Helloooooo peopleys! Okay so this is a little side story I decided to do for Christmas! And yes, I do realize it's not Christmas yet but I want it to be finished by then so I thought I should start it now!

I don't know if anyone has done this idea before because I've only read a very few Christmas fics sooo...Yeah! Let's hope no one else has done this! This chapter is gonna be really short by the way cause its just like an introduction sort of thing!:)

Now, on with the chapter...

Christmas was always Carlos' favourite time of year. He loved baking gingerbread cookies with Katie, watching movies with Logan and listening to him explain how unrealistic they are, going shopping with James to get everyone the perfect gift, helping whoever was cooking on Christmas day with dinner and decorating the tree with Kendall. But, the best thing about Christmas to Carlos was putting up the Christmas lights with his three best friends before going inside to snuggle under a blanket in front of a fire with hot chocolate and the snow falling outside and watch their favourite Christmas movie, The Muppet's Christmas Carol.

So, when Christmas came along this year, he was absolutely ecstatic about getting on a plane back to Minnesota and spending the special holiday with the people he loved most: his family, his best friends and their family and most of all, Kendall. All though Carlos refused to admit it, he did have a crush on his best friend. It was no secret that Carlos was gay, he came out to everyone months before they even met Gustavo. But how could he admit that he had the biggest school girl crush on his best friend, it's not common for a guy to like his best guy friend in that way. It just wasn't. So instead of admitting it, he buried the feelings way way down and tried not to think about it! It was easier that way and Carlos didn't want it to ruin his Christmas.

But, Christmas was already ruined this year. On the day they were supposed to leave, a major snowstorm hit Minnesota and all flights were cancelled until new years. So they were stuck in LA. With no snow, no snuggling in front of a fire with hot chocolate and no decorating the Christmas tree with Kendall.

Everything was ruined. So much so, Carlos didn't even want to get out of bed this morning. He just groaned and rolled over so his back was facing the window. Carlos planned on hibernating until new years.

But of course, his friends wouldn't allow that. When his bedroom door slammed open and James pretty much yelled his name, Carlos only groaned and pulled his quilt over his head, trying to block them out.

"Come on Carlos." Logan said and -judging by the sounds Carlos heard- he or James opened the curtains, "It's been a week, we've let you sulk long enough."

"Yeah Car, don't be a Scrooge." James said before pulling the cover's back revealing the top half of the small Latino.

"I am not a Scrooge." Carlos said, burying his head in his pillow.

"Then get out of bed and come have breakfast!" It was obvious how annoyed James was getting with Carlos' sulking but he was trying his best not to show it.

"Mama Knight is making your favourite!" Logan said, sounding a lot more sympathetic than James and trying nicely to get the boy out of bed. "Chocolate chip pancakes."

"In the shape of Christmas trees?" Carlos asked, a tint of hope in his voice.

"Of course! What's Christmas without 'em?" He answered. Now that Logan has mentioned pancakes, Carlos could smell them and it was mouth watering. He hasn't been eating much lately because he would rather just stay in bed but now, he was starving and all he wanted was those pancakes.

Carlos rolled over on his back and stretched his arms over his head before saying, "Okay, I'm up." He swung his legs over and brought himself to his feet and followed James and Logan out to the kitchen.

"Look whose finally up!" Mrs. Knight said from the kitchen as she put some pancakes on a plate. Carlos just smiled and nodded before taking a seat on a stool by the counter in between James and Logan.

"Where's Kendall?" Carlos asked, noticing that he wasn't around.

"I'm not too sure. He said he had some things to do and he would be back for breakfast." She answered, placing the plate of pancakes in front of Carlos.

He smiled brightly, "Thanks Mama Knight."

"No problem." She said, giving a plate to Logan and lastly, James.

"So, what do you want to do today?" Logan asked Carlos, hoping he would say something stupid and reckless that would earn a trip to emergency room. Something only Carlos would find fun.

"I think I'm just going to stay in and watch a movie." He said instead and the look of disappointment was evident on both Logan and James' faces. "I think reruns of Will and Grace are on today, I might watch that."

"Are you sure?" James asked, still staying hopeful. "Logan and I are taking Katie to see Santa at the mall, you should come! It'll be fun."

"No thanks, I'd rather just stay in." Carlos quickly tried to finish his breakfast and dodged questions and suggestions to leave the apartment. As soon as he had finished eating, he put his empty plate in the sink and thanked Mrs. Knight for the great breakfast and headed back to his room. But he didn't get very far before the front door opened and in came someone holding a huge bouquet of red roses, so big that Carlos couldn't tell it was Kendall until he placed the flowers on the table.

"Who are those for?" James asked, making his way over with Logan close behind.

"I don't know, they were out in the hallway by the door." Kendall answered, looking the flowers over.

"Did you see who left them?" Logan asked and Kendall shook his head in response.

"Nope. No one was out there when I got back. I wonder who they're- Oh wait, here's a card!" Kendall quickly picked it from the large bouquet and read it with raised eyebrows. "It seems our little Carlitos has a secret admirer."


"No way!" James and Logan exclaimed snatching the card from Kendall and reading it over. They both awwed and cooed at Carlos but he was in too much shock to care. He had a secret admirer? Carlos has never had a secret admirer before, he's never even had anyone ask him out and now this? He didn't believe it.

Not wanting to take their word for it, he snatched the note from James and turned his back on them while he read.


Today, the twelve days of Christmas will begin.

So stop moping around, go out and have some fun! It's the holidays after all!

Merry Christmas, lots of love,

Your secret admirer.


He couldn't believe it. This was just a sick joke and it was NOT funny. But it looked pretty legit. What did they mean 'today, the twelve days of Christmas will begin.'? Who was this person? None of this made any sense, but he couldn't fight the small smile playing at his lips or the little blush tinting his cheeks a light pink.

"Any idea who it could be?" Kendall asked and Carlos could hear the grin in his voice.

"Not a clue." He answered before turning to face his friends. "But, I think I will go to the mall with you guys. Whoever this is from is right. I should have some fun."

So how was this, good? Bad? Should I keep going with it? Lemme know!