"The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow" George R. R. Martin

Isis buttoned her cardigan over her light blue top. The perfect outfit for the first day, she thought. It was November 17th, Isis's mother Katherine got a new job for the government. Katherine had left at seven in the morning and Isis was alone until she got home at five. Isis ate some cereal and brushed her teeth. She was about to make her way out of the door when she realized she forgot her book upstairs. Forgetting she left the front door open, Isis raced upstairs.

He stalked in and hid. Waiting for the right moment to strike.

Isis came downstairs, nothing seemed different. She went outside and locked the door, but he sneaked past her and got outside before she did. Isis started the cold walk to school. He stayed a distance behind her. At the very moment she stopped he ran up and placed his pale hand on her mouth. Isis tried to scream, but he was keeping the words from escaping from her lips. She tried to turn to see the face of her captor, but there was nothing there. The hand was still covering her lips, but it was invisible. Isis tried to escape, but his grasp was too tight. In a quick motion, Isis's brain overloaded and she passed out. Her captor held her tight as they both disappeared into the air.

When Isis awoke, she was frightened. She didn't know where she was, or what happened. A lady walked out of a nearby room and saw Isis awake. "Hello, I'm glad you are awake," the lady said with a hint of mystery in her voice, "Come with me." Isis stood up and followed, she didn't know what else to do. "Oh my, I forgot to introduce myself," the lady said with a laugh. "My name is Cornelia Belle, I'm 16 and I have been here since I was your age. You are 13 right?" "Yes," Isis whispered. "Speak louder, you don't want the Dark One on your back already," Cornelia instructed. "Yes, I am 13," Isis said louder, "Where am I?" Cornelia laughed, "You are in the Land Of Gloom." Isis was extremely confused. "I get it, I was the same as you when I got here. You are very confused, aren't you?" Cornelia asked. "Yes," Isis answered. "Well then, let's go meet Hesper," Cornelia said. Isis, as confused and scared was, followed Cornelia out of the room.

Hesper was a tiny man, with big glasses that made him look very old. Cornelia whispered, "Hesper is the wisest man in all of Gloom, come to him about anything." "Sorry to keep you waiting, dear Cornelia. Is this the new child?" Hesper asked. "Yes, this is Isis," Cornelia replied. "Well she has a lot of learning to do then," Hesper said as he started back at his work. "I know, I was hoping you could teach her," Cornelia said. "Well, it does inter-fear with my work, but I could try," Hesper said. "Oh, thank you so much," Cornelia said before racing out of the room.

"You will see many people here, you will also see things you never thought you would see. So be prepared for the wonders," Hesper said. "What are-," Isis asked before Hesper cut her off. "Don't interrupt me," he said sternly. "Sorry," Isis whispered. Hesper continued, "Do not have any contact with the Dark One, he will ruin you. Also, be careful what you say to Echo, you can never trust her." "Ok," Isis replied, "Who can I be friends with?" "Cornelia and I for sure. Also, Adair, Frostte, and Osment," Hesper said, "Please don't say anything to Snow, she sounds kind, but she definitely isn't." "Ok, I think I understand this, but can I finally know where I am?" Isis asked. She was getting angry. Nobody was telling her anything. "Fine, I've done my part go find Frostte yourself," Hesper snapped. Isis was going to say thanks for his help but he was gone.

Frostte, thought Isis. Who is that? Isis went to look for this Frostte person. She wandered outside, there were flowers everywhere. "Who are you?" a man asked. "Isis, I'm looking for Frostte?" "New girl, do you know anything?" the man asked. "Nope," Isis replied. "Well, come with me. I'll explain everything." "Ok," said Isis with a bit of a stutter. She followed the man to a bench and they sat down.

"To start off, my name is Arrow. I am 15 and the main soldier for the Dark One." the man said. "Who is this Dark One?" Isis asked. "The Dark One is our creator, the one who creates us into... this." "What is 'this'?" Isis asked. "You really don't know anything!" Arrow said with a laugh. Isis looked hurt. "I didn't mean it in a rude way, usually when we have creatures, like myself, they know more than you do," said Arrow. He stood up, "Let me show you something." They raced off to the Cliff.

The Cliff was beautiful, Isis thought she was in heaven. "Look down there," Arrow instructed, "That is the portal. It connects us to Earth, Earth is where you come from. Right now we are in the land of Gloom." "What is Gloom?" asked Isis. "Gloom is where we live, we are...," Arrow was looking for the right word, "Different, special. This is where we are aloud to be special." Isis was still confused, "But why am I here?" "Same reason I am, you are special. The Dark One wants you." "What does he want me for?" Isis asked. "He wants you to be a Shadow."