Anne had been a struggle during dinner time and Nick had finally abandoned trying to eat his dinner that Burton had prepared and settled down with Anne to try deal with whatever the problem was. It turned out that she was more tired than she was hungry, but was reluctant to close her eyes and give in to sleep. Finally after some pacing and soft singing of her favourite song, which bizarrely is 'raindrops are falling on my head'. How Lulu ended up singing her that one Nick has never found out, but it is the only one that works when she is being decidedly difficult. Finally she was asleep in his arms and he laid a gently kiss on her forehead and put her in her cot. Nick went back out in to the kitchen and found Burton on the couch with a drink in his hand.

"The poppet finally a sleep?"

"Lulu had warned me that she hadn't had a good night, so I should have expected it."

"The rest of your dinner is on the side, so you can heat it up"


Nick sets about reheating his dinner.

Burton picks up an envelope from off the coffee table.

"Laurie Solt came by yesterday and gave me this"

He pulls out two sheets of paper. He opens them to reveal a drawing on one and writing on the other

"It is a thank you note from Jack and Amber Parrish and then a drawing from Sarah. It seems they are very happy where they are and even got to visit their Mother, who is going to stay with them once she has been released."

Burton is smiling and shakes his head

"It's quite something"

Nick makes his way over, takes the pages and looks them over.

"It feels good doesn't it. Beats a bottle of scotch"

Referring to the types of 'thank you's' Burton would receive from his wealthier clients. Burton doesn't say anything but is still smiling. He takes the pages back and looks at them once again before putting them back in the envelope.

"You will keep an eye on them won't you Nick - don't forget about them."

"I will and I'm sure you won't let me forget them."

Nick takes his food over to the table and thinks that maybe now his Dad is beginning truly understand and that his working at LSP will not be a source of friction anymore. He looks across at Burton who is still turning the envelope over in his hands.