Isis ran through the passageway and out the door. She wanted to be as far away from the Dark One as possible. When she got outside Arrow was gone, but Wren was still waiting. "Why is he invisible," Isis blurted out. "How did you find out? His cloak always covers his face. And why were you running?" Wren asked. Isis got a breath of air, "Some wind blew the cloak off his face, and I was running because he said I was a weapon not a person and he said I need to become a Shadow." "You can be like me," Wren said. "You are a Shadow?" Isis asked. "Yeah, Second-In-Command. I'm like the second Dark One," Wren answered. "Then why aren't you invisible like him?" asked Isis. "The Dark One is always invisible, he doesn't have a body. When Shadows goes through the portal they become invisible," Wren explained, "In Gloom I have a body, but on Earth, I will immediately become invisible." Isis looked impressed, "Is it fun to become a Shadow?" "Fun? No. It's the complete opposite. You either kill people, or capture them. Definitely not fun," Wren answered.

He showed Isis more around Gloom, the places Frostte wasn't aloud to see, like the prison and secret entrances in the castle. Isis and Wren had fun, they actually bonded. She spent the whole day with him, they had lunch and dinner together. Isis didn't see Arrow at all even though he didn't have to work. "Well, I had fun today Isis," Wren said. "Me too," Isis answered. He walked her back to her room and before she closed the door he said, "Tomorrow I will take you to see Echo. Be ready at 8." "Okay," Isis said with a smile. Gloom was getting more and more interesting.

Wren was waiting outside Isis's room at exactly 8. His short, dark hair looked cute in the fog. "Is it foggy every morning?" Isis asked. "Basically, yes. Some days we are lucky and it's sunny," Wren replied. Isis fixed her tar black hair into a ponytail. Her emerald green eyes shone. Adorable, Wren thought.

They walked in silence to the forest behind the castle. "Where are we going?" Isis finally asked. "Echo's house, be careful she's creepy," Wren answered. They finally approached a shack in the middle of the forest. Wren walked in front of Isis blocking her view of the door and of Echo. He knocked on the door and waited. "Stay behind me," he whispered. Isis nodded. Footsteps got closer and the door was finally opened. "Wren!" Echo said. "Hey Echo, I have a gift for you," Wren replied moving out of the way so Echo could see Isis. Echo stared at Isis and she finally realized it was the new girl. "What do you need me for?" Echo asked. "Teach her, Dark One wants her to become a Shadow," Wren said. "Already, impressive," Echo said, "Come on in, we will get started in a minute."

Isis and Wren followed Echo inside the shack. "Wow, beautiful place," Isis said. Echo smiled with gratitude, "Thanks." Wren and Isis looked around the house while Echo got ready. She came out of her room in track pants and a comfy shirt. Her blond hair hung loosely on her shoulders. Isis was happy she wore comfortable clothes.

"Let's go to the backyard," Echo said leading the way. "Why do you teach people?" Isis asked as Wren took a seat. "I teach people because after Wren I am the best," Echo replied. "So with the rank of power it's the Dark One, Wren, then you?" Isis asked confirming. "Yeah," Echo replied as she pused obstacles and set things up. Isis thought, Cool maybe one day I'll be on that list. "Ok Isis, you ready?" Echo asked. "Definitely," replied Isis as Echo tried to punch her in the jaw.

Isis dodged but she was shocked that Echo was so tough. "Hit back Isis!" Wren called from a chair. Isis tried punching but Echo was to good, she spun around and jabbed Isis's side. Isis fell, but banged Echo's legs and they were both on the ground. Wren was laughing. "Cat fight," he said. Both Echo and Isis flopped on the ground and relaxed there for a moment. Finally, Echo got up and helped Isis get up. They both took a deep breath in as Wren said, "That was a tie, you both lost." The girls tried at it again, Echo won when Isis was on the ground and she was sitting on her stomach. "Let's do something else now," Echo said, "Wren get over here."

Echo finished setting up an obstacle course in a flash. "So Isis get on Wren's back," Echo said as she tied a cloth over his eyes. "What's gonna happen is this. Isis will tell you either step right, left forwards or backwards," Echo said to Wren. She looked at Isis, "Understand?" "Yeah, I just have to get to the end of the obstacle course on his shoulders right?" Isis asked. "Exactly," Echo said with a grin, "Your time starts... now!"

"Left, Forward, Right, Right, Left, Back," Isis said to Wren. "You're talking too fast!" he shouted. "Okay, Right, Left, Back," Isis said slowly. She continued giving him the instructions, while he complained about her speaking too fast. Echo was just laughing. They would make a cute couple, she thought. When Isis and Wren finally finished the obstacle course their time was 3 minutes 27 seconds. "Not too bad for your first time," Echo said. "Sure," Wren said sarcastically.

"Thanks so much Echo," Isis said as she followed Wren down the path they came in from. "Bye Isis, Wren, see you soon," Echo replied. "Bye," Wren called. He and Isis started the walk back to the main square in Gloom