel that many grew to love. Six novels later, she became a best seller.

Spot and Phoenix moved out of the lodging house and into a lovely Victorian townhouse in Queens once they had saved enough money to do so. Under the financial aid of his old ring shop friend, Spot studied law at a nearby university. He was a great debater and had the proper rough-edged severity to be an attorney, and so greatly prospered at his work. Phoenix joined an anti-conformist group she had read about in the papers and after years of hard work, she became one of its main speakers for women rights. Her powerful speeches had great effects and the union succeeded in many of its fights. A few years later, she and Spot were the proud parents of twins- a boy and a girl. The children were named D'angelo and Bethany Conlon and never had to suffer the rough lives the newsies had always known. Nevertheless, they would occasionally sell papers when they were old enough to do so just for sport.

Naturally, their newsie names were Spot Jr. and Dot.

@--}--- **~the end~**